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Gathering an Army

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AU 5th. Harry recieves an interesting letter on his 15th birthday that will rock his world, and that of his friends. Meet Harry Potter, the new Keybearer. All hell is gonna break loose now.

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A bit longer on the update, I'll admit. I appologize for the longer wait, but I've started college again, and I'll be honest, my schooling, my job, and my paying writing comes before my fanfics. But no worries, I've got plans for this and I don't really feel the urge to drop this story any time soon. Also, I'm open to suggestions, because, well, to be honest, we're dealing with Kingdom Hearts on a much larger scale. So a few ideas here and there, and you might see one in the story. If I use one, I'll try my hardest to remember to tip my hat to you here.

One more thing before I leave you to your reading, you will notice minor, and some major "errors" in these stories, and I'll touch on a few things that I believe should have been touched on in different worlds. You'll notice the first, minor revision in this chapter, though don't expect me to give you the others.

Chapter 4: Gathering an Army

After five minutes of Remus explaining the Fidelus Charm to Harry, and then teaching him the secret, Remus and Harry entered Number 12 Grimmaud Place to find a war zone.

Well, big, heaping pile of chaos is more like it. Molly Weasley was screaming bloody murder about the absent Remus and Harry. Snape was screaming right back at her about how much a waste it would be. Around the table, others were discussing the disappearance of Harry in rather loud voices. Ron and Ginny were in the same area hollering for someone to find Harry too. On top of this, the painting in the hallway was also screaming and cursing a blue streak

Oddly enough, the only five who weren't freaking out was Hermione, Fred and George, sitting in chairs out in the hallway watching the action. Dumbledore was sitting in a large plush chair near the steps where Sirius was lounged out. Dumbledore waved and conjured two more chairs for Harry and Remus and a bag of popcorn to replace the empty bag that the group had gone through.

Remus looked at them quizzically before shrugging and taking a seat beside Sirius, patting him on the shoulder. Sirius looked up and examined Remus' clothes before grinning and patting him on the back and then leaning over, seeing Harry, and giving him a thumbs up before turning his attention back to the group. Fred and George shared grins before patting Harry's shoulder and sitting him in the empty chair next to Hermione who immediately hugged him and then pointed back at the chaos.

Molly was wailing, "Oh, we should rescue Harry at once! Who has any idea what those horrid muggles are doing to the poor boy at this very moment!"

Severus snarled. "Knowing that good-for-nothing brat, he's probably sitting around trying to think up ways to make my life miserable next year!"

Everyone glanced at Harry quickly who looked back all too innocently. Even Dumbledore had a twinkle in his eyes at this. Harry leaned over to Fred- or was it George and asked him. "How long has this been going on, now?"

George, as it turned out to be looked back and grinned. "Mum has been going spare ever since we got here" "Bless her heart, she's taken you as one of her own," interjected Fred. The two looked at each other and back at Harry before saying together, "Run away!"

Harry had to grin at their antics, but he had to ask, "Why aren't you lot in there trying to find me, too?"

"Because you're Harry-bloody-Potter!" exclaimed Fred.

"Because you're the Boy-who-lived!" said George.

"More because we saw the letter about where you were when Professor Dumbledore got it." said Hermione, gaining two rasperries from the twins. She ignored it and looked at him. "So you met Nicholas Flamel? What's he like?"

"Imagine Dumbledore, only on an almost constant sugar high."

"He's over six hundred years old!" said Hermione, shocked at the thought.

"I have a feeling his excitement had more to do with what responsibility Mister Potter has shouldered than anything, Miss Granger," said DUmbledore. He looked at Harry and smiled, "I won't say that I'm not surprised you took this responsibility, but I'm more than happy that you did take it rather than simply abandon it."

Harry looked at him curiously for a moment, wondering how much he knew, before he was handed an opened letter bearing King Mickey's seal. He opened it and began reading, George, Fred, and Hermione crowding around, reading over his shoulders.

Professor Dumbledore,

I am King Mickey, known to the multiverse as one of the Keybearers, and ruler of all that is good. As I am in the process of having forced renovations done on my castle, namely to the fortifications to this room, I shall make this letter short.

You are the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wisardry, so I'm certain you are wise enough to take the council of two old fools who have seen a lot in our life. I speak of myself and Nicholas Flamel, mind. Harry Potter has, if Nicholas is correct, taken the mantle of the next Keybearer, the guardian of your world and the rest of the multiverse. This is not a prophetic destiny or any such mysticism such as your 'hidden' prophetic destiny of Mr. Potter to deal with Voldemort.

As you can guess, I've been around long enough to have an idea of what is occurring in your world. Though having my friend Nicholas there to keep an eye on things is also how I learned of these things.

Let me make it exceptionally clear to you, Professor. By my right as soverign King, I hereby grant Harry James Potter, sole heir to the Potter Line, diplomatic immunity on the basis that he is my honor guard to your world. I respectfully request that you help him on his quest, as he will learn how to defeat your Voldemort and forever keep your world safe.

King Mickey

P.S.- Harry must find his triad. Together there will be no stopping their combined power.

Hermione poked him in the arm, "Okay Harry, spill. Keybearer? King Mickey? Multiverse?"

Harry took a deep breath, "Well, I'll explain it like Mr. Flamel did. Imagine the multiverse as Hogwarts. Each classroom is a room, each door is a gateway to the realm between worlds, and each hallway is the path, the realm between the worlds. The Keybearer is a guardian of these worlds, and protects them from outside darkness that comes to destroy the worlds. We carry a weapon, a Keyblade which is pretty much a huge key-shaped sword, and we're supposedly able to lock the gateways between worlds."

They were quiet for a moment before Sirius spoke up from his seat. "So where does this... what did you say King Mick?" he asked Hermione.

"King Mickey."

Sirius nodded, "Where does King Mickey fit into this?

"King Mickey is the ruler of the multiverse and a Keybearer like Harry." Remus seemed extremely proud at this.

"Ohh," Fred nodded, "So when's the great adventure?"

"Adventure, my dear brother? You wouldn't be suggesting what I think you're suggesting, would you?" asked George, grinning.

Fred bobbed his head excitedly, "I'm suggesting just that, my nefarious counterpart. Let's go save the day with our wise and powerful,"

"Bold and handsome," said George.

"Gryffindor, through and through."

"Best buddy and backer,"

"Mister Harry Potter." They finished in unison.

Hermione sighed and shook her head ruefully. "I should probably go along too, to help Professor-" Remus glared at her, "I mean, Moony keep you three from destroying the universes."

Sirius nodded, "And I'm going as your loyal doggie, Snuffles!"

Harry blinked. He blinked again and looked back at the massed people in the other room, still arguing even ten minutes after he'd gotten there. He sighed and shook his head, "I'm not going to be able to talk you all out of this, am I?"

Professor Dumbledore chuckled heartly and popped a lemon drop in his mouth. "No, my dear boy, you are stuck with people who care for you and want to see you survive. Surely you won't hold it against them,?"

Harry snorted and shook his head, "I'm more worried that people will think I'm gathering an army." He grew serious for a moment as he remembered something, "How important is this prophecy that King Mickey writes about?"

"Ah, I had wondered if you would remember that," said Albus. He hummed for a moment and then nodded, "I believe that while this is a different path than that which I would have lead you on, this quest you are going on will provide you with the maturity and experience to handle the prophetic matter when you return."

Harry nodded and stood, the others rising with him. "We should probably get back to Mr. Flamel's house before we leave."

Albus nodded, "Tell my friend I send my best wishes. And don't worry about you parents, I will inform them of the situation as it stands."

Harry pulled out the return portkey and everyone touched it and said the activation command. With a flash of light, Harry, Hermione, George and Fred, Sirius, and Remus disappeared by portkey.

The flash distracted everyone in the room enough to draw them from the fight and look into the hall where Albus Dumbledore stood, smiling as the spot where they had once been and sucking on a lemon drop. He turned and hummed quietly. Perhaps he could make it back to Hogwarts before any of the Order members (specifically, the Weasley's) caught up with him and hexed him, or dare he think, his lemon drops.

"Albus?" Molly Weasley was quiet for once, and this slightly unnerved the aged headmaster. "Where are my sons?"
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