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Lily jolted awake to buzzing across her side flashing blue
Lily sat up in bed quickly, almost violently,
"SHIT!" she hissed, throwing the covers off of her.
She grabbed her cellphone and looked down at the screen...
She peered out her bedroom window to see a skinny man in the middle of the street...on his the rain...half of his face blue from the keys of his cellphone...
He screamed her name once more...the neighborhood dogs barked...someone stirred within the house.
"FUCK." Lily whispered, slipping on her shoes quickly, and scrambling downstairs in her sweat pants and band tshirt, hair mussed up, cell phone vibrating in hand. She threw open the door and clopped down the stairs, body tensing as the cold rain fell on her bare arms...her head...
"BERT, what the HELL?" Lily hissed, trying to keep her voice down.
"Hey!!" Bert said with a grin as she stopped in front of him, arms crossed, rain running down her face.
" the hell did you get my address?! And..what the hell?!" Lily said, trying hard to keep her voice was quite late, after all...she saw a light come on in her house...
"Dude..LILY-BEAN...we're on the same label..come on..I was promoting..took a cab..and here I am." Bert said, arms open.
Lily couldn't help but grin, despite her determination to look serious and outraged.
Bert smiled as a smirk spread across Lily's face. He chuckled softly and ran his fingers through his rain soaked hair and over his face. He looked..clean for once.
"Are those your..pajamas?" he asked with a cackle, pocketing his phone.
"Yeah..." Lily nodded, "Where's...Allison?" she asked apprehensively.
Bert shrugged and looked up at the rain, "In Australia? I don't know.." he returned his gaze to her,
"Where's Gerard?"
Lily felt her heart skip a beat, "Uh..I don't know..we haven't talked in a couple of days.." she broke off...Bert's eyes burning into her...
"Are you..drunk?" Lily blurted.
Bert burped softly, "Maybe.."
Lily sighed...
She looked at the man in front of her..soaked from the the middle of the street....
Her friend.
She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him, pressing herself against his warm, wet body, against his damp tshirt and jeans...against the soft beating of his heart..
She could feel his ribs..she could visualize his tattoo...his flat stomach...
"Hey-yy..." Bert whispered burying his face in her wet hair.
Lily pulled away, a small frown on her face, "Hey Bert.." she sighed, brushing a piece of wet hair out of his eyes. He blinked and smiled,
"Im...cold..." he stated, wiping rain from his face with a grin.
"Yeah?" Lily sighed.
"Yeah." Bert echoed.
Lily took his cold, wet hand in hers, and led him to her house.
"Be quiet.." she whispered as they entered the warm, quiet house.
"Whoaaaa..." Bert whispered to the best of his ability, "This is ...YOUR house?"
Lily put her finger to her lips to signal silence, and quietly made her way up the stairs, Bert in tow.
Suddenly, Jack opened his door at the top of the stairs. Lily froze. Bert made a sound in the back of his throat and giggled slightly...
Jack smiled, "Just like the underwear says, Lil..."
"JACK.." Lily whispered, "DON"T tell mom and dad, PLEASE?" she pleaded, squeezing Bert's hand.
Jack nodded, "I won't...hey In Love and Death." he added with a thumbs up.
Bert smiled, managing a "Thanks, man." before being dragged into Lily's bedroom...
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