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Lily looked out the steamed up kitchen the grey sky, threatening rain. The old tree in the backyard was slick and dark from previous showers, branches stretching to the dark heavens..hoping to have it's thirst quenched once more.
"Lily, honey...I was wondering if you'd..sign some stuff for the Johnsons..."
Lily turned to her mother, who was stirring a boiling pot full of bow tie noodles.
She stared at the pasta,"The Johnsons?" she asked quietly.
Her mother nodded, "Yeah, their kids really like your music, and I thought.."
"Mom's going to sell them!" Billy chuckled, opening the refrigerator and peering inside.
"Billy, I swear, get OUT of there, dinner is almost ready!" her mother snapped as Billy grabbed a liter of soda.
Lily shrugged, "Sure, I can do big deal.."
"Oh yeah.." Billy began, pouring himself a glass of Sprite, "Remember Vince Harold from highschool? He wants me to give you his number." Billy finished with a smile, bringing the carbonated beverage to his lips.
Lily sighed and rolled her eyes. Her mother gave Billy a menacing glare as she stirred the bow ties.
"I'm going to change...when are Tom and Jack getting here?" Lily asked, avoiding her brothers sadistic smirk.
"They should be here soon, in time for dinner..." her mother assured her.
Lily nodded and walked out of the kitchen.
"It's just pasta...surely not fancy enough for our little CELEBRITY!" Billy yelled after her as she ran up the stairs.

Lily's room was just as she had left it...
Given, her mother had dusted, and made her bed...straightened her stuffed animals, but it was the same. Same posters, same curtains...
Her room was at the end of the hallway, and had a slight angle in the wall, lining with the shape of the roof. Her bed was made with a clean, fluffy comforter; white with blue flowers. Her mother had laid a quilt on top of it across the width of the bed...her mother was obsessed with quilts...
The light from the cloudy day fought its way through the worn cotton curtains, casting a warm glow through the quiet room...
She felt as if it was dead...exempt from life for months on was like a room in a book...or a museum...aching to be lived in once more..for dirty clothes on the floor, hair balls under the bed...
She plopped her bag onto the bed and unzipped it, pulling out a pair of sweatpants. As she slid into the black, cotton bliss, she sighed, listening to the soft pitter pat of the rain falling on the roof....her mother yelling at Billy..the slamming of car doors..
Lily sat on her bed and looked around her...
She was home...
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