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Leggo My Eggo!

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The next morning, Lily woke up alone. She sat up in bed, and looked around her. Bert was gone. GONE? She threw herself out of bed and ran downstairs.
"Yes M'am... Eggo waffles are just fine.."
She turned into the kitchen to see Bert standing with her the toaster..and her mother was smiling....
"Oh, good morning honey..." Her mother smiled, " is quite charming!"
Lily could have been pushed over with a feather.
Her mother continued, "I'm just making him some you want some?"
Lily stared at Bert in disbelief. Her mother..was making BERT waffles. Bert grinned at her, taking a sip of orange juice.
" would LOVE some waffles..." Lily smiled, crossing the kitchen to the cabinets, taking time to elbow Bert in the ribs as she reached for a glass.
"Dad's at work?" Lily asked, opening the refrigerator.
Her mother nodded, "Yep..." the toaster popped, revealing two golden brown waffles...complete with lukewarm blueberries. Her mother inserted two more frozen waffles into the toaster. She placed the waffles on a plate and handed them to Bert,
"There you go, honey..syrup is in the fridge...Lily can show you, can't you, Lil?"
Lily was in shock...Bert had totally charmed her mother!
"Thank you M'am...Lil, I would LOVE some syrup." Bert said with a cheeky grin.
Lily smiled sweetly, trying not to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, and handed him the bottle of Aunt Jemima with a smirk. Bert winked, and shortly thereafter demanded a fork from Lily, along with more juice. As they sat at the table, eating their Eggo waffles, Lily heard steps on the stairs...Tom..Jack...Billy.
"'s that homeless guy in our living room?" Billy asked as he entered the kitchen,
"Is he Lily's boyfriend?"
Lily snorted as she chewed on a wedge of waffle.
"WILLIAM, he is a very sweet young man...and..I don't know, but don't tease your sister!" Lily's mother hissed, failing to keep her voice down. Lily chuckled silently.
Bert grinned, dragging a piece of waffle into a pool of syrup.
"Ghey..." he mumbled under his breath.
Billy and Jack entered the room and took a seat at the table.
"Hey Jack." Bert said with a smile.
Jack grinned, taking a seat next to Lily, "Hey Bert."
Billy had a look of disbelief on his face...Bert..knew Jack?
Bert caught Billy's look of dismay, "Jacks my boy." Bert assured him, cutting up his waffle with the edge of his fork.
Billy raised an eyebrow, "Right...I'm Billy." he said, extending his hand.
Bert shook his head, holding up his palms, "A little sticky right now..." he said, "I'm a messy eater." he said in a whisper, eyes wide.
Billy's lip twitched in disgust..who was this guy?
Lily laughed into her waffles.
"Hey, Lily Pad" Tom began.
Bert's eyes widened in joy, "Lily Pad?" he mouthed to Jack, who grinned and nodded.
Tom continued, "Your phone was going off..."
Lily's heart skipped a beat..Gerard?
She bolted upstairs.
2 missed calls...
It WAS him.
Lily ran down stairs and wolfed down the rest of her waffles, hand on the call button.
"Who was it?" Bert asked, even though she was sure he knew.
Lily ignored him, bringing her plate to the kitchen as the phone rang.
His voice made her tingly..
"Hi!" Lily smiled, "Sorry I missed your call.."
She was then interrupted by a gaggle of cat calls...of 'OooOhhh' and "WOOT" and other assorted taunting. Bert lets out a whoop as well, followed with a "BAB-AYYY".
Gerard stopped laughing, "Was that...Bert?"
Lily paused, staring at him sitting at her kitchen her brother's pajamas..
"Y-yeah..." She admitted.
Gerard fell silent, "Uh...ok...aren't you at home?"
"Yeah..." Lily said...her brothers and Bert had fallen silent...
"So...he's over at your house?" Gerard asked. She could hear a smile in his awkward smile..a smile of, 'Please tell me you're kidding me.'.
Lily nodded, "Yeah...he needed a place to stay last night.."
"AND WE DID IT LAST NIGHT!" Bert said as he walked into the kitchen, just loud enough so Gerard could hear.
"BERT! SHUTUP!" Lily hissed. She spoke into the receiver, hand to forehead, "He's just being an asshole..we didn't.."
"Oh..ok.." Gerard said...a bit annoyed, "Call me later when he's not there, ok?"
"What?" Lily asked, feelings hurt. Bert stared at her, arms crossed.
"Call me when he's gone." Gerard repeated, "I don't want to talk to you if he's there."
"O...k.." Lily said softly, "I'll call you later."

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