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Pumping Blood

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Lily toweled dried her hair in the hallway, watching the boys play X-box loudly, aggressively crushing the brightly colored buttons with their thumbs. Today was MCR's last concert before they flew off to accompany Green Day on their American Idiot tour.
Lily thought about Gerard as she combed her wet, tangled hair. There was a party after the last show...should she approach him..should anything? The endless possibilities played over and over in her mind, like a broken reel.
She couldn't talk to Eliza about it..she was against Lily dating Gerard in the first place...she said he had too much "emotional baggage". Lily shrugged as she applied her mascara...she was the QUEEN of issues....though she had never been suicidal. She sighed and stepped away from the mirror, and began to pick out her outfit for the upcoming show. She rummaged through her bags and took out a black pleated skirt and a turquoise corset-looking top. It WAS the last concert after all..why not go out with a bang?
Lily decided against it and wore a plain white tshirt instead, along with the black skirt, and some pink high heels. She pulled her hair up on top of her head in a loose bun, a bit tousled looking, a bit messy, bangs falling across her forehead in a vixen-like way. She applied a small amount of light gray glitter on her eyelids and drew a simple, sophisticated cat eye line across her eyelids. She ran some chapstick over her lips, and stepped out into the main hall.
"Im assuming you guys are ready." she said, stepping over their legs as she made her way down the bus. They grunted various sarcastic remarks, taking the time to cheer as Ryan set fire to an enemy train. Lily sat on the couch and closed her eyes.
Lily stood backstage, waiting for KillSwitch Engage to finish their set. They were on their last song, and Lily took the time to adjust he skirt. She leaned over and pulled it down, tugging at the black satin. She looked up to find herself under close watch...Gerard's eyes searing into her. He ran his finger over his lower lip absentmindedly, staring at her long legs intently. He caught her gaze, smiled, and turned away. Lily felt wobbly..weak...could he at least be more discreet?
Saint Lily performed their set and went back stage...greeted by eager fans with All Access passes and permanent markers in hand. Lily autographed a couple things, posed for some pictures, and clip-clopped her way down to the reception hall, where the party would be held.
Little did she know..there would be an unexpected visitor.

Bert sat on the couch, attempting to smash a beer can on his forehead. Lily sat a few seats away from him, leaning forward to witness his stupidity. She sat with Frank and Ray, drinking a glass of vodka and cranberry juice absentmindedly, taking casual glances in Gerard's direction every once in a while. Of course, she was staring at...the bar behind him...not him. No way, no how. She sighed and sipped from her cup, frowning slightly. This was Gerard's last night on tour...and he wasn't paying attention to her. Instead, he was sitting next to an inebriated Bert, who was repeatedly pounding an empty beer can against his skull. Lily sighed and drained her glass. She stood up, pulled down her skirt and stumbled slightly on her way to the bar, heels clicking against the hard floor. Gerard's eyes followed her as she walked, pulled down her skirt, leaned over the counter..made him feel things he hadn't felt in a long time. She put her hand to her neck ever so gently, and glanced at him, catching his gaze from the corner of her eye. She looked at the ground and then up at him with a shy smile, a slight red glow on her cheeks. Gerard grinned and took a sip from his diet coke. As he watched her walk back to her seat between Frank and Ray, he remembered that night on his bus...he remembered the way she flowers...the feel of her lips...the rise and fall of her chest..the way she gasped softly as he put his hand to her neck...every sigh that escaped her lips as he brushed his mouth against hers...
The beat of his heart....the blood flowing through his veins...
He could feel it all..right there, on that couch next to Bert. He drank another mouthful of soda, and watched her...
Watched her laugh, smile...brush her legs ever so softly with her fingertips, adjust the buckle on her high heel...glance back at him with hooded eyes and long lashes...with a look he interpreted as longing.
He swallowed hard and set his glass on the coffee table, taking in a deep breath, looking up at the cieling.
He was 28 years old now...he was mature..he could handle a beautiful woman..
He could handle the testosterone raging through his veins...the throbbing feeling..the rush of blood.
He could resist the urge to dive over Bert and the other people between them and grab her..and feel her..and...
Oh God...
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