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Graduation Day

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Anna's POV

I woke up with Jon in my bed (My parents didn't care because they knew we'd never do anything) I tried to get up without waking him up but as I was getting up, arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me down. I started giggling as tickles attacked me. In between breaths I yelled,
"Jon get your hands off me,"
"Sorry babe but your bed head is so irristible, plus your skirt is flaunting all you've got." he smirked. I looked down to see I was still in last night's clothes and my skirt rose up to show my black and red thong. Oops
"Well excuse me for being so damn sexy! I'm going to the bathroom!" I marched out of my room and took a shower and fixed myself all up.
"Hurry up or we'll be late for school!" Jon yelled through the door.
"Shit!" I whispered to myself. I forgot school existed. Only a few more weeks and then I'm free...

(a few weeks later...graduation day)

Anna's POV

I'm sort of upset the guys haven't called since the concert. But if you don't get attached then when something happens it doesn't hurt as bad. That's why I only trust Jon. I've learned my lesson before.
"Sweetie! I'm so nervous! I'll come over later with all my stuff and MOVE IN!" I squealed like a little kid. I was finally moving in with him! My parents sort of wanted me out of the house anyway plus they love Jon.
"Sure, whatever you want is fine." He said draping his arm around my shoulder.
"You spoil me you know," I smiled up at him.
"You're worth it."

Gerard's POV

We haven't called her since the concert and it drove me crazy but the guys wanted to surprise her on her graduation day and refused to let me near the phone. She's going to be so happy I know it.

Anna's POV

Finally! I get out of this god forsaken high school! My name is called...
"Anna Depp..." (Yea I love Johnny)
Once I got up I hear screams and cheers.
"WHOOO GO ANNA WE LOVE YOU!!!" I look up to see none other than the guys all dressed up for my graduation.
I smile and take my diploma. I met up with Jon backstage and once we got out we were attacked.
"Oh my god you guys I missed you soo much!" I said while stuck in the middle of a huge group hug/dog pile. "Why didn't you call?"
"Well," Bob started, "we figured we'd surprise you more! SURPRISE!!! But it was no piece of cake, this one (Gerard) would try to sneak you a call everyday."
Gerard blushed and I smiled at him and hugged him.
"Okay," mikey broke in between us "Enough of the mushy stuff...PARTAY TIME!!"

(At the party)

Gerard's POV

The party was wild. No not really wild (cuz I mean since we don't really drink, it's wild up to a certain point) but it was crazy fun. We went to some local diner Anna and Jon love to celebrate and we were so loud we got death glares from like every table at the place.
Afterwards, we helped Anna get all her stuff to Jon's house. The few weeks in between we finished touring so we had a couple months off. Jon's place had two rooms upstairs and a kitchen and living room downstairs. Really nice place. I loved all the pictures everywhere. There were one's were Anna had missing teeth and Jon looked like a beaver. Haha, they were cute.
"Hey Anna, Jon! We got presents for you!" Ray said.
"you guys really shouldn't have," Jon implied
"Okay then, Anna you get two presents then!"
"Just joking we don't want to put it to waste and spoil this brat even more" Jon joked picking up and spinning Anna while she pretended to look hurt.
Jon got the PS3 plus madden '07 and we got Anna a silver band ring that had..."
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