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Dont 'Yeah Well' Me

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Lily's cell phone vibrated on her nightstand, buzzing towards the edge in a flurry of blue light. She picked up the phone frantically, vision a blur from the clinging blanket of sleep.
"Hello?" she mumbled, voice still slurred from dreams.
Five minutes later, after Lily had lectured Bert to the best of her ability about calling so late, she listened to what he urgently needed to tell her.
"Well.."Lily said with a yawn, "I'm glad you and...Alice..are doing great."
"Its ALLISON, cocksucker." Bert said on the other line.
Lily opened her eyes a crack, looking up at the dark ceiling,
"Bert, its fucking ONE in the morning, GIVE ME A BREAK."
Bert grumbled on the other line, causing Lily to breath in through her nostrils in impatience,
"Ok, what's your problem?" Lily asked, pulling her sheets up to cover her arms, cold from the spring chill.
She heard Bert scoff on the other line,
"What's MY problem?" He restated her question with a tinge of resentment.
Lily furrowed her brow,
"YEAH, I would like to know. Or did you call me just to bitch at me?" she snapped, growing rather peeved at the situation.
Bert laughed, and then grew quiet,
"It's...not your fault. Sorry...bitch.." he finished with a mumble.
"Yeah, I hope not.."Lily grumbled, "Can you just tell me, Bert...I'm so tired..and I have to go to..."
"It's Gerard." Bert interrupted.
Lily sighed...they had talked about this before..she thought things had smoothed over by now...
"What..about Gerard?" she asked warily.
"Ahahha, where to begin.." Bert trailed off, and picked his train of thought back up,
"It just seems as though ever since he became sober he's been like..a fucking SAINT or something." Bert began, voice wavering towards the end,
"And now he like...barely even fuckin' hangs out with me...and it makes me feel like shit, you know? Like I'm fucking shit. And he looks at me sometimes, with this look like...'Fuck you're annoying.' like I'm a fucking burden to be around and its starting to piss me the FUCK off!"
Lily stared, wide eyed, into the dark, mouth open slightly, running her fingers over her lower lip...this was getting intense...shit...
"Do you KNOW what I MEAN? Do you at least fucking understand?" Bert asked, voice growing tense with emotion.
"Yeah, Bert...I do, its ok..I know what you mean.." Lily said softly, hand to forehead, attempting to soothe him. She heard a female voice in the background, concern in her tone.
"Im on the phone now, Allison., its ok..NO...its ok." Bert said, mouth away from the receiver. He returned shortly, which a sigh,
" just..fucking gets to me...we used to be like brothers..and now we barely hang out. And when we do..."
"It's like he's a different person?" Lily guessed, filling in the blanks cautiously.
"Yeah.." Bert agreed.
"Well, Bert..he is. He's not drunk 24/7 anymore..of course he's different..people are different when they're sober.."
"I fucking know that Lily.."Bert mumbled, "'s like..we don't have..anything, anymore..does that make sense?"
"Y..yeah.." Lily admitted.
"And," Bert continued, "He acts like he's better than me or something because of it.."
"No no nooo.." Lily interrupted, "Come on, Bert, you're just upset, it's ok."
"Yeah, you're just saying that because you fucked him." Bert said coldly.
Lily's heart started to she was..trying to calm HIM down..and he had the NERVE to say that?
"Fucked him? Bert, if you're going to be an ASSHOLE, then I'm getting OFF THE PHONE. It's ONE in the MORNING."
"Yeah we-" Bert began.
"Don't fucking YEAH WELL me, why don't you talk to you GIRLFRIEND ABOUT THIS, instead of calling me up fucking SUPER early and BEING A FUCKING PRICK. Jesus Christ Bert, I'm not your fucking whipping boy."
"Yeah well...I thought we were FRIENDS and I could TALK to you about this shit, but I guess not." Bert said , an aggressive edge in his voice.
"My REAL friends don't cut into me like that when they want to 'talk'. If you're having a fucking HARD time DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON ME."
"Whatever Lily...I'll fuckin' see you on Warped...." Bert mumbled.
"Yeah, I'll fuckin' see you too." Lily mocked.
"Hey...Lil...Sorry..." Bert reluctantly muttered before hanging up.
"Asshole.." Lily whispered, turning over, and falling back to sleep.

Note from the author- I've noticed that chapters with sexy titles get more views...which is hilarious.
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