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A Kiss to remember

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no longer one-shot. THX TO THE HELP OF COTT_FAN!!!! ok this is her story actually and she wants me to update it on my account. dunt ask why, ask her. i think its caz she has so many stories and ...

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Sorry for the just the note, I\'m new and not so good at this rite now, still getting use to it. I\'ll mostly be a reviewer sooo....\n\nMost of my stuff will really be ClassoftheTitans_fan\'s ideas, she told me she\'d help me update em and make it. She told me of this one-shot story idea...really, like i said im more of a Harry potter fan...well hope you\'ll all forgive me\n\nQAZ\n\nTHE STORY-\n\nPs- Thx cott_fan!!!!xoxoxoxox\n\n I walked in the crowded messy halls of the school. And I knew, even when I woke up, that something was different than any other day. Like the feeling on my birthday the day I found out when I\'d be fighting the god of time and met 6 other people who are now my close friends. I\'ve changed school and definitely changed my location where I live. I know the actual gods from mythology books and Greek myths. They seem to be real. Life is challenging and you\'ve got to keep secrets. Many different kinds, like the fact about the gods and our secret identities and our special abilities. We\'re called the chosen seven. All of us \'mortals\' were so called have to compete this immortal god that\'s evil and physco, this oracle tells us that...we can defeat him. However that\'s supposed to happen.\n\n But there\'s this other secret, this secret that lays in my mind haunting me. This secret about this boy and me I really like. And today was not the feeling of being put in a spot to challenge a god, it was a feeling of one of my senses that is telling me it\'s faith and something is meant to be and be done.\n\n And as I walk in these sturdy halls I feel it coming. Like the ghost is traveling, and flying right at me, to grab me. I feel as if it\'s really all not that bad but scary and freaky at the same time. It\'s like the butterflies fly for a reason to eat you up. I\'m scared of my physic abilities and what they will do to me. I feel like they\'re trying to tell me something but I get the wrong impression. Today they\'re going crazy, telling me something remarkable. Why can\'t I find the answer? What if I find out at the wrong time and it\'s when I\'m least prepared for it. Maybe I\'m not supposed to be prepared.\n\n It kills me not to know. I want to scream or abilities were discovered when I was just 5 years old and ever since I was twelve, they\'ve been making madness.\n\n I\'m jumping from one place to another not knowing what to expect, I take challenges and dare them on me. I\'m a risk taker but sometimes I won\'t let things slide.\n\n What is it about today that\'s making me feel this way? I feel warm inside, like the sun\'s light is touching me. I want the feeling to spread by as the clock ticks; I\'m waiting for it. I know I\'m close.\n\n People tell me yeah I know that feeling. It\'s when you have a crush and feel that...way, you know. No, this feeling is not that. Maybe they\'re close cousins or relatives\'s not the clone. It\'s something related and relative. It\'s something much bigger and much brighter. It\'s a star shining all of its beauty at me. I know it\'s not the same because that stuff is normal teenage emotions. I\'m not like most teenagers, I\'m physic and my sixth sense is complicated. It\'s dangerous and questionable. It\'s why I\'m scared from it, like it controls me almost. It takes up most my mind.\n\n \n How come I get to see the future, but no one else? I\'m related to Theseus that\'s why. But he was never physic...he was a fighter yes, anyone can be that. It\'s really this amazing power is why I\'m one of the seven; no one else in the world has this ability but me. I\'m still learning from it, yes. Maybe one day I could read minds, control many things. It\'s still growing, and today frightens me a lot.\n\n\n Has it got to do with Cronus? Or my abilities are just testing me?\nI\'ll just have to wait and see, but I can become an inpatient girl when I have to.\n\n It was this morning, after waking up feeling different and going to school in my morning classes...we were just let out of class to go to lunch, when the most extraordinary but strangest thing happened.\n\n\n..............................................................\n\n It was like any other day, waking up going to school, maybe even let out of school to stop one of Cronus\'s schemes. Today was not one of those days. It would be normal if we weren\'t the seven heroes. We\'re heroes that no one knows about and have to keep secret to the world, even the facts about the Greek mythologies being real. But were still just ordinary teenagers. Sure we may have abilities no one else has. But were as real as ever.\n\n Yes I am the leader of our heroic league. And I must confess I am in love with one of the heroes. A girl who came to my admire attention, of just one glance of her. We still might just be teenagers, but I know there\'s something tingly and unbelievable about it. It\'s a weird desirable feeling you need to reach for to find it. The leader and the fighter, I\'m in love with the fighter. I know perfectly clear who she is. There\'s just one big question itching my brain about her, I want to find it out desperately. This girl can drive you mad in a contentive way.\n\n So what bugs me? I need to touch something and it will give me all the answers I need. Why does a girl create a mind full of curiosity when they need to focus on other things? I\'d ask myself this over an over again. Why don\'t I get with it and over with. Ask. But how? Am I a coward? What\'s wrong with me? What person or thing will answer me? I\'ve waited so long and now I might call myself desperate.\n\n\n-----------------------------------------\n\nAuthour\'s Note(qaz): Why do i even call myself authour!!! Ok i\'m known as reviewer/rater. I like where this is going!!!
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