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Just Sleep

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"Heading out?" Frank asked Gerard as he stepped over his legs.
"Yeah.." Gerard grumbled, "I'm tired..." he said with a sigh.
"Hey," Ray called, "What's your room number again?"
Gerard took the card key out of his pocket, "uh...697" he said, shoving the card back into his jeans, clearing his throat, eyes drooping slightly.
Ray nodded, "Im down the hall."
Gerard nodded in return, a bit sleepy,
"I'll see you guys tomorrow morning.." he said, waving as he walked down the hallway towards the elevator.
As he pushed the white button, labeled with the number 6, he thought of Lily...
alone with Kris...wherever she was.
They went to talk...she had taken her purse...
Impure thoughts crossed his mind...she wouldn't...would she?
The elevator beeped, signaling the 6th floor, shaking Gerard from his thoughts. He brushed his black hair out of his face as he walked down the hallway, to room 697.
He saw a couple in the distance, rather intimate in the abandoned hallway. Great..just what I need. He looked at the ground, watching his feet as he made his way down the hall, trying hard to ignore the man practically eating his significant others neck. As Gerard got closer he could hear the girl...she was mumbling...hitting the man with her hands weakly...telling him to stop..pushing him away..her eyes were closed...
Gerard raised an eyebrow, and looked down at her
He saw her longs legs, struggling underneath Kris's weight against the wall..
He saw his hands, his wandering hands...
Her arms, trying hard to push him off...
but there was something wrong...
She wasn't all there...normally Lily would push a guy off problem. Fuck, she did it to Bert every day..but...she could barely move him at all..
Her head was tilted back against the wallpaper..she was mumbling through partially closed lips...her eyes were fluttering...
Then he heard her...
", I.."
It was as if a fuse had been lit in his if a powder keg went off inside his skull. He felt a fire roaring through him, running down into his legs, his hands, his heart...
Gerard began to walk faster, hands balled up into fists at his sides.
He grabbed Kris by the collar, pulled him off Lily and punched him, square across his face.
Kris stumbled backwards and cupped his nose, mouth open in shock,
" motherfucker!" he gasped in disbelief, a small, nervous chuckle escaping his lips, staring in dismay at the blood that was beginning to seep from between his fingers,
"I'm fucking bleeding, you prick!"
Gerard grabbed him by his shirt collar, pulling him close.
"Don't you EVER fucking touch her AGAIN, do you understand?!" Gerard whispered aggressively, malevolence and contempt oozing from every word like poison.
Kris pushed him away, "Fuck..FUCK!" he exclaimed louder as blood dripped from his nose, coating his hands in a bright, sticky, cherry red.
"Hey" Gerard said through clenched teeth, taking a step forward, fists at his side, "I SAID, do you FUCKING understand?!"
Kris glared and wiped his nose with the back of his hand, leaving a red smear, "Got it." he mumbled, sniffing loudly, the fluid, sickening sound of blood being sucked up through his nostrils. Kris took one last look at Lily, and ran down the hallway, leaving behind a trickle of blood on the hotel carpet.
Gerard took in a breath, trying hard to steady his beating heart. He turned to Lily, who sat on the floor, head in hands.
Gerard frowned and crouched down,
"Hey.." he whispered.
She looked up at him with clouded eyes, silent.
"How did this happen?" he whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
He looked at an empty glass on the floor, contents staining the carpet blue.
Gerard picked up the glass between his fingers and sighed.
He should've kicked him. In the balls.
"Fuck, Lily..." he whispered, touching her face as she breathed softly...eyes closed..
He ran his finger over her lips..and she smiled.
Gerard's heart began to beat faster,
"I hope you don't mind me doing this, but..." Gerard said, and began to open her purse, looking for her card-key, "You should get into your room.." he said, looking around to find the card-key clutched in her hand. He gently pulled it from between her fingers and stared at the small paper sleeve surrounding it,
"This says're on the wrong floor altogether..." Gerard couldn't help but laugh...Kris had just proven himself even more stupid.
"Ok Lily.." he whispered, taking her hand in his, "Time to get up..."
Gerard positioned himself under her shoulder, and dragged her to the elevator.
Once they were safe inside, Lily propped up against the wall and going up to the 9th floor, Gerard felt it was safe to ask,
"How much did you drink of shit?"
Lily's eyes fluttered, "Not...a lot...two sips..." she managed before silencing herself, putting her hand to her head in pain.
Gerard sighed as they arrived on the 9th floor, and sighed all the way up to her room.
He opened the door, and flicked on the light. He shut the door behind him and led Lily to her bed, guiding her to sit down on the edge. He unbuckled her high heels carefully, and slipped them off her feet.
"Wait...Wait." he said, getting up and holding a finger in front of her face.
She mumbled something as Gerard disappeared, the sound of running water filling the silent room. He returned with a small paper cup filled with tap water. He pushed it against her lips, wrapping her hand around it, making sure she drank.
He pulled back the crisp, white bed sheets and guided her inside...making sure to cover her..and propped up pillows behind her head. He sat in the armchair across from her and watched her fall asleep...
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