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Blurred Vision

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"Why can't we just TALK?" Kris asked Lily as she leaned forward, head in hands.
"Because you're a DICK." Frank yelled, much to Kris's dismay.
Gerard figured he could relax a bit, seeing as his friends were being protective, and went to the bar to get another refill on his Diet Coke. Bert grumbled something about cock suckers as he downed the last of his beer, glaring at Kris.
Lily stared at the mostly full blue drink of the table,
"Fine, I'll TALK to you for a LITTLE bit, but leave your groupies here." Lily said, sitting up straight, visibly stressed. She had already had three drinks and it wasn't helping her stress level at all.
The girls gave her death glares as Lily walked out into the hallway. The party was being held in the hotel across the street from the arena...all the bands were staying there that night, and Lily stood in the hallway with Kris, arms crossed, leaning up against the clean, white wall.
Kris held the blue drink in his hand,
"Here, just drink're so tense." Kris said persuasively, holding the blue drink in front of her face.
By then the powder had dissolved, leaving a sapphire blue liquor in its place.
Lily sighed and took a reluctant sip, head spinning as the small stream of alcohol burned its way down her throat and buzzed her brain...
She had already had a bit too much to drink....
"So, what do you want to talk about?" Lily asked, slightly loosened up, but still on her guard.
"You." he said, sweetly, reaching out to touch her arm.
Lily recoiled.
Kris smiled, unaffected, "Lets get out of here, walk around the hotel..come on. I want to talk to you old times."
Lily laughed, "Oh...k..." she sighed, "Sure...hold on." she said, putting up a finger.
She stumbled back into the room and picked up her purse from between Frank and Ray.
"Where're you going?" Frank asked suspiciously, "We're going to talk..." she said, rolling her eyes and laughing.
Gerard perked up, "Will you be ok?" he asked, putting down his Diet Coke and getting ready to stand up.
Lily nodded, "Yeah, I'll be fine...see you guys...later tonight." she said with a wave.
She found it funny that since her band was off at Red Lobster...the other bands took it upon themselves to take care of her. How...silly.
As she walked down the hallway, things became a bit blurry. Lily stopped walking for a bit, and put her hand to her forehead.
"Whoa..I...had a bit too much to drink.." she said, breathing heavily.
Kris put his hand on her back, "It's" he put his hands around the purse on her shoulder, "Let me...."
Lily pulled the purse tighter to her body, "What? NO."
"Lils..."Kris frowned, "Let me see your card-key, so I can bring you back to your room."
Lily raised her eyebrow with skepticism. Suddenly her head was swimming, and her vision was blurred. She put her hand over her eyes to steady herself.
"Okay..." Kris said, "696 it is..." he said and put his arm around her, guiding her to the elevator.
Lily took steady steps into the lift, hand over forehead, "Jesus, I feel like I'm going to die.." she moaned as the elevator doors opened to the 6th floor.
"Almost there..."Kris assured as they neared the end of the hallway.
Lily found nothing about this hallway familiar.
Kris stopped her in front of room number 696, "Here we are.." he said with a smile, running his hands over her arms.
"Thanks" Lily mumbled, struggling with the card key in the slot.
"Can...I come in?" Kris asked with a grin.
"It's not working.." Lily grumbled, jiggling the door handle aggressively.
Kris put his hand on top of hers,
"Lily, I'll do it, relax."
Lily sighed and rested her head on the wall behind her. Her brain hurt. She put her hand to her forehead as Kris stood in front of her, smiling.
She opened her eyes narrowly, raising an eyebrow, "What?" she asked, slightly creeped out by the look on his face. Her vision became blurred. She blinked until her eyes came into focus to see his smiling face, and a wandering hand making its way to her face,
"You just beautiful.." Kris said, putting his hand to her face.
Lily swatted it away, her brain seemingly floating on an endless sea...
"Stop." she managed, trying to steady herself.
"Come on.." Kris persuaded, hand wandering up her neck, "Where's that smile...that smile..only for me..remember?"
Lily pushed him off weakly, trying to blink away the black in front of her eyes...
She could feel his mouth, hot and wet, on her skin...

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