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Frank caught Gerard's gaze and smiled. He had been staring at Lily..badly..for the past 20 minutes. Frank bugged his eyes out and bit his lip, trying hard to hint to Gerard that it was HIGH TIME he got down to business. Gerard widened his eyes in return, and gave Frank a look of agony. Lily raised an eyebrow as Frank laughed.
"Bert is still trying...with that Bud-Light can..." Frank laughed, playing it off.
Lily smiled and took another mouthful of vodka, crossing her legs in front of her. She glanced at Gerard, who was already staring at her lasciviously. He didn't bother looking away, only took a sip of diet coke, never breaking his gaze. Lily blushed and looked at her her pink toenails...
Suddenly, a group of people entered the room. Lily looked up to see Kris stumble inside, drink in hand. Her eyes widened as he walked past her. He was, evidently, too out of it to recognize her. Or perhaps she paled in comparison to the gorgeous girls that accompanied him. Kris was surrounded by a harem of sorts, of beautiful women, who made their way about the room, smiling and laughing, sipping fancy drinks from fancy glasses...looking utterly amused. Kris had his arm around two lovely, leggy brunettes, tan even in the spring...spray on, Lily assumed. Gerard looked completely dismayed as Kris ordered a rum and coke...Why was he here?
He grabbed Bert, who had by now given up on the can smashing, and pointed at Kris,
"Look!" Gerard hissed, pointing at his perfect smile and gaggle of women. A few had taken a seat next to him, and were leaning forward, hands on his leg, asking how he was doing, who he was with, and if they made him nervous. Gerard just laughed and drank from his almost empty glass.
Bert, who was staring at Kris, began to realize the situation, despite his inebriation,
"Oh hell nawwww!!" he yelled, "Douchezilla!" Bert cried across the room.
Kris, who had a drink in hand, turned around with a blinding white smile, girls hooked onto each arm,
"McCrackhead!" he grinned, walking over to greet him, "What's going down? Checked into rehab lately?" he asked, causing the vixens on each arm to giggle in admiration.
Gerard glanced over at Lily, who was visibly uncomfortable, staring at the empty glass in her hand.
"Naw, not yet." Bert said with a grin, "Sucked any more cock lately?"
Kris laughed and took a drink, "You always were a joker." he said, gaze darting over to Lily, staring momentarily with his mouth agape. He took another sip as Bert continued,
"So, why the FUCK are you here?" Bert asked, slamming his hand down onto the table, crushing a can of Bud-Light with the force.
Kris stared at the crushed aluminum casually and grinned, "I was invited by the head of..Reprise..." he said, glancing over at Lily, "Isn't that YOUR record label, Gerald?"
Kris said, turning his cold gaze to Gerard, who was busy ignoring the wandering hands of Kris's harem.
"Yes, it is, Douchezill- I mean, Kris." Gerard said with a grin, "My bad." he said with a casual wave.
Kris chuckled to himself, "Well, really nice seeing you fellas..." he said, turning his gaze to Lily once more.
"Hey," Bert began, "Douchebag, Not going to happen." he said, gesturing to Lily and cracking open a beer.
Kris laughed and flipped him off, and wandered off to the other end of the couch.
"Is he coming?" Lily mumbled to Frank, back to the action.
Frank nodded silently, staring into the pink drink in his tattooed hand, "I gotcha.." he muttered into his pink concoction.
Lily looked up reluctantly as a shadow fell over her.
"Hey Lils"
Lily saw Kris in front of her, drink in hand, women at his side.
Kris grinned a toothy grin, perfect from years of orthodontia and wearing his retainer.
The brunettes on his arm glared daggers, self satisfied smirks on their faces.
"Hey.." Lily said, putting her hand to her neck, scooting back farther, lodging herself between Ray and Frank who were staring at Kris fiercely.
"How have you been?" he asked, voice sweet and saccharine.
"I've been...great.." Lily said awkwardly. She could feel Gerard's eyes burning into her.
After about 5 minutes of forced conversation, Kris insisted on buying her a drink.
Lily protested, but to no avail. He came back with a blue elixir in hand, fizzing slightly.
"It's my special drink...they named it "The Mayson" in a bar in Long Island..after yours truly, of course..." he said with a chuckle.
Lily held out her hand and took the fizzing blue drink...she looked at it skeptically. The fizzing slowed, leaving a white powder at the bottom of the glass.
"What's that...white stuff?" she asked, pointing.
"OH," Kris shrugged, "That's the powdered milk...they put it in to make the streaks, see?"
Frank and Ray looked at one another, eyebrows raised.
"I don't think you should drink that, Lily." Ray said, staring at Kris aggressively.
Frank followed suit, "Yeah." he said, reaching out to grab the blue elixir.
Kris laughed, "It's fine." Kris insisted, "Here, look, I'LL drink it!" he said, taking the glass and tilting it to his lips. He swallowed and smiled,
The girls on his arm laughed.
Ray and Frank shrugged, taking time to give him a look of complete loathing.
Lily took a small sip...

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