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Slumber Party

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Bert sighed in content as he entered Lily's room.
"Its fucking warm in here!" he exclaimed as Lily pushed her bags and clothes into somewhat of an orderly pile.
"Yep.." Lily said, pulling the sheets over her bed and smoothing them down quickly.
Bert looked around the room with a smile, "Looks..nice..." he rubbed his nose, "Looks fuckin' your dolls come to life in here..or something?" he asked, chuckling to himself.
Lily laughed, raising an eyebrow as she absorbed the situation.
" are...soaked." she concluded; his black tshirt shiny with rain, clinging to his chest like a second skin.
He pulled the fabric from his chest, which produced a squelching sound, a sound of suction.
"Yup..." he mumbled, patting his belly absentmindedly, looking around at the posters on the wall, the curtains. The bed.
He made his way to the soft, frantically made bed, practically dripping....
"WAIT WAIT" Lily interjected, placing her hands in front of Bert, as if to halt him.
Seconds later, after making Bert promise he would stand, Lily crept down the short hallway to Jack's room. She opened the door quietly, cringing as it creaked....practically screamed into the halls of the silent house.
She peered into the room...into the blue-black dark..
"Jack?" she whispered into the darkness.
"Hmm?" he grumbled, a mass of blankets on his bed.
"Can I borrow some pajama pants...and a big tshirt or something?" Lily asked gingerly, visualizing Bert laying down on her bed...rolling around on her clean, fluffy sheets like a wet dog.
"Uh..sure.." Jack slurred, pointing to his dresser and pulling the covers over his face.
Lily sighed, "Thank you so much..I owe you." She said as she made her way to his dresser.
"Yeah, you do.." Jack grumbled, snuggling up into his blankets.
Lily carefully slid the drawers open, rummaging through neatly folded clothes....her mother had been here...
She squinted in the dark, holding a pair of plaid, cotton pants in front of her. This should do. She grabbed a large, worn white shirt, boasting the Chicago Cubs emblem and headed back to her room, stopping short and returning to Jack's dresser...leaving with a pair of nice and dry boxers.
She tip toed into her room, closing the door behind her with a sigh.
Bert was standing, as he had promised, running his hands through his hair, which was beginning to dry in the warm air.
"Here." Lily said, holding out the pile of clothes. Bert laughed softly, grabbing them in a giant wad.
"You know, Lil" he began, pulling off his shirt, "If you wanted to get me naked, you could've been.." he held the boxers in his hand, eyebrow raised. A grin spread across his face, "More straight forward about it."
Lily blushed, "Shutup." she said, turning around, face a bit warm. She turned off her lamp and sat on her bed. She listened to the sound of Bert's feet hitting the hard wood floor, cold, wet clothes falling to the floor in a thud. Lily blushed as she stared at the wall.
"H-hey.." she stuttered, "How long will you be...visiting?" she asked, breaking the awkward silence. Well...awkward on her part...Bert probably didn't care...
"Uh...I don't know.." Bert said, voice muffled as he pulled a tshirt over his head,"Is this a slumber party?"
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