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What Were You Thinking?

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" long are you up?"
Lily looked up from her pasta to see her oldest brother, Tom, smiling back at her.
"Uh...for a while...a month or so..." Lily guessed, pushing the noodles around her plate with her fork.
"It should be fun...and a good break from the road, huh?" her mom said with a sweet smile, fork poised.
"Yeah...should be fun.." Lily echoed...would it? She couldn't help but think of Bert...of her tourbus...and her fans..their faces..the mosh pits....Gerard...
"At least a break from your busy lifestyle...huh, Lil?" her dad said, swallowing.
Lily grinned, "I am pretty busy.." she agreed with a smile...
And she liked it....and she missed it.
It was so much more exciting than this...
As horrible as it was to even think was the truth.
She missed the glam, the sweat, the sore throats, the parties...even sound checks.
After dinner, she stood in the kitchen, arms crossed.
Billy complained about reloading the dishwasher, claiming that Lily should do it.
Jack told him to shutup.
Tom talked politics with his father...
Lily's mother grabbed her by the shoulders,
"We miss you, you know." she said quietly...those watery eyes...
"Well.." Tom said, putting a hand on her shoulder, "I'm not going to pretend I WASN'T surprised when kids at school had your picture in their binders...some of my students too..I was thinking about banning it altogether, and screaming, 'That's my little sister!'"
Jack laughed as he closed the dishwasher, "Are you talking about the AP picture?"
Lily blushed. Her brothers laughed.
"Yeah," Tom said, "That one is pretty popular...a bit disturbing.."
"Yeah," Billy piped in, "Where the hell did you get that underwear?"
Lily's mother came to her defense, "Come on boys, I'm sure Lily has heard ENOUGH about that picture..."
Lily sighed, "THANKS mom."
Her mother continued,"But, honey, WHAT were you thinking?"
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