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Letting Go Isn't Always For the Best

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Bert and Gee take Monica out

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Monica took her time showering and getting dressed. She hated to admit it but it was because she didn't want to face Donna again. After she applied her make-up she looked at he clock. It was almost noon. It was time to go back upstairs. Hopefully Gee would have already arrived.
At the top of the stairs Bert met her. "Hey beautiful, how are you today?' He grabbed her for a quick hug.
"Back off" Gerard said from across the room but there was laughter in his voice.
Bert glanced at him then whispered loudly to Monica "You, Me together later"
"Yea, right" she giggled at the stupid face he was making. She walked past him and moved to where Gerard stood.
"Hey" he said before enclosing her in a tight hug. "Did you sleep OK?" He touched her cheek lightly and looked into her eyes.
"Sorry I took your sofa. You could have woke me and I would have gone downstairs"
He shook his head "Nah, it was fine." He glanced at Bert. "You ready to roll?'
Bert did the insane giggled "I was born ready"
She grabbed her coat and they left the house. They got into Bert's car. Gerard told her to ride in the front but she decided the back would be fine and he could ride up front with Bert. Once seated she looked around the interior.
"Bert, do you live in this car?" There was so much stuff on the seat beside her and on the floor she thought he really just might.
"Now you're gonna rag on me about how dirty my car is, right?" He backed out of the driveway.
Monica laughed, "It looks like a bomb went off in here."
Gerard laughed, "If you think this is bad you should see how he lives on a tour bus. I'm bad but Bert takes it to a new level. Once David Bowie got lost and we couldn't find him. We could hear him but actually finding him under all the shit was almost impossible."
"David Bowie? The singer?" Sometimes trying to follow a conversation with these two was hard.
Bert grinned "David Bowie the dog. My little dog was named David Bowie. I loved that dog."
"For sure, he wrote a song about his death." Gerard added. "All That I've Got" That was written about David Bowie's death.
Monica was shocked. She had always thought it a beautiful song but has no idea it was written for a dog. Once again Bert had surprised her.
"So where are we going?" she asked them.
Gerard turned in the seat so he could see her. "Well first I have to stop by and talk to Brian then I thought we would go out to lunch. It that OK with you?"
She smiled "That's fine." She looked at Gerard and noticed he looked tired. "Are you feeling OK?"
"Sure, just a little tired." He turned around and looked over at Bert. They seemed to have some unspoken communication going on.
When they arrived at Brian's Gerard told them he would just be a minute. They waited in the car. Bert cleared his throat several times and Monica was just waiting for him to speak. Finally she gave up.
"What is it Bert?" she asked
"I don't know exactly how to say this but shit, Monica what are you doing to the guy? He is so fucking in love with you he can't see straight. I can tell you feel the same way about him. Why the fuck would you throw that away? I wasn't supposed to say anything and he'll kill me if he finds out I did but I just hate this. He says you won't stay with him that you are gonna move out of Donna's after he leaves on tour. Why?"
Monica continued to stare out the side window. She couldn't meet his gaze. "Bert there are things you don't know about me. Things Gee doesn't know about me. I am leaving him because I love him. I want him to be happy. I want him to meet someone who will be everything he needs. Someone who isn't damned."
He turned completely around in the seat to look at her. "Damned? Holy shit what are you talking about?"
She shook her head still not looking at him. He sighed, "Monica all I can tell you is this. I loved someone very much once. She was beautiful and smart and didn't take any shit from me. But I didn't think I could be what she needed so I let her leave me. She was gonna have my kid. Still I let her go cause I thought it was best for her. They found her dead of an overdose. I lost her and my kid. Guess letting her go wasn't the best for her after all."
He turned back around "Gee is coming." He said. Monica brushed away a few stray tears. When he got in the car she had her emotions under control.
"Brian said you don't need to go back to work until Jan 4th. He is going to keep the office closed until them."
Monica was surprised "But what about all the work that needs to be done for the tour? I know there are things that need to be handled." She was going to say more but stopped. He had arranged this. He wanted to spend as much time together as they could before he left so he had asked Brian to come up with a story that would keep her from working. She smiled and pretended not to know. "Hey what am I saying? I get pay for time off. That just gives us more time to be together before you leave on tour."
He turned and leaned over the seat as far as he could. She leaned foreword and met his lips.
"Excuse me but could you two refrain from doing that in my car." Bert said. "I hate to be distracted when I drive.
Gerard turned back around. "You're just jealous"
Bert giggled "Yea, you haven't kissed me since the mistletoe at your moms."
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