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The Bell rang loudly and Spud jumped "What was that?" "The bell?" Rose said as she passed. "Hi Rose!" Jake said and tripped "ow!" Another girl joined Rose. "Clumsy is he? Or just head over heels...

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"... and then he's like 'her fathers a lawyer' and then i'm like 'whatever dude' and she's like 'i could bury you in paperwork' or something." Jake said to Spud and Trixie as they walked down the hall in school. They stopped at Jake's locker.
"Uptight chick, " agreed Trixie "and wierd." Spud gasped.
"Do neither of you understand the cruelty and effiency of the southern legal system!?" Both Jake and Trixie looked at him blankly.
The Bell rang loudly and Spud jumped "what was that?!"
"The bell?" Rose said as she passed.
"Hi Rose!" Jake said and tripped "ow!" Another girl joined Rose.
"Clumsy is he? Or just head over heels?" Trixie laughed.
"You got that right!" The two girls walked off.
Jake climbed groggily to his feet and watched the two girls, one blonde one redhead turn into class. Proffessor Rotwood poked his head out "Long, Spudinski! Hurry up!"
"Do you think he forgot my name?" Trixie asked as they made their way through the doorway.
The redhead bent and said something to Rose who laughed. "We have a new student in our class today!" Rowood said. "Miss Fraser would you like to introduce yourself?" The redhead made her way to the front of the class. Jake fell off his chair, it was Emily.
"I'm Emily, i'm an exchange student from New Zealand and I'm here studying magical myths."
"No wonder Rotwood seems to like her so much," Trixie muttered.

The next day they were given a project and put into pairs, "I want you to study one magical being in pairs and present your findings. The pairs will be as follows; everyone pair up with the person they are next to, except you mr Long and miss Fraser, i want you two to go together seeing as Miss Fraser is our best student on these subjects and Mr Long is our worst behaved."
"I don't think i followed that," Trixie whispered.
"Aww Man!" Jake cried "Not her!"
Emily narrowed her eyes "Professor Rotwood sir can we go to the library?" The teacher nodded and she dragged Jake out of the room.
"aww man!" repeated Jake as Emily dragged him onto the end of the sports oval.
"Ok Long it's time you knew why i'm here; the Huntsclan have been more active than usual globally. They're after a special amulet that is moved every year. This year it's in new york."
"Why are you here then? This is my turf."
"The amulet is not supposed to be here, it's supposed to be in NZ. I'm here to escort it back to it's rightful place and i need your help in finding it and evading the huntsclan."
"Tough, I'm not helping you, you can find it on your own." He turned and started walking back to the school.
"You'll be helping me Long, of that i have no doubt." Jake stopped and sneered at her.
"You sure?"
"As sure as I know who the Huntsgirl is."
"Don't be ridiculous you don't know who the Huntsgirl is."
"Yes i do, and you'll find out one day. It'll hit you like a brick... Dragon."
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