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About Us pt 2

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Gerard hesitated, "Why don't you wait until tomorrow..we can talk about this tomorrow morning, after you've rested a bit.."
Lily sat up in bed, "No, I want to talk about it now.."
"Lily, you've had a hard night, you might not be thinking clearly..."
"I LIKE you, Gerard." Lily said, cutting him off rather abruptly.
Gerard sat there in silence, much to Lily's dismay.
"Ok.." She grumbled, crossing her arms.
Lily sighed and hopped out of bed,
"You know, you're kind of giving me mixed signals here.." she muttered, crouching down on the floor and rummaging through her bags. She was still in her black skirt, crouched upon the carpet. She stood with her back to him, and stepped into a pair of plaid shorts, and began to pull them up her legs,
"You kiss me...on your bus...and then you almost do it FLIRT with me pretty much everyday...or maybe I'm just going insane.." she trailed off as she unbuttoned the skirt, letting it fall to the floor in a pile. She continued as she pulled out a black tanktop, equipped with a built in bra, "And you are, in MY hotel room, might I add...when you could easily be in yours by now..." she peeled off her shirt, back to him.
Gerard's eyes widened as he stared at her almost bare back..her tattoo on her shoulder...her black bra strap....Lily continued to speak as she pulled the tank top over her head,
"And, you're still here." she finished, unhooking the bra and pulling it out from underneath the tanktop. She turned to face him, arms out,
"So...what am I supposed to think?" Her eyes widened unexpectedly when she saw that Gerard has stood up.
"Huh?" She said, waiting for an answer.
Instead, Gerard just stared at her.
Lily rubbed her arms, tense, "And you can't even talk to me.." she mumbled under her breath.
Lily looked up as she heard Gerard's footsteps, fast, towards her. Before she new it, he was in front of her...and before she could take another breath he had grabbed her face, and kissed her hard.
"Gerard, b-" Lily breathed when he pulled away.
Gerard quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her, tightly to him, in a kiss. Lily's face softened and she put her arm around his neck as their lips met again and again. His hand pressed into her back, pulling her close to him..
She could feel his ribs against hers...the blood pumping through his veins..the heat coming off of his body...the zipper on his faded blue jeans.
"I like you too" Gerard whispered between kisses.
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