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Comics and Monty Python

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Gerard and Monica share more of what they have in common while Bert worries.

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"I was just kidding" Monica tried to laugh off her comment even if it was true.
Bert looked over at Gerard "Man, she is gonna wear you out." He backed out of the parking spot and hit the road.
Gerard tried to clear his head. Monica's last comment had definitely made it harder to think. The thought of her and a hotel room were flying around in his head. He had to think of something else. "Actually I was kind of hoping to stop at Comic Explosion in Nutley."
"Gerard and his comics" Bert smiled "When does the "Umbrella Academy" hit the stores?"
Monica sat up so she could hear the conversation better. She knew Gerard had a six issue comic book series that was soon to be released. She hated that he hadn't had the time to do the artwork himself but it was his story.
"Not until next year" he signed.
"I just love the artist you chose for the interior art, Gabriel Ba. His work on "Casanova" is outstanding. Did you ever read "Ursula"? He did that one with his brother Fabio Moon." Gerard hadn't so she explained, "It is a fairy tale about love."
Gerard turned to look at her with a pleased smile "I just knew he was right when I saw "Casanova". Did you know James Jean is doing the cover art?"
She smiled "Yes, he's great. I love the Half-Elvin Ranger he did of you for "Spin". God that was so good."
Bert had lost track of what they were talking about, "Man, you two just lost me.
What the fuck is a Half-Elvin Ranger?"
They both laughed, "Bert if you don't know D&D then you won't get it." Gerard told him.
"Holy shit, she is into D&D too?" he glanced back at Monica "I'm guessing our boy here is a Half-Elvin Ranger character?"
Gerard answered for her, "For sure I am and I specialize in bows and longswords. I also wear studded leather armor."
"Wow that is a visual." Monica couldn't help but say.
"One I didn't need" Bert added.
They had arrived at Comic Explosion. The store was great. It had current and back issues of comics. There were posters, DVD's, T-Shirts and more. She and Gerard first looked through the Manga then moved to graphic novels. They both chose several of Neil Gainman's works.
Bert watched them and marveled how much they had in common. How they could finish each other's sentences. He has never seen two people more perfect for each other. After an hour they were finished looking because they both realized Bert was bored.
It was dinnertime when they arrived back at the house. Bert was invited to stay but had a date with the same woman he had gone out with last night. Monica was secretly hoping the relationship would develop into something more for him.
Kara and Bob were sitting watching "Hell Boy" when they walked in. Kelly and Donna were in the kitchen working on dinner.
"Bob, how did the meeting go today?" Gerard asked him.
"Not bad but they wanted to know where you were." He said without looking away from the movie.
"What meeting?" Monica asked.
Bob answered before Gerard could "The band met with some of the label executives. We are trying to change the edit on "Famous Last Words". Label thinks we are being a pain in the ass but we aren't happy with the final cut they want to release."
"I didn't need to be there," Gerard told him with an edge to his voice.
"It would have helped" Bob answered "Ray was really pissed you weren't there. They scheduled another meeting for tomorrow. Think you can make that one?" he tone was strained.
"Shit, I guess." He looked at Monica, "Sorry, I thought we could spend the day together."
He seemed to be planning to spend every minute he had before leaving with her. While she would like nothing better she knew he couldn't blow off important band commitments.
"It's OK I have some things I need to do and I promised your mom I would help her at the Community Center." Yet another lie.
He frowned "I will be back tomorrow night, we can go to the movies."
"That would be fun," she told him. Donna called him into the kitchen to reach a dish from a top shelf. Monica started to follow him but Bob called to her.
"Hey Monica thanks. We really need him there tomorrow but we know he wants to spend all his time with you."
"I didn't know there was a meeting." She told him. "I wouldn't have wanted him to miss it." Bob looked at her sadly "Yea, cause according to Kara, when we leave, the band is all he is going to have."
She was shocked by his words. He was angry with her and from what she could tell so was the rest of the band. Kara looked at him and he said nothing else.
Monica turned and walked into the kitchen. Kelly was in the middle of telling Gerard a joke. It looked so right for her daughter and Gee to be laughing together. Kelly had really begun to like him. Unlike Kara she hadn't realized that soon Gerard would no longer be a part of their lives.
He laughed at the punch line of Kelly's joke then looked up to see her standing in the doorway. A frown marred his face when he saw her. He always seemed to read her moods so well. She forced a smile and walked in.
Once the dinner was finished and the dished done Bob and Kara left. They were going to visit Frank and Jamia. Kelly got her iPod and settled down at the kitchen table with a sketchbook. It has been Gerard's and he had shown her some of the basic drawings he had done and was helping her to draw different characters. Donna left to visit with her friend and share Christmas Day stories.
"Wanna watch a movie?" Gerard asked. He was still concerned about her. She seemed upset.
"Sure, what do you want to watch?" She smiled at him but the smile didn't reach her eyes.
"I wanna watch you." He answered honestly but knew he needed to back off a bit. He didn't want her to pull away from him again. "How about "Monty Python and the Holy Grail?"
She looked at him and started singing "We're knights of the round table we dance when we are able...." His voice joined hers for the next line. They each grabbed a soda, snuggled on the sofa and forgot their problems if only for a bit.
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