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Going Home

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this update contains American terms and there's a little guide at the bottom of the update. . The two things will have a next to them*

During her two months off, Lily took a flight to Chicago, and stayed at her parent's house..accompanied by her three older brothers.
She stood at the airport, luggage at her feet, waiting patiently for her father, for anyone to pick her up. She glanced at the large clock, confirming that, yes, whoever had been designated to meet her..was most definitely late. She pulled her faux-fur hood tighter, trying to fight the inevitable Chicago cold. She saw, off in the middle aged man in a flannel jacket, looking around the terminal...
"DAD!" Lily yelled, cupping her hands around her mouth for projection.
Lily's father looked around frantically, causing Lily to wave her arms over her head. He smiled and quickened his pace to meet her.
He was a middle aged man with a kind looking face, the skin soft, yet rough from hard labor. He had a five-o'clock shadow, and was wearing a warm flannel jacket with fleece lining, and his ever prevalent Chicago Cubs baseball hat, a bit aged from many home games. He engulfed Lily in a large hug, the smell of his after shave comforting her like a warm a cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day...he smelled like old spice and wood chips...he smelled like her childhood...
"My Lily." he groaned, squeezing her tight. He held her at arms length, with a smile on his face..his eyes were wrinkled at the edges... face creasing in certain places as he smiled a sad smile..a smile of nostalgia..a smile that told Lily he was remembering the way she was...a blonde pixie running around the house in pigtails and a tu-tu...
"Sorry I was late," he said, picking up her suitcase with his cracked hands, callused and smoothed over from 40 years of hard work, "I had to change the oil in your brothers know how that is.."
Lily smiled as they made their way out of the terminal. That was so typical of her dad,
"I thought Billy would have a new car by now..he can afford it ...with his fancy new job..." Lily said with a smirk.
Her father laughed, "He says you should buy him one."
Lily laughed, "I haven't even bought myself if I'd buy him a car..the guy that decapitated all my Barbie's because I broke his stupid Stretch Armstrong*.."
Her dad shrugged, "You STILL remember that,23 years later.." he said with a chuckle as they walked into the cold parking lot.
Lily smiled as they neared the ford truck, "Yes Dad, it was a bit traumatic.."
As they buckled their seatbelts and caught up, she took a look at her dad..God, he looked tired,
"Dad, when are you retiring?" She asked, concern in her voice.
" a couple years...the union needs me, so I'm earning some extra retirement for the next year or so.." he assured her with a small smile.
Lily frowned and looked at her own hands..soft and pale...feminine...and then at her fathers...rough...manly. He had been a carpenter for as long as she could remember, performing odd jobs through out the neighborhood, most of the time free of charge. He had been working since he was a boy , helping out his single mother who was widowed after her husband had died in the Vietnam War in the early 60's.
He used to whittle Lily toy horses, and paint them with extra care..only to have them lay in the backyard, or be chewed up by the family dog. Lily remembered these things with guilt, with shame for not appreciating these things when she had the chance. One year for Christmas he made her a dollhouse...and she played with it until it was lost in the attic, along with countless stuffed animals and old furniture.
He had met her mother in highschool...and they were married shortly thereafter their graduation..
Her mother disgraced her conservative New England family by wearing white on her wedding day...
She was pregnant with Tom, Lily's oldest brother, who was 8 years older than her. Then came Jack, and then Billy...and then, Lily...little Lily...
"Heyyyy, LILY PADDDD!!!"
Lily entered the house to be thrown into a headlock, and then given an affectionate noogie*.
"God DAMN it, Billy!" Lily grumbled, worming her way out of his arm and rubbing her red, pounding scalp.
"Leave your sister alone!" Dad yelled as he entered the house, carrying Lily's bags.
Billy laughed, "Ahah, Dad, only having a little fun..." he said, giving Lily a slap on the arm.
Lily gasped and punched Billy on the shoulder, only to have him gasp and attempt to head lock her once more.
Billy let go of Lily immediately, releasing her from his head-lock at the sound of their mothers voice. She was standing in the kitchen, hands on hips, oven mitts on her hands....a frown on her face. She had ashy blonde hair, pulled up in a small bun, and was wearing a plain white shirt, jeans, and running shoes...she was wearing an apron with snowmen on it..made by Aunt Julie last Christmas. Lily had her blue eyes, though they had turned watery with age. Her maroon lipstick had been applied carefully over her mouth accenting her now tight lipped frown, accompanied with a scowl.
Lily sighed and smoothed her hair, smiling as she took in a breath,
"Hi Mom."

*stretch armstrong- American toy made in the 60s or 70s and re- released in the early 1990's. A blonde, tan wrestler that was stretchy.. Could be stretched up to four feet.....amazing. Google it if you wish.

*Noogie-an aggressive rub with the knuckles on another's head (etc.) as a gesture of affection or annoyance. (Super American/ Super 90's)
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