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The Real Bombshells Have Already Sunk

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Short chapter i know but its xmas lots 2 do hehehe Merry Xmas!

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Brooke's POV

The song ended and I took off my headphones. As I opened the door to the main mixing area in time to see Scott introduce himself to some guy. I couldn't see his face.

"Brooke Rowlands... vocals and guitar" I said stretching out my hand. Then he turned around. Holy shit! I thought its Pete Wentz! What the fuck was he doing here... then again this is Fuelled by Ramen records so yeah I suppose it isn't that out there.
And that's when he said something that literally changed my whole life.

"How would you guys like to be signed to Decaydance?"

I couldn't speak my throat closed up which is weird for me since I usually have no problem saying well... anything.

"Ehm ca- ca- can I just talk to the guys outside for a bit??" I asked motioning to the guys to follow me out into the hall not waiting for a reply.

Closing the door behind me I turned and was pulled into a huge hug by all three of them... honestly children.

"Oh my god..." Ruth repeated over and over while jumping out and down.

"This is so fucking awesome!" Scott agreed.

Even Cole who is usually the quiet type looked really happy. Its actually a good thing for the band he's moody it helps when we write lyrics together.

"I think we should sign with them" Cole stated finally. Well at least he said something I was still in too much shock to speak.

"Well, no shit Sherlock! Why are we even discussing this there is nothing to discuss!" Scott replied. Looking at Cole like he was crazy.

"I think we should take it slow, get to know him if we are going to work with him. Why don't we invite him to our show tonight?"

As if on cue my cell rang. Ruth gave me a sympathetic look when she saw the screen before joining the rest in the mixing room.

Home flashed across the screen and I ignored it. My home life has been a mess ever since my mom got this new boyfriend Kane. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy and at first we got along but then I saw what he's capable of. My mom came downstairs for breakfast one morning and I noticed bruises around her wrists as she was pouring milk into her cornflakes.

"What happened?" I asked concerned.

Mom looked down at her exposed wrists and pulled down her sleeves in an attempt to try and hide it but it was too late I had already noticed and was not about to let it go.

"Nothing" she murmured.

"Doesn't look like nothing"

"Keep your nose out ok. I'm fine!" she snapped dropping the bowl in her anger and muttering "Shit.."

I guessed what was going on and said:
"You don't have to take this just break up with him" placing a hand on her back. She was shaking.

"Who said this had anything to do with Kane!? You always jump to conclusions and make bad assumptions but you know what your wrong!" she shouted pulling away from me and storming out of the kitchen leaving me to clean everything up.

I hadn't noticed anymore bruises after that at least none I could see anyway but I always hear them fighting at night if he comes home late. Ruth was the only one I had ever told about any of this after all we were best friends. I loved the other two guys like brothers but there are some things I'll just never feel comfortable telling them. It took me a while even to tell Ruth.

Shaking my head I realised I had Pete Wentz waiting in the next room for me to return so I had better get back.

Pete's POV

Cole, Ruth and Scott return without Brooke.

"Where's Brooke" Dan asks.

"Phone call" Ruth replied she looked as if se knew something more but wasn't telling but how would I know I had known this girl a grand total of what 15 minutes?

"We want you to come see us play tonight, if you want..." Cole said staring at his Vans not meeting my gaze.

"That would be great I should really go home and have a shower and get changed before I go though..." I said then remembering Patrick probably having a shit fit in the studio right now over some little thing and best guess is Andy and Joe haven't moved since I left. They could wait till tomorrow.
"What time?"

"Around nine" Scott replied. "We're playing at this club called Red Carpet Blues do you know it?"

"I think so" I said vaguely remembering goin there with Andy once before.
"I should go" I said looking down at my watch nice meeting you though.."

"Yeah you too" Ruth said and the others nodded in agreement. I turned to leave just in time to see Brooke return. I passed her on my way out and gave her my famous "Grillz" smile before passing her on my way out, which she returned with her own.
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