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Cheese Blintzes

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Lunch time for Gee, Monica and Bert. Watch out for Sexy Eating

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"So where are we having lunch?' Monica asked from the backseat. "I hope it's soon because I need to get out of this car for awhile. I swear something back here just growled at me."
Bert turned to Gerard and smiled "So did we decide on the blintzes?"
"Yea, I think that would be good" he answered.
"Guys are you speaking in code? What is a blintz?"
Gerard laughed, "You are sooo from Kansas. Are you telling me that you really don't know what a blintz is? Shit everyone in Jersey eats Cheese Blintzes."
"One of our first dates Gerard took me for cheese blintzes, but that was in Chicago." Bert added. "Good times, good times"
Monica rolled her eyes. "OK you two just enlighten me on this cheese blintz. What is it?"
"Ah, you need to experience it not just talk of it" Gerard said in a strange British sounding accent. "And actually you have been to the home of the best cheese blintz on the planet."
"I have?" she tried to think of the restaurants she had been in since arriving in New Jersey. Actually there hadn't been all that many. She looked out the window and began to recognize the area. "Oh shit, not the Tick Tock"
Bert laughed, "Yep, the Tick Tock. Course it won't be as enjoyable for me as it was last time. There was this chick that kissed me."
Monica threw a wad of paper she found on the floor narrowly missing his head "Shut up Bert. You were such a jerk that night."
"Yea but I got a kiss out of it and might I say it was quite a kiss"
Gerard looked over at him. "Man, you don't know how close to death you came when I saw that picture. Lucky for you I was out of the country."
Bert snorted, "I'm not afraid of you Way."
"Boys, boys, lets not start. I'm hungry." They pulled into the parking lot and parked in front of the silver-sided diner. Monica noticed the clock on top of the building, which read "Eat Heavy". This was a cool diner. She scooted out of the back seat and ended up in Gerard's arms.
"Hey honey, I've missed you," he said in the sexy voice.
She giggled "Yea it's been so long since I saw you."
Bert yelled for them to hurry up. Once seated at their table Gerard pointed to a picture of a cheese blintz on the menu. It looked delicious. A crepe filled with a cheese filling complete with a bit glob of sour cream on the center of the plate. They each ordered the same thing.
"So Bert do you really remember much from your last visit here?" Monica asked. The waitress you had taken their order arrived with their drinks. She looked at Monica then at Bert. Then at Gerard. She seemed confused that Monica was sitting on the same side of the booth with Gerard. Monica realized she had been in the restaurant that night and thought she was with Bert.
Bert caught the look she was giving Monica. He started giggling but quit when Monica kicked him under the table. "Ouch, man could you do something about your woman's violent actions." He said to Gerard.
"That's my girl" Gerard said putting his arm around Monica and kissing her cheek.
She turned her head and kissed his lips. For a brief moment she let herself think that this was all real. That she really was his. "I love you, Gee " she whispered.
He looked at her with those beautiful eyes and smiled "Love you too Babe"
Bert sat across from them and shook his head. Shit there had to be someway to keep them together. He decided he would talk to her later when Gerard wasn't around. He may never find a love like this but he'd be damned if he didn't do all he could to make sure they didn't loose what they had. Gerard wasn't saying much about the whole situation other than Monica was going to leave him. There just had to be some way to keep them together.
Their lunches arrived and they dug in. Monica had to agree that a cheese blintz was a wonderful thing. Bert polished off his in no time flat then looked at her plate, which still had one left. "Don't you even think about it Bert" she warned.
Gerard had finished his too. She picked up the remaining blintz dipped it in the sour cream and held it to his mouth. He smiled and slowly took a bite making sure to lick the small bit of sour cream that was on her finger in the process. She smiled and noticed a small dab of sour cream on his lip. Monica leaned over and licked it off before brushing his lips with hers. She put the blintz to her lips and took a small bite her eyes never leaving him.
Bert looked at them and rolled his eyes. "Oh man, you two are killing me here. I not only have to watch you two look so fucking in love now I have to watch you two sexy eating."
Monica looked at him shocked "Sexy eating?
Bert nodded "You two look like you're gonna throw the plates off the table and do the nasty right here. Man why don't you guys get a room."
They both looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Ah, Bert we love you too" Gerard said with a grin still gazing into Monica's eyes.
Monica agreed, "Yea, we love you." She never looked away from Gerard. They were lost in each other. "Just not enough to share a blintz with."
Bert mumbled something that was best not heard, grabbed the check and went to pay. Monica forced herself to look away from Gerard. The man could make her sizzle just staring into her eyes. "We better go. He's paying."
Gerard blinked "Yea, before he drives off and leaves us here."
Bert was already in the car when the walked outside. Gerard opened the back door and held it for her while she climbed in. He smiled to himself and got in.
"So kids what now?" He asked starting up the car. "Drop you two off at the nearest hotel?"
He and Gerard were shocked when Monica answered "Yea, that would be great."
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