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A Chocolate Sundae

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It's a snowy winter day, perfect for relaxing in front of the fire and drinking some hot chocolate..or not! Guess what Atlanta's in the mood for? One-shot A/A story! (don't worry there's nothing sick)

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A Chocolate Sundae

-" Ok guys we're leaving! We'll be back in an hour or two!" said Jay as him and Theresa went to the mall.

-" Hey Neil! Wanna go to the arcades and try out that new game I was talking about?" asked Odie.

-" Sure! Better than sitting here doing nothing!" he answered back and they went out aswell.

-" I have to go and see Granny. She needs my help changing the position of the couch. See you guys soon!" said Herry and he also walked out, leaving Archie and Atlanta in the house, alone.

-" So.. now that the guys are gone, what do you wanna do?" asked Archie as he turned the T.V off.

-" How about a game of Monopoly? I bet I can beat you easily!" she answered.

-" Bring it on!"

A few hours later...

-" YES!! HAHA YOU PAY ME 500$ BECAUSE YOU LANDED ON MY HOTEL!" yelled Atlanta in joy.

-" What?! grrr... I'm bored. Let's do something else." Archie finnaly said.

-" Sore loser.." mumbled Atlanta.

-" Excuse me?" said Archie and threw a pillow on Atlanta. They started laughing and having a pillow fight. Pillows were flying everywhere, knocking down numberous plants and pictures. A few minutes later they layed on the ground, short of breath.

-"" giggled Atlanta as she threw the last pillow on Archie's head.

-" now what?" he asked as he stood up and walked to the window. He stared outside. Everything was white and covered with snow. It was like a winter wonderland!

-" It's beautiful!" said Atlanta as she put her head on Archie's shoulder.

-" Not as beautiful as you.." Archie slowly whispered to himself.

-" What was that?" she asked.

-" Nothing"

-" You know what I'm in the mood for right now?" she said.

-" A nice, relaxing fire with some hot chocolate?" Archie asked, hoping she would say yes.

-" No! I'm actually in the mood for......A chocolate sunday!"

-" A chocolate sundae?! It's winter!" he asked confused.

-" What, you're too chicken to go and get a sundae with me?" she asked and she started to make some chicken sounds," BAK!BAK BAK BAK!"

-" Fine..." he finnaly gave up and took his jacket. Atlanta ran over and took her jacket aswell and they bot walked outside. There was a blizzard going on.

-" Brrr! It's c-c-cold outside!" shivered Archie.

-" Y-y-ya I know. I t-think I should get a b-better jacket!" she said and she ran back to the house. A few minutes later, she came back with a lime green jacket.

-" What t-took you s-so long?" asked Archie.

-" Well sorry! I didn't realy have a good jacket so I decided to take one of Theresa's jackets! Now common! Let's go alwredi." They both started walking but the snow was too high.

-" How could I be so stupid! I forgot to wear boots! Archie we have to go back!" said Atlanta.

-" What?! B-b-but we're half w-way there!"

-" Common Arch, please?" she asked as she made an adorable puppy face. Archie could never resist that face. He sighed and they walked back home. Archie waited outside. It took Atlanta about 10 minutes to get the boots. Archie was almost covered with snow when she came back out.

-" You know Archie, you'll make a great snowman!" she laughed.

-" Ha ha f-funny.L-L-Let's go already!" and they both began walking until they reached "Ben & Jerry's".

-" A-Are we t-there yet?" asked Atlanta.

-" I t-think so" replied Archie. They both walked inside and went up to the counter.

-" Hello there. How may I serve you?" asked the guy working there.

-" O-O-One h-h-hot ch-ch-chocolate p-please!" said Atlanta.

-" WHAT?! You mean we came all this way for nothing! You said you wanted a chocolate sundae!" yelled Archie.

-" A ch-ch-chocolate sundae? You'd have to be s-s-stupid to order a s-sunday at t-this weather!" she answered as she saw Archie banging his head on a table.

-" What's his problem?" asked the guy.

Atlanta only shrugged. "I t-think he w-wants a sundae."

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