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Lily laughed out loud, turning to face him,
"Are you kidding me?!"
Bert knelt down to the floor, pulling a flask from his soaked jean pocket, along with his cellphone.
He stood up straight, looking quite funny in her brother's pajamas, so skinny and wiry..the oversized Cubs shirt hanging from his slender frame...
He unscrewed the cap on the flask, took a swig and swallowed, "No."
Lily narrowed her eyes, eyebrows furrowed,
"Aren't you supposed to be promoting anyway? You know, WITH your band?"
"Jesus, Lily, Can't I take a break and hang out with one of friends?" he asked, taking a deep drink.
Lily sighed, "Sure.."
A million thoughts swirled through her head...what would her parents do if they saw Bert here in her room?
Lily mentally slapped herself, "You're 23, not 13. You're a woman now..financially independent! Mom and Dad..psh.."
Lily was torn from her thoughts as Bert took a seat on her bed, pulling back the covers and sliding inside, flask to his lips.
Lily just stared at him for a moment, before crawling into bed with him and staring up at the ceiling.
"You're going to warped, right?" Bert mumbled, gazing at her from the corner of his eye.
Lily nodded, hands laid neatly on top of the covers.
Bert sighed, "Lily, don' fucking ghey."
Lily gasped softly, "I am NOT being...ghey." she said in defense.
Bert took another drink, "Well, you're all tense over there like a fucking rabbit, like I'm going to come over there and pound you or something.." he finished with a large swallow of liquor.
Lily laughed out loud in shock.
"Hey," Bert continued, "I'm not going to deny I have a boner, but, come on...I don't want Gerard to hate me even more than he fuckin' does. Now THAT" he took another swig, pointing with his index finger, "Is GHEY."
Lily shrugged, "Well..yeah..." she agreed, "It is pretty...ghey..."
She turned to face Bert, who was nursing his flask, "Bert, what are you doing?" Lily asked with a sigh.
Bert took another drink, looking at her with question on his face.
"I'm...drinking..and...slumber party.." he mumbled, staring at her.
Lily took in a breath and reached over, plucking the flask from his hand. She could smell the alcohol on him,
"You shouldn't drink so much.." she insisted, stashing the flask away, "I recall you being hospitalized not too long ago..." she added as Bert sighed angrily.
Bert looked at his cellphone instead. Lily watched him as he pushed the blue buttons.
Bert was silent, staring intently at the screen.
"Lily...I'm not..annoying, am I?" he asked quietly. He turned to her with his blue eyes..full of emotion.
Lily felt a lump in her throat, "No..of course not.."
She knew how he felt about Gerard....
"You're not annoying, Bert...a little loud..but, not annoying. Quirky." she added, trying hard to melt the look of sadness in his eyes.
Bert sighed, "Well, fuck.." he sighed.
He put his hands over his eyes, "Thanks Lily..."
Lily nodded, staring through the dark at his hands, at his face..that seemed to be contorting with emotion. She saw something glistening..something crawling from under his palms...
Was he crying?
"Bert?" she whispered, pondering touching his arm, and deciding against it. She had never seen Bert in such an emotional state and was a bit too intimidated to test the waters.
"Do you know..why I'm here?" Bert asked, voice cracking slightly.
"Uh.." Lily was a bit confused, "Because you were in the area..?"
"Well, yeah..but..." Bert paused, tearing his hands from his eyes. He looked up at the ceiling, wide eyed,
" They told fucking leave...pushed me out of the hotel and told me to come back....when I could fucking cooperate...they didn't want me anymore.."
Lily stared at him, surprised..he was opening up..big time, "Who is..they?"
Bert sighed, "My band. They'd...had enough of my shit...and...there I was..out on the fucking street...and I called Aarron...and he told me to come see you..and I took a fucking I am..a fucking burden right?" his voice was wavering with emotion.
"No.." Lily insisted.
"Yeah fuckin' right...Bert McCracken the own fucking band can't stand me."
He said, cheeks glistening in the blue black room.
"No..Bert...they love you...sometimes, you get angry when you're drunk...I'm sure they understand..."
Bert fell silent.
Lily lay on the bed, awkwardly. She reached out and put her hand to his arm,
"Its...ok, Bert. is."
Bert spoke, enveloped by darkness, "He best fucking friend..."

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