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He heard his name in a gentle...
Gerard opened his eyes to see Lily in the dark, sitting up in bed, hair fallen down over her shoulders, ruffled from sleep. He could see her face in the moonlight that filtered through the curtains.... bathing half her face, arm, and shoulder in a smooth, pale glow.
"Hey.." he whispered into the darkness, "Are you feeling better?"
"Yeah..." she nodded, staring at his dark silhouette through the black, "I still feel a bit...woozy..."
She admitted, closing her eyes, the shadows playing across her face.
"Here.." Gerard said, getting up and turning on the bathroom light,
He returned with another paper cup full of tap water, "Drink some more." he said, holding it in front of her.
She looked up at him...his tired eyes, the small smile on his face as she gazed up at him, illuminated by the bathroom light.
She took the cup and smiled into it, tucking her hair behind her ear, "I must look...horrible." she said, taking a small sip.
Gerard smiled softly, "No..." he said quietly, "You..don't"
Lily stifled a smile as she sipped the rest of the water, "Hey...thank you for..taking care of me..I can't honestly say I ..remember what happened...but, you made..him go, thank you." Lily finished, staring at her hands which rested awkwardly on the bed sheets.
Gerard crossed his arms, " problem. You...don't remember?"
Lily shrugged, tucking her hair behind her ears, mouth open, searching for words, "Uh...I..." she paused and wrapped her arms around herself, "I remember...him..on me...and then sliding to the floor.." she paused and shook her head, "I remember the word 'fuck'" she said, nodding, forcing a smile.
Gerard laughed quietly, rubbing his arm underneath the sleeve of his black t-shirt,
"That was definitely said."
Lily crushed the small paper cup in her hand, legs folded underneath her on the bed,
"Yeah well..sorry..I shouldn't have had so much to drink.."
"It wasn't your fault..he tried to take advantage of you.." Gerard said softly, frown on his face.
Lily nodded, looking at the crumpled mass in her hand. She smiled weakly, looking up at him,
"I..I kind of" Gerard paused and hung his arms at his sides, "Punched him..."
"Punched him?" Lily repeated, hand over mouth in disbelief.
Gerard nodded, smiling at the ground, a bit self satisfied, " the face..."
He looked up with a grin as Lily laughed, muffling her outburst with her hand.
"He seemed pretty upset..." Gerard grinned, arms crossed, black hair falling across his face.
Lily sighed contently, "Coming to my rescue, Gerard?"
Gerard shrugged, "Well,'re my Lily." he said, hands in pockets, taking his gaze from the floor and to her eyes. He looked at her with his hazel full of sweet, so gentle...
Lily felt like she was melting inside. With his words her body relaxed, her palms became a bit damp...she felt the fire inside her..bathing her..
She looked up at him with her big, blue eyes, a look of admiration and disbelief on her face.
Gerard squirmed under her gaze, cheeks becoming a bit red under her endearing gaze. He looked at the floor and walked back to his chair, turning off the bathroom light, sitting back in the armchair, in silence momentarily,
"You should probably get some rest." he said quietly, looking up at the ceiling.
He didn't want her to see him this embarrassed..face so warm...
Lily sat on the bed, legs still folded underneath her..the same way she was before he had abruptly walked away "...Ok.." she said softly, pulling the covers out from underneath her. She wormed her way under the covers and stared up at the ceiling with a sigh,
"Goodnight.." she muttered.
" 'Night" Gerard said, leaning on his elbow.
Lily stared out the window...why was he still here? He could easily go to HIS hotel room..
They sat in silence for 5 agonizing minutes, Gerard staring at the wall, Lily at the ceiling.
"...Gerard?" Lily asked softly.
"I want to talk about us."
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