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Iced Tea

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With every meeting of their mouths, every hungry touch of tongues, their need for one another grew stronger, and Gerard's hands started to wander, caressing her neck softly, feeling the space on her bare back before the fabric began, her shoulder blades, her hair falling onto her smooth skin...he took in her sweet scent as his mouth explored her neck, lips running over her collar bone. Lily tilted her
head back, lost in complete euphoria. Was this really happening?

Lily sipped her iced-tea,
Eliza groaned,
"And then what?"
Lily squeezed the lemon wedge into the plastic cup,
"What do you mean AND THEN WHAT?" she said, eyebrow raised, impish grin on her face.
Eliza sighed, and threw a sugar packet at Lily's face,
"You bitch..." She grumbled as Lily ripped open the paper and emptied the white powder onto the ice cubes.
Lily grinned as she stirred the tea around with a weak plastic straw,
"We didn't.. 'Do it' " She said, pausing to look around the room before finishing the sentence.
Eliza sighed,
" And then what happened...did he just leave?"
Lily took a sip and swallowed,
Lily felt a hand on her shoulder...a soft kiss on her collarbone..
She opened her heavy eyes, hooded by her long lashes.
"Hey" she smiled, sleepily, "You're..still here?"
Gerard smiled down at her, "Yeah..we both fell asleep...I need to go now, but.."
Gerard handed her a sharpie, and held up his hand, "Number?"
Lily grinned and sat up in bed. She held his hand in hers as she gently inscribed her number on his skin in permanent ink. She drew little hearts around it, but stopped short when about to write her name,
"Maybe it's best we don't...advertise this.." she said, putting the cap back on the pen.
Gerard smiled, and nodded, "Well..I'll call you?"
Lily laughed, "I hope so..."
"See you on Warped?" Gerard asked, holding her hand.
Lily nodded, "Yeah..maybe."
And with that Gerard leaned in and kissed her..soft and sweet...
And he was gone...
As she looked through a crack in the a beam of sunlight coming in through the darkroom...she remembered the night before..she remembered the way he felt, underneath her hands...he felt so real..he love. Not the kind of love you have with your family..or your dog...but..LOVE love. Like a kiss in the sitting at the top of a ferris wheel and looking over the whole town.. with his hand in yours, his body beside you...and the feeling you have when you look next to you..and you realize... He is mine . And it almost makes you want to cry and laugh and scream at the same time...
And he kissed her one last time and lay his head next to hers..his nose buried in her hair..he curled up beside her, still in the same, worn ,comfy clothes from the night before..and whispered...he whispered...
"You make me I'm flying...and I don't want to come down...I don't want to.."
And then there was silence...only soft breathing...only her thoughts and the doubts that come with them...and the sweet smell of Gerard's unwashed hair....and the feeling of happiness she hoped would never leave.
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