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Gerard and AP

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Gerard woke up to the sound of laughter. He crawled out of his bunk slowly, feet softly touching the carpet, cold underneath his toes. He brushed his hair out of his face as he dragged his feet to the drip drip drip of the coffee maker down the hallway. Mikey, Ray, Bob, and Frank were gathered in a small circle, pouring over a magazine. Gerard mumbled a good morning as he made his way to the percolating brew. They were all far too occupied with the magazine at hand, and could only manage a few snorts and chuckles, and one solid "Good Morning" from Bob.
"Is that the AP?" Gerard asked casually, tucking a stray strand of hair behind his ear as he poured coffee into a ceramic reindeer mug. The reindeer's nose turned red as the mug warmed, and Gerard smiled as he watched the transformation.
" SURE is." Frank grinned, turning to face Gerard, who was taking a seat on the couch.
Gerard took a sip, "Cool..." he said, eyebrow raised as the whole band turned to face him, grinning mischievously.
Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes, "What did they say about me? Or is there some horrible picture of me where I'm like..sneezing or something?" he mumbled, taking another slurp.
Ray smiled and looked at Frank, who held the issue in his hand.
"See for yourself." Frank said and tossed the magazine onto Gerard's lap.
Gerard looked at them suspiciously as they all stood there, staring...looking quite amused.
Gerard opened the magazine in his lap, holding his coffee in one hand. He turned the pages until he got to their section, and scanned the page casually,
"I see nothing to laugh it in the article?" he muttered and took another caffeinated sip, legs crossed in his batman pajama pants.
Mikey spoke through his hand, "The next page..." he said, attempting to muffle a giggle.
Gerard paused and looked up at them, eyes narrowed, coffee mug poised.
"Its nothing BAD." Frank insisted, " page.."
Gerard shook his head and obeyed frank, moving on to the next page.
Almost instantly, his eyes widened and mouth fell open, eyebrows raised in complete surprise. He gasped softly and put down his coffee mug, pulling the magazine closer.
"'s Lily..." he whispered, smiling broadly.
His eyes wandered over the image, over the curves of her body, the look on her face...
her tousled hair and pouty lips...
His mouth stayed agape, his heart beat faster..blood flowing as he took in every inch of her,
the tightness of her t-shirt... her pink underwear with the lace trim..the letters...
He swallowed hard, realizing his mouth had become rather dry..
He laughed nervously, face becoming warm..cheeks red....
"Wow..." he said, grinning, body temperature rising as his eyes stayed fixated on her body...
Her mouth...her waist...her hips...
Gerard was jolted from his fantasies by the snorts and chuckles of his bandmates.
"Nice, huh?" Frank smirked, arms crossed.
Ray was laughing hysterically as Bob did his best imitation of Lily, looking back over his shoulder seductively.
Mikey grinned, "She looks good, doesn't she?" he said, biting his lip to prevent himself from laughing. He knew his big brother wouldn't appreciate being teased at this point.
Gerard tucked his hair behind his ear, nodding, gazing at the magazine in his lap. His mouth remained open, as he struggled to find the words,
"Y-yeah." he admitted, trying hard to avert his eyes from her finer assets, and trying even harder to maintain a calm expression on his face. His mind was screaming. His body was pumping blood furiously.
They all stood there, staring at Gerard, smiles across their faces, looking quite satisfied.
Gerard sighed, and put his hand over his eyes, smiling, "She looks fucking HOT, alright?" he said with a groan.
Frank laughed, "Good to hear you admit it."
"Yeah," Ray said, "I read a lot of...Men's magazines..."he began as Bob laughed, "And that pose is.." Ray trailed off, a crazed look in his eyes.
"Yeah..." Bob said, voice rising in realization, "Didn't she knit you a scarf too?"
Gerard nodded with a smile, running a finger over his lips.
Frank laughed, "She can knit, sing, and pose like a Penthouse girl...and Gerard HASN'T put the moves on her..Nice, Gerard, nice."
Gerard laughed as the band erupted into simultaneous cries of disbelief.
"Remember yesterday, Frank?!" Gerard yelled over their voices, standing up, coffee mug in one hand, pointing with the other.
"Hey hey hey hey." Frank shrugged as Gerard took a victorious sip from his mug, "I was excited to be back!" he defended, referring to the weeks he had been gone due to family sickness.
"Yeah, that's right, motherfucker!" Gerard said, triumphantly putting his cup on the counter, "It's not like I haven't been trying. Frankie here is a cock bloc-"
The boys became silent as Brian entered the bus.
"Hey," Brian began, slightly out of breath, issue of AP in hand, "Did you see Lily?"
Gerard grinned.

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