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Revised Ending Part Uno

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I revised the ending. This is part one, not really changed. There are a few words that are changed but that's it. The next one is the one that is changed COMPLETELY!!! It'll be up soon, so READ!!!!!!!

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- Disclaimer- If I owned these people, I would not be writing this. I'd be doing something else. grins So, yeah. Don't own.

A/N- It was brought up to my attention that this ending sucks. (Well, she told me in nicer terms.) But I agreed. It ended WAY too quickly. So I split it into two parts, with the second part completely re-written and this part edited a bit. So, please. Enjoy and tell me if you liked this better.
A lone figure stands in the distance, his back facing me. It's too dark to see anything but him, and the only reason I can see him is that he's standing in the lit-up circle a street-light provides.

His shoulders are hunched, and he's making these soft sounds. Like sobs, I realize.

Smoke snakes up around his head, curling up like a Chinese dragon. He must be smoking. He straightens up, and wipes his eyes. And then, he turns to look at me.

Glistening green eyes meet mine. I freeze. I know those eyes. What demonic creature could have such seductively entrancing eyes?

He's coming towards me now, and I want to run. No, I need to run. I need to get the hell away from those eyes. But he's got me. Like a fish on a hook, he's got me.

I'm hypnotized by those eyes, and they're the only part of him that has my attention. I don't notice his arms around my waist until they are securely there.

I gasp slightly, my muscles reflexively stiffening. He squeezes me gently, and I know I should be scared. But I'm not. I'm comforted, enthralled, and in love. Hopelessly in love.


I gasped, my upper body shooting into sitting position. I'm still not sure if that was reality, a dream, or a nightmare. But I do know that it scared the hell out of me, but showed me why I love Gerard. I needed him, because I needed something to fix.

I mused on that silently for about two minutes, when I realized that I had no idea where I was. I could tell that we were moving. A van, I realized. But it wasn't the car Gerard and I had stolen. Gerard!

I looked around wildly, fear filling my chest. The memories of last night (or whenever I passed out. I had no idea what time it was. The light filtering in from the windows clued me in that it was daytime, though.) filled my head, scaring me even more.

I had been so pissed at Gerard, I had just walked out. Bad Frankie, bad! Urgh, I can be such an idiot. Whatever situation we were in at this point was most likely my fault.

I had no idea where the hell we were, what the hell had happened to me or Gerard after I passed out, or where Gerard even was.

This wasn't good, especially for two wanted men. For all I knew, we could be getting hauled off to jail. Or, Gerard could've drawn a gun against the police, and be dead. Or, or we could have just gotten kidnapped by some crazy celebrity stalkers and Gerard could be getting raped /right now/. Or, or-.

My God. My imagination is way too overactive. Damn Gerard and his horror movies. No actually, don't damn him. I just want him with me, next to me, holding me.

"I want my boyfriend!" I wailed, bursting into tears. I'm such a girl.

Whoever was driving must've heard me, because the van crunched over some gravel and then stopped moving altogether.

The two back doors were pulled open, and I winced at the bright light that streamed in. I held a hand up over my eyes, and squinted. There were two figures standing in the light, one which was very familiar.

"Frankie!" he squealed, and I launched myself into his arms. Gerard hugged me, and kissed my neck affectionately.

"I'm so sorry about last night. I was so worried...Frankie, you wouldn't wake up. I was so scared that I'd lose someone else that I loved," Gerard murmured between kisses.

"I forgive you," I whispered. I meant it. If you're ever angry at someone you love, just get a huge scare that causes you to fear for them. You'll forgive them in no time.

He pulled away and looked into my eyes for a long time.

"Sweetie...what's going on?" I asked, not breaking eye contact. I loved Gerard's eyes. I enjoyed looking into them.

Gerard blinked, and nodded.

"Frankie...we're really lucky. Really, really lucky. I mean, the person that we got picked up by...really, really lucky."

"Who, Gerard, who?" I asked impatiently.

He gestured to a short, skinny boy standing behind him. The boy had a humongous grin on his plump lips, and had dark hair cut kind of short, but spiked up. He had deep chocolate eyes that were absolutely huge. He was wearing tight jeans, a red shirt, and a simple black zip-up hoodie. His huge red plastic glasses somehow went with his look. It worked for him.

If he was a bit older, he'd totally be dateable.

I blinked. The kid was very familiar looking, like I'd seen him before.

"He looks familiar," I stated. Gerard nodded.

"You know who Panic! At the Disco is?"

"I Write Sins, Not Tragedies, right?"

"Uh huh, you got it, Frankie. May I introduce myself?" the kid said, stepping forward. He paused, but continued before I could respond. "The name's Urie. Brendon Urie. I am front-man of Panic! At the Disco, am originally from Las Vegas, and is the only gay Mormon boy in the universe. That sounds funnier than it did inside of my head, huh? Well, you're lucky that I was the one that found you. I was easily persuaded by your lover here that I should not call the police and instead assist you. But of course, the three heavy-duty arms did help persuade me."

I cocked an eyebrow. Brendon certainly knows how to make a first impression.

"Ooookay. Right. Gerard, did you threaten him?" I asked.

Gerard smiled uneasily.

"Of course not, Frankie. I asked politely with the guns is all."

"If waving a gun around and threatening to kill me, my friends, and my family is polite, then sure. He asked politely," Brendon added, eyebrow securely raised. The kid has balls, I'll give him that. I wouldn't have said that to Gee, though.

Gerard shot him an angry look and the kid dropped his gaze.

"I'll shut up now. Can I call my boyfriend, though? I was supposed to call him last night, but not only did I pick up two unconscious wanted famous men, but I had to 'take care of' a female hitchhiker Mr. Way here would not let me keep."

I looked at Gerard, shocked.

"Please tell me that you didn't kill somebody else."

Gerard rubbed the back of his head anxiously and said, "Frankie...she was a druggie that ran away from home because she lost her job, was disowned by her parents, dumped by her boyfriend, and /going to call the cops on us/. I had to, as Brenny-boy here said, 'take care of her'. To protect you."

I slapped him. He touched his cheek with a shaky hand, his eyes wide.

I blinked, and then realized what I had just done. I had just hit my boyfriend. I just got purposefully abusive with him. Every time he did it, it was because Angel was in control. He couldn't help it. I could.

"Gerard," I gasped, reaching out towards him. He backed away, eyes still wide with fear. "I'm so sorry, baby. I didn't mean it."

I knew Brendon was watching us. His eyes were wider than Gerard's, I would have to say.

"Baby, please. There's enough fear in this relationship already, don't you think? I just don't want anymore people to die at our hands."

Gerard blinked, swiping away tears. I could see anger slowly crawl over his face, like a mask.

"Our, Frankie? 'Our'? You've killed no one!!!! It was all me!!!!! ALL ME!!!!!!!!!! I'm a murderer, a cold-blooded, heartless, murderer. Undeserving of you." The last three words came out as a whisper. A defeated whisper. His head dropped and I closed my eyes sadly.

"Our relationship is so unbelievably messed up, Gee. Have you noticed that we have a conversation like this everyday? You know what? Let's go rob that bank today. Let's get this over with."

He looked up at me with wide eyes, and opened his mouth to protest. I held up my hand.

"I know it's suicide. But our sins have already amounted to so much that I don't think either of us can stand living much longer. But I won't be able to take my life myself. That's why I say we rob a huge bank, and go down in flames. We'll be gunned down together, baby. Doesn't it sound wonderful, getting immortalized like that?"

He stared at the ground, obviously deep in thought. I could see Brendon's horrified face in the corner of my eye, but hey! I'd already lost all sanity at this point. And that allowed me to be unapologetically apathetic.

I watched the top of Gerard's head, waiting for a response. After five minutes, a pair of determined eyes met my own.

"Is it possible for two men already immortalized by their music to become even more renowned? You know what, Frankie? I'd say yes."

I smiled grimly.

"So it's settled. Today we meet our makers."

Gerard grinned back at me, the crooked smile not reaching his eyes.

"Today we see if there really is a God."

"If there is one, we sure as hell aren't going to meet him," I said. I wasn't scared. In truth, my entire body was numb from this entire ordeal.

I knew I should be at least be nervous, but as I crawled into the van's front seat (on Gerard's lap, of course) the only thing I felt was anxiousness. I was excited. Is this how Gerard felt when he was about to slice his wrists open? I wondered.

Brendon got into the driver's seat, and looked at us both.

"You guys...," he started, but his voice trailed off.

After a few seconds, he tried again.

"Look. I don't know you. You don't know me. But...I know police who can help you. You don't have to die. You guys are good people. Mr. Way, don't you suffer from a mental illness? And Mr. Iero, you haven't done anything wrong, except help a wanted man. You both can get off easy, please. I don't want...I don't want you two to..." His voice trailed off again as he burst into tears.

I looked at Gerard, shock clear in both of our eyes. This kid didn't even know us, and yet...he cared about us. He empathized. He understood.

"I...," I started, but what do you say in a situation like this?

"Look, kid. This is going to go down no matter what. Don't feel bad. You haven't even known us for more than 48 hours. Gerard's taken more than ten people's lives, and I've forgiven him. That's a sin in itself. I love him, despite the fact that he killed his own brother and my best friend. I can't live with myself, Gerard told me not long ago that he can't live with himself...Brendon; our lives are so messed up...Jesus. You have no idea. We'll probably just end up killing more people if we continue on. I'm sorry we pulled you into this. I'm really sorry. Thank you for helping us. I only have one more thing to ask of you. Now, please stop crying so you can do the most important thing anyone will ever ask of you."

Gerard had started to cry half-way through my speech, but I remained emotionless. Brendon nodded and sniffled, and wiped his eyes on his sleeves.

"What is it?"

"Drive us to the biggest, busiest bank in the entire city of Las Vegas," I said softly, yet firmly. My mind was set on this.

Brendon nodded, and turned the key in the ignition. We drove off into the sunset, driving towards our grim destiny.

A/N- Cliff-hanger like WHOA. (Does anyone even know what that means????) Anyway, you don't know what's gonna happen, 'cause I'm gonna change it, 'member? So it IS a cliffie. grins along. sighs And REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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