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Good To Go

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The story follows the one and only Pete Wentz and Brooke Rowlands the lead singer of the newly Decaydance signed band Good To Go... I know this has been done to death but I wanna try and make it di...

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Pete's POV:

It was ice cream headaches and sweet avalanche...
When the pearls in our shells came out to dance...

I stopped when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and my ring tone (Kanye West's "Goldigga" if you must know) go off. Shit, I thought pulling out my phone. Reading the name that came up across the screen "Dan" from FBR records I signalled to Patrick from the recording booth that I was going to answer it. He simply nodded. Andy didnt even notice I had stopped screaming and his eyes were glued to his two way neither did Joe who has been spinning in his chair for about ten minutes straight.

"Hello, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III speaking"

"Hey Pete its Dan... I was wondering if you had time to stop by at Smart studios today to watch this new band we discovered last night.. We're letting them record a demo here today so we wanted you to come down to check them out and see if they are Decaydance material." He explained.

"Why not just sign them to Fuelled By Ramen?" I asked.

"I want to have them signed to Decaydance because I think they could use the publicity of being signed to "The Pete Wentz's" label... we could work something out, these are really good kids and I think they are good enough to really do well."

What could it hurt just to check them out? I was only doing my screaming middle eight today and I could always come back and finish it tonight.. after this all Patrick had to do was his vocals for This Ain't A Scene I did my bass part yesterday.

"Yeah I'll be down in twenty minutes" I confirmed.

I walked out of the recording booth and into the main mixing area.

"Would you mind if I went down to Smart studios? Dan wants me to go check out some band... I'll come back and record later tonight if you want?"

"Yeah, ok... I'll be here anyway..." Patrick mumbled not looking up from the mixing board. Poor guy gets so stressed out every time we make another record. He will end up having a stroke before the age of 24 if he doesn't calm the fuck down.

Andy still didn't look up as I walked passed him ... Joe was still spinning...
They really know how to make a guy feel loved.

Stepping into the parking lot round the back of Island Records I smiled as I spotted my new 4 x 4 black on black Range Rover. It is the most beautiful car I've ever seen and its big, it had to be big... don't even think that I'm compensating for anything, just ... don't.
35 minutes later I got to Smart Studios. Fifteen minutes late but at least I got here. Walking into reception I noticed Dan talking to a nineteen-ish looking boy. Typical emo, not saying that's bad I'm the fucking King Of Emo, but this guy looked like he could be the prince! Dark black hair and tight black girls jeans and surprise surprise he wore a tight black t shirt with a red hoodie. No piercing or tattoos (that I could see) and his eyeliner was smeared but I had a feeling it was intentional.

"Dan!" I called out walking over.

"Hey Pete, this is Cole I told you about the band he's in... he's the drummer."

Shaking Cole's hand I decided to ask a few questions.

"So Dan never mentioned what your band's name was?"

"Its "Good To Go" he replied keeping his answer to a minimum.

"Right, well when do I get to hear some of their stuff?" I asked turning to Dan.

"Now, if you want Brooke is recording her vocals now but I don't think she'd mind you sitting in"


Following Dan and Cole to Studio C I could hear her voice clearly but due to the tinted windows she remained faceless.

"Aint it funny how you always find your way back into my head,
I always let you back in.
You're the voice that never goes away,
I try to kid myself but your never going to change...
Out of sight out of range..."

She belted out the lyrics and sounded like she was about to bust a lung but in a good way. Her voice dripped with emotion and the beat of the drum and the constant hum of the bass blended with her voice and it all blended perfectly together with the fast paced guitar tempo.

The song stopped and I turned around to face two new faces, another girl and one other boy, staring at me sitting beside Cole on the small couch while Dan stood in the doorway silently observing everything that was going on.

"Pete" I said introducing myself and holding out my hand.

"Ruth, I play bass..." said the girl holding out her hand and giving me a warm smile. She had dark auburn shoulder length hair no layers. She wore a Paramore tee and denim jeans with a white studded belt.

"And I'm Scott I play guitar..." said the other boy. He had dirty blond hair and he wore a green t shirt that read "Mr. New Booty" must find out where he got it...

There was an awkward silence until I heard a voice come from behind me.
"Brooke Rowlands... vocals and guitar" I turned around and I swear if I died right there I would have died happy. She was pretty... no beautiful. Her raven black hair came down to her elbows and she wore a black and pink striped top. With a black studded belt and a skirt that couldn't really be classified as minnie but came pretty close.

"How would you guys like to be signed to Decaydance?"
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