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Bert almost soared onto Saint Lily's bus, magazine in hand. He was still in his boxers, and had a large grin on his face.
"Oh shit, Bert...little cold out there?" Will asked, looking at Bert's green plaid apparel with a large grin.
Bert laughed out loud, "And it's still bigger than yours!" he sang as he made his way to the couch.
"Hey Ber" Lily began, only to be silenced as Bert opened up the magazine in front of her face,
"BAM!!!" he said, snapping the issue of AP open, Lily's picture for all to see.
Lily blushed, and covered her eyes, mumbling something inaudible.
"Rockkstarrrr!" Bert teased, taking another look at the picture, "Damn.." Bert mumbled, "I didn't know you let Amy get THAT close..maybe I should reconsider my career.." Bert said as he scanned the page once more, large, satisfied grin on his face.
Lily caught Adam's eyes, who gave her a sympathetic look and then walked away, taking the time to pour himself another bowl of Fruit Loops.
Lily looked at the magazine spread out on her lap.
There she her underwear.
Jesus Christ.
She remembered that day clearly. She was changing quickly..and she had taken off her pants...ever so quickly..and had paused...
She thought she had heard Bert in the hallway..and she looked over her shoulder and..
And here she was, in Alternative her underwear. Oh how proud her mother would be...she could almost hear her now. Lily anticipated her phone call..her nagging voice..her condescending tone.
Admittedly, the lighting was good..soft and flattering, filtered from the silk curtains..she looked like she was glowing..smooth and pale. She had her back to the camera, and had turned slightly around to see why Amy was so quiet...she had a look of mild surprise on her face. Her hair was slightly tousled...mouth pouted slightly...and she was wearing pink underwear..with lace trim that said
"Rockstarrrr!!!" Bert, smiling widely.
Lily sighed, "I didn't know she was going to put that picture up. I told her not to...I told her.. God dammit.." Lily groaned, head in hands.
Bert laughed as he looked at the rest of the pictures, " Hey look, here's one of you and me..." he said pointing. He laughed, raspy from too many cigarettes, "Look at this one..the caption, 'Lily greeting The Used's front man Bert McCracken.."
Bert showed Lily a picture in which she was leaning out a hotel window, shouting and flipping off someone in the distance...undoubtedly Bert.
There were a lot of shots of her and Bert, which the article labeled her 'partner in crime'. There was one she liked in particular of her, Bert, and Gerard, at her VMA party. There were all smiling..and they had their arms around her...then right next to it there was a candid of Gerard talking, and Lily staring at him, looking completely intent on listening to what he had to say. Great. Implying something, Amy? The rest of the pictures were of her in bed, writing in her notebook, her on stage, eating breakfast, painting her nails, walking somewhere, arm wrestling with Bert...simple daily candids of her and her friends. But then..there was that picture..with the heading, "Sweet Flower".
Lily closed her eyes and sighed.
Will grabbed her hand, and gave her a reassuring look and a shrug.
Bert cackled as he stared at the image once more.
Adam ate his cereal in silence..
Ryan read about himself.
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