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I am leving

by fingecko 29 reviews

I have had enoght of people at Ficwad being Mean about me. I have had enough of people teasing My spelling

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I have had enough of ficwad users teasing me and have decided to leave!!! this is not a Hate site. It is a place were people come to show their Great ideas for stories then review them KINDLY. I do agree with Koolistar and PFK as much as I hate them. I do agree. I am sorry if I have crap spelling but it is very mean when people shove it in their face

I would like to thank a couple of very kind and thoughtful users.

1. Greektitan
2. iheartyou07
3. Ace Fan 12
4. Water Dragon
5. fall3n-ang3l
6. Always A Legend
7. JessieLD746
8. caity_party_princess
9. ClassoftheTitans_fan

Those are some great authors and Reviewers. But there is one that is my hero, my fav, The greatest ever to enter ficwad and that id one person known as Kim.

I would like everyone to cheer for this person


She has never sent a bad review and tells it how it is. She is a trustworthy person and i think she should be sent a "BEST PERSON IN FICWAD" award. She is the BEST author here.

And I would like to send out Names of people I HATE

1. Boom
2. anonomous
3. billionaire.
O.K. those are the people hat should disappear from this site.

Now I would like to send a special thanks for two people that may be harsh. They may be cruel. But I think they have taught us all a lesson. They have shown us not to put up stuff doesn't belong here.

As Much as they might hate me. I think they deserve an award.

PFK and Kooliestar. These two may be harsh but they tell it like it is.

I wish in future people will stop others. One day I will be back. One day. Maybe.

I am FINGECKO and I am leaving Ficwad for good

I even went through ALL of this in Microsoft word just for you guys.

I don't care if you say this Post is wasting space. Because its from all my heart. It is now broken.

Thanks a lot all those people who have teased me over the time I have TRYED to enjoy this website

Bye Bye for Good

PLEASE review this to tell me how you feel. But NO Bad reveiws
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