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Brooke's POV

Pete just smiled at me! Oh shit what am I now some crazed fan girl?! Sure he was hot I mean , I'm not blind but what could he see in me? He could have any girl... The door closed behind him and I turned to Ruth, Scott and Cole who stood there in shock all looking to be silently thinking over what just happened I mean, Its not everyday a Grammy nominated, VMA winning, GAP modelling record company owner comes and offers your band a record deal.

"So???" I asked.

"He's coming!" Ruth gushed coming out of her daze.

"Like oh my god guys, we're gonna be famous!" Scott stated putting on a fake Beverly Hills accent.

"Scott, your like from Chicago, what the hell?!" Ruth said copying the accent. By this point I was laughing though the joke itself was a bit dumb I was just in a great mood. I always wanted to be in a band that was going places. I don't really care just start the van and get me outta this one horse town.

"Ahem, as much as I realise how excited you kids must be you only have thirty minutes recording time left so..." Dan suggested from the doorway. In all ouyr excitement we had forgotten he was there.

"Yeah, Brooke you wanna do some more recording?" Cole asked after he too had stopped laughing.

"Yeah, ok" I replied getting up.

"OK then, have fun" Dan smiled as he left.

Walking back into the recording room I told Cole to hit playback on track 7.. he was the only one of us who knew how to work the mixing board as he was the only one paying attention when Dan explained it to us.

"Lets pretend its all alright,
In a war with reality,
And losing the fight.
Now you've watched this lie come apart at the seams,
I'm still too naïve to know what it means."

The song went into its slow instrumental. This being one of the better song I've ever written with Cole. The song builds like every song up to its middle eight and I really try to let out any anger or hurt I'm feeling at the time, which is hard at times like this since I'm excited about the deal.

You tried, to play the victim,
You wanted me to let you back in after all you've done and said.
Well, I guess you'll be using those same clichéd "Sorry" lines.
Like last time,
I wont let you become my nightmare again"

Holding out on the last word for a good five seconds left me out of breath and I was relieved when Cole signalled to me that I could come out. That song still gave me shivers when I thought of the inspiration for those lyrics. His name was John and he was my first real boyfriend. We were together from when I was 15 to my eighteenth birthday. In the last year we had been on and off for a while then we finally break up and the same day he goes out with some other girl... then he dumped her and asked me to get back with him. Fuck no! It took a lot of movie nights with Ruth, lyric sessions with Cole and girls gossip chats with Scott ( one gender confused boy!) to get over him but in the end who needs him? At least I got a few songs out of it.

"That sounded so good Brooke!" Ruth complimented while packing up her bass.

"Yeah like totally kick ass" Scott added using that dumb accent again. Now it was just plain annoying.

"Yeah well, uhmm, thanks. I'll meet you guys at eight outside RCB for sound check right?" Its not that I don't like getting compliments I just don't know how to take them.

"Ok, bye Brooke" Cole said as he gave a small wave from the mixing board. I grabbed my unopened guitar case and prepared for the walk home. God I hate these cold ass Chicago winters they suck.

Pete's POV

Driving back to Island I couldn't get my mind off of Brooke her voice, her eyes, her legs... what you expect I'm a guy?! There's just something about her that makes me regret not having enough time to talk to her and get to know her. But hopefully there would be time for that later. I walk back into the mixing room and nothing has changed except for the fact Joe is no longer spinning but sitting on the same chair and strumming his unplaugged guitar.

"Hey you ready to record?" Patrick asked looking up from the lyrics and music sheets he was reading.

"Yeah if you'll promise me one thing." I said sitting myself down on the mixing board.

"What? Pete get your fat ass off my mixing board now" Patrick huffed pushing me of the board and going back to his notes.

"Ok, first off my ass is not fat and second you work way too hard you need to take a break!"

"Oh yeah, and what do you suggest?!" He replied looking up from his notes and raising an eyebrow at me.

"I suggest, we all take a time out and go to a club to see a band who I want to sign to Decaydance and I need all your opinions."

"We should all take a break huh? You just got here!"

"Uh huh and I can tell that you are way too high strung. C'mon, it'll be fun! Think about it while I go in there."

"Whatever just finish this damn song already..." Patrick said pressing some button hinting to get the fuck into the recording booth.

So I finished my middle eight finaly, it's the first time I've ever gotten to scream with Fall Out Boy and I fear it may be a little too intense for some of our fans but we'll soon find out.

"So?" I asked Patrick as soon as I finished ignoring him and sitting back down on the mixing board.

"If I say yeah will you get the fuck off my mixing board?!"

"Yes, Yes I will."

"Then what time and where"

Checking my watch I noticed it was eight and we were an hours drive away from the club. "9 but we have to leave now."

"Awh now, fine you know what fine but if we miss the album deadline its your fault!" he said reluctantly getting up.

"We wont miss the deadline! Stop worrying and at least try to have fun."

"Hmph" was all I got in response.

Fifteen minutes later I am sitting in my car with Patrick in the passenger seat reluctant to leave his notes behind and Andy having finally detached himself from his two way and was playing thumb wars with Joe in between sighs of "are we there yet".
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