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Find the Third

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AU 5th. Harry recieves an interesting letter on his 15th birthday that will rock his world, and that of his friends. Meet Harry Potter, the new Keybearer. All hell is gonna break loose now.

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For those who question the title, no, it's not a typo when I put down 'Griffindor'. I know that the Hogwarts house is 'Gryffindor'. There is a very, very vital reason for the 'Griffin-' in the title, one which you all shall learn one day, possibly. Anyway, on to the story. Don't expect as frequent an update from here on, because I'm back on the 8-6 shift at work until college starts, and then I'm still 8-6, just between two things.

Chapter 3: Find the Third

An hour later, Harry sat sprawled across a very plush papasan, Keyblade dispelled back to...wherever. Remus was relaxed on a loveseat, sipping tea, while Nicholas Flamel sat in his recliner fiddling with a rubix cube. Nicholas had just finished explaining about the Heartless and the Nobodies.

"So, what have the previous Keybearers been like?" asked Harry.

Nicholas shrugged, "I never had a chance to meet any, myself, other than King Mickey, but from what he tells me, there are three or four others currently out and about. Sora, a boy not unlike you, who wields another Kingdom Key, his friend Riku usually carries the Way to the Dawn Keyblade due to some...shall we say unfortunate decisions on his behalf. His other friend, Kairi carries the True Heart Keyblade." During this, Nicholas was conjuring up pictures of each Keyblade.

"Pretty much a decent group then, right?"

"From what stories King Mickey told me, you and your friends Ron and Hermione are not all that dissimilar to them, Harry."

Harry nodded absently and looked over at Remus. "You've been quiet lately, Moony, what's up?"

Remus seemed to come out of his thoughts at this. "Hmm? Oh, just thinking about just how much this is going to screw up everyone's plans for you." At Harry's slightly annoyed inquiring look, he pushed on, "Take your relatives death. The noise probably got everyone's attention and by now police should be there."

"Ah, have no fear of that, Remus," said Nicholas with a chuckle. "I placed a golem of each person's body there, including Harry's and torched the house."

Harry's eye twitched. "So my friends think I'm dead?"

"Oh, heavens no! I sent Albus a letter telling him that I had whisked you and Remus away when the fire started."

Harry and Remus visibly relaxed. "So what do we do now?" asked Remus.

Nicholas signed and got to his feet before walking out of the den and waving the two to follow him. Harry and Remus exchanged glances and followed curiously. Through the hall, past the kitchen in which Perenelle swatted Nicholas' hand for trying to sneak a cookie away, to Harry and Remus' amusement. Up the stairs and over to a set of sliding doors. Nicholas opened the doors and stepped in and waited for Harry and Remus to enter before opening a box and pressing a large button that had a large 'B2' stenciled on it. The doors closed behind them and a motor kicked on and began lowering the box.

Harry raised an eyebrow at Nicholas. "An elevator?"

Nicholas smirked. "Just because I'm over six hundred years of age does not mean I do not enjoy the more technological aspects of non-magical folk." He paused for a second and then chuckled, "My collection of vintage and rare cars is more than three times the size of some of the American millionaires, such as Jay Leno."

The elevator came to a stop, the doors opened and Nicholas' grin grew, "Second basement, armor, weaponry, and gestalt gear." He stepped off the lift and flipped the light switches, illuminating what could only be considered an armory.

He turned around and chuckled at the looks of amazement on Remus and Harry's faces. "Welcome to my little corner of the multiverse, also referred to as 'The Flamel Armory.' Please, feel free to take a look around, though I wouldn't advise taking anything that you don't know what it does."

Harry walked around, looking at the armor because he had a feeling that the Keyblade was enough of a weapon. Well, that and his apparent ability to cast fireballs with it. He picked up a pair of canvas pants that had padded knee and shin guards sewn in (also enchanted if the note card was anything to go by) that were black with blue flame highlights, a pair of flat soled blue and black sneakers, a long-sleeved dark blue turtleneck and a black vest. He followed Nicholas' instructions to a changing room and pulled on the new clothes.

He walked out and grinned at Remus who had stepped out of his own changing room dressed in a dark green pair of slacks, and a nice olive green Nehru shirt and a dark green, almost black form fitting trenchcoat. Remus grinned back and chuckled. "Looking smooth, Harry!"

"Right back at you, Moony!"

Nicholas walked over and looked the two over before adjusting Remus' coat and Harry's vest and then stepped back. "Very nice, you two! Now, a little bit of information on those clothes. They have automatic cleaning and freshening spells on them, and you can actually wear those for about two weeks before you really should wash them. Now, all we need to do is get Remus a weapon."

Remus shrugged, "Actually, I found one." He walked over to the weapons and returned with a staff with a large weighted brass endcap on the top. "It's simple, effective, and it's..."

"It works," stated Harry.

"Oh, and how."

Nicholas nodded and pulled out a rope. "Here's your portkey to where Albus said for you two to come to. Just remember Harry, no matter what Albus says, you have made your choice. You have decided that you hold the cards now. Don't let Albus tell you what to do, or where to stay. And remember, if you must, you are always welcome in my home." He pulled out a deck of cards and pulled out the two of clubs and the jack of spades and handed them to each. "These are your personal portkeys to get you here in the case of an emergency. The phrase is 'Key to the Kingdom.'"

Nicholas looked at the two over his glasses. "I'll expect you two back here before the beginning of Harry's fifth year, hopefully with the third member of your team."

"Third member?"

Remus answered him. "Prime number, magically powerful due to its stability, need I continue?"

Harry shook his head, amused. "Let's go face the music, shall we?"

Nicholas nodded, "Good luck, you two. Your portkey will leave in 3, 2-"

Harry and Remus disappeared.
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