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Lily walked slowly back to her bus, hands in her sweatshirt pockets. The sky was a clear blue, the world shaking off the blanket of sleep. She smiled to herself as she saw Bert hop off his bus, shirtless, wearing only boxers. He stretched and yawned loudly.
He opened his eyes and spotted Lily, walking towards him,
"Good morning my beautiful flower." he said with a grin, extending his arms for a hug.
Lily patted his back softly, "Hey Bert. You're up early."
Bert shrugged, "I wanted to be the first to get the new AP." he said with a sigh, "I wonder if Amy put that picture of my ass in there...should be on the cover, really..." Bert said, staring up at the sky and trailing off.
Lily raised an eyebrow, arms crossed tightly over her chest, trying hard to fight the spring chill,
"It's out today?"
Bert nodded with a yawn, "Brian..or going to give us a couple copies."
Lily couldn't help feeling a bit excited and a bit afraid at the same time...What did Amy put in there?
She scuttled off to her bus, and hopped up the steps. She arrived just in time to see Matt standing there, phone pressed to his issue of Alternative Press in his hand. Her eyes widened as she tilted her head to see the cover. Ryan, Will, and Adam were eating cereal absentmindedly, the tiny clink of spoon against bowl, the delicate slurping of 2% milk and the crunch of Fruit Loops were the only sounds on the bus. They grunted a greeting as Lily stared at the magazine. Matt continued to talk on his cellphone, his back to Lily, who snatched the magazine out of his hand and ran to the couch, throwing herself onto the leather cushions with a thud. She stared at the cover, in which all the bands were depicted, clustered together...
By this time the boys had began to take interest. Ryan, whose hair was almost flat against his head, save for a large cowlick, put his spoon down momentarily, "Is that...?" he asked, still chewing on a mouthful of fruit loops.
Lily merely raised her eyebrows in confirmation as she flipped through the advertisements.
She paused as she stumbled over My Chemical Romance's section. There were a couple group shots, a large article..and...a whole section dedicated to Gerard. Her eyes wandered over a black and white picture of his face...the lines of his cheek bones...his hair..was it wet or greasy? She shrugged, and took in every inch of that photograph. His eyes gave her chills. She quickly flipped to the next page as Will took a seat next to her, "Find us." he demanded, blonde hair rustled, picking at a stray bit of cereal from his teeth. Lily fumbled quickly past the My Chem section before anyone could comment, and stopped at an article with the head line "SAINTS".
Will tugged the magazine closer to himself and began to read aloud. Lily looked at the pictures as he read. There was a group shot of all of them looking rather intimidating, Lily in front and in the middle, the guys at her side. And then there was another shot, right beside that, of them all laughing, a candid from the same photoshoot. There were pictures of the band from early on in their career...her face was so much rounder..and WHAT was she WEARING?
"Look!" Ryan said, pointing and laughing, "What the hell? How did they get those...?"
Simultaneously, everyone looked up at Matt, who shrugged and started texting on his cellphone.
"Oh,"Will began, "They talk about you now, Lily, 'The lead singer, or the Saint the band is named after, sat down with me for a little one of one. She was dressed plainly, jeans and a t-shirt, but there was something about her that wasn't so plain. As we began to talk, I noticed she had an AIR about herself..something that told me this girl wasn't your average stereotype blonde. She wasn't a tool for the label, she was herself, and that was her true beauty. As we began talking.."
Will trailed off as Lily held up her hand, "Heard enough" she said, a bit embarassed. Will shrugged and continued to read to himself outloud, softly underneath his breath. Meanwhile, Ryan began to leaf through the pages. He paused, mouth falling open a drawbridge.
"Ohh...shit." he whispered, eyes watering in disbelief, jaw agape.
Will stopped reading, "What?!" he asked urgently.
Ryan flipped the page to reveal a large picture of Lily.....
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