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Three Times Lucky

by YasminM 1 review

Sanzo and Goku in various permutations. Written for the 100_roadtrips reincarnation challenge.

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters:  Son Goku, Genjyo Sanzo - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2005-05-05 - Updated: 2005-05-06 - 325 words - Complete

Notes: The hardest part in writing this was the realisation that I'd forgotten most of my Arabic grammar. Oh well.

Hong Kong, 1970

She snapped awake to the feel of her husband's hand sliding down her body, lingering on her bulging tummy -- which, she thought peevishly, was entirely his fault. Bastard. Well, she wasn't without a weapon.

"Don't kill me! I just -- you looked so -- I can't believe we're having a baby!"

She opened an eye. Man-Wai, curse him, was giving her That Look. Stupid monkey eyes. It was their fault she ever said yes to /anything/, from the first date to everything after.

He held up a bowl of rice congee, gingerly.


She sighed and dropped the fan. Silly man.

Somalia, 1993

It's not very funny, life. Boredom led him to the army, pride made him stay. And here he was, under the fucking African sun. As a peacekeeper, no less.

Pieter sucked on the last of his cigarette, thinking about the boy he'd seen staring at him. Yet another refugee, stick-thin and desperate, likely ending up dead. God never saved anyone, and the warlords sure as hell weren't counting on anything different.

But this one... he could've sworn the boy said his name.

Irrational. Must be sunstroke.

No harm in making sure, though. If nothing else, the mystery was fucking annoying.

Al-Iskandaria al-Jadid, 2981

The new Phys Ed teacher was late for their meeting.

Nur knew transport on Mars was unreliable at best, but would it hurt the woman to plan ahead? She eyed -- and dismissed -- the face on her computer screen.

/Amina Nu'man/. "Faithful", but not punctual.

The door to her office flew open with an ear-splitting crash.

"Principal! ... uh, I'm sorry?"

She opened her mouth to yell, had a long look at the young woman, then closed it again. Just to keep her jaw from dropping to the floor.

Obviously, the picture in Amina's file was taken on a bad hair day.

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