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Help Arrives in Odd People

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AU 5th. Harry recieves an interesting letter on his 15th birthday that will rock his world, and that of his friends. Meet Harry Potter, the new Keybearer. All hell is gonna break loose now.

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I'll say it now before people start wondering about stuff, Harry is most assuredly acting differently. Way I see it, the Keyblade has to forcefully adapt the user to be able to wield said blade with any simblance of skill. Way I see it, this basically gives them something of a permanent adrenaline rush which changes their personality. Tack on the fact that Harry chose this power and responsiblity rather than it being forced on him and you get the idea that we're going to see Mr. Potter act quite differently than cannon.

Also, I'll make a note right here, yes, there will be three. No, Harry is not Sora, Ron is not Riku, and Hermione is not Kairi. That's all I'll say now until you see where I'm going with this.

Chapter 2: Help Arrives in Odd People

Harry smashed his Keyblade through one of the little black Heartless- Shadows- and ducked the spinning kick of a Soldier type before using his blade to hook and catapult it through the kitchen window and out onto the freshly cut yard. In the back of his mind, two thoughts were forming as this occurred.

One: These blasted Heartless were so going to get their inhuman butts handed to them in their next life for the damage they were causing.


Two: The Keyblade must have been supplying him with "mystical innate fighting abilities," because Harry was quite certain he didn't know how to do this before.

The part of his mind that was focusing on the fight mentally kicked those thoughts away as he twirled around the same Dusk Nobody he'd bashed out of his room and proceeded to slash it diagonally twice and then behead it. It disappeared in a 'puff' of shadows and Harry took the opportunity to bolt for the main door, only to have the door explode in toward him.

He rolled over and stood quickly, bringing his blade into a ready position just in time to duck the the Soldier type sent flying over him by a well placed Expelliarmus. He looked up to see Remus Lupin shout out, "Diffindo!"

This knocked the Soldier down again, but it stood up just in time to catch the downward slash of Harry's Keyblade. It disappeared and Harry turned toward Remus.

"Fancy meeting you here, Professor!" Harry grinned.

Remus sighed, "I haven't been your professor for almost two years, Harry. Now mind telling me what's going on here?" He followed Harry who walked into the kitchen and drove his Keyblade through the Shadow Heartless and then turned back to his old teacher.

"Long story, or short story?"

Remus rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Short please, and I do mean short. Reparo." He began walking around, casting the spell on broken windows and the door that he blasted in.

"Well," Harry leaned against his Keyblade, "You're looking at the next Keybearer, and apparently one of the few people who can destroy the Heartless and Nobodies. Not only that, but apparently, I might have to do some traveling soon fight more of these."

"Travelling? Meaning you're thinking of skiving off a whole year of school? Silly question too, but who chose you for this job?"

"Actually, I chose myself for this, though the opportunity was given to me by-" Harry stopped for a second. He couldn't tell Remus he got the word from King Mickey. He'd think Harry was crazy!

Remus turned and glanced knowingly at the Keyblade, "So King Mickey asked you to help, eh?"

Harry lost his balance and fell over in shock. How'd Remus know? "Wait, how'd you-"

Remus smirked, "How'd I know?" At Harry's nod, the smirk grew into a grin, "Let's just say that Mr. Flamel shared different things with me, than with Professor Dumbledore."

Harry climbed back to his feet and shook his head, muttering something about 'should've seen it coming.' He looked at Remus and shrugged. "Well, anyway, I got this letter from King Mickey asking me to help and I accepted when the Nobody and the Heartless busted in and killed Uncle Vernon and Dudley and-" He stopped. "Aunt Petunia! She's still in my room!"

He bolted up the stairs and entered his room just in time to witness Aunt Petunia be killed by a Shadow Heartless. His eye twitched and he swung the Keyblade toward the Shadow and snarled, "Fire!" A ball of fire smashed into the Shadow and obliterated it just as Remus ran in.

Harry sighed and leaned against the door jam. "Everyone's dead now... When I find whoever is controlling these Heartless, I'm gonna..."

Remus stood beside his young charge and sighed too. "I know, cub... I know..."

"Wanna help?"

"I think we're gonna need a bit more firepower."

"That can be arranged now, young Remus." Both Remus and Harry turned to see an old man standing there with a smile on his face. He looked at Harry and his smile saddened a bit. "Mister Potter, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I'm Nicholas Flamel."
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