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Like mother, like daughter?

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Meet Kylene and her mother and be grateful that your last name isn't Stump. (Or that you're not 42 years old.)

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1. Like mother, like daughter?

"If you hurry up I can take you to school!"

I lifted the blanket from my still too tired body. Yay, which teenage girl doesn't love being dropped off at high school by their mommy? Well, at least I wouldn't have to take the bus. Also, which teenage girl doesn't love not having a car?

Well, once I started dating Travis I would get rid of the no-car issue. He had a sweet little convertible. To go with his sweet little ass. But first I had to convince my parents that he was nothing to worry about.

My parents aren't really that bad. There's my dad. He used to be a in a famous... well, he calls it rock band but really, it sounds like sugar bubble gum pop music to me. But he's a kick-ass guitarist. I'll never understand why he gave up playing in public. Mom says it's because he wanted to be part of the family and not be away constantly due to touring or recording a new album. I say it's because Mom told him he wants to be part of the family.

Thing with my dad is, he's a meek one. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I can wrap him around my little finger all of the time but it's definitely Mom who calls the shots in the relationship. If you ask me, Dad's kinda whipped. God, I hope Travis doesn't turn out like that. I want a real man...

As for my mother, well, she can be a real pain in the butt sometimes.

"Are you up yet? Damnit, Kylene*, we need to get going in 10 minutes!"

See what I mean?

"I'm coming, Mom!" I shouted back.

About 20 minutes later I walked down the staircase. Mom was standing next to the door, her hand on the handle and her foot tapping nervously against the floor. "I wish you'd take that kind of time when you're doing your homework, missy."

I rolled my eyes. (After she had turned her back on me, of course.)

We got in the car and drove off.

"You know that I'll be going out tonight, right?" I reminded her.

"Right. So I hope this Travis guy will come in and introduce himself before you guys dart off into the night."

"Mom, he's picking me up at 6 PM. That's not night." Sometimes I found myself wondering if she had ever been young.

"Well, don't worry. Your dad and I will not embarrass you in front of your little friend." She smiled at me sweetly. I know that evil smirk.

"God, please don't ruin this for me. I really like the guy." I pleaded.

"Cute ass, huh?"

Eewww, that was pretty much the number one on my "Things I do not want to discuss with my mother" list.

"Kyle, I think we should have a serious talk about contraception before you go out."

Okay, I think I need to re-write that list. There was no point in arguing though. It would only result in her not letting me go out with Cute A- Travis, I mean.

"Okay," I replied in defeat. Maybe she would talk Dad into joining us and then I would at least have something to laugh about. He was so awkward with these kinds of things. I was just bored.

"I know you're 16 and you've had sex ed at school and you watch MTV and all those liberal teenage movies but they don't tell you all there is to the story. I just want you to be safe, that's all. You know that, dear, right?" She glanced at me. Sometimes I can't believe how much we look alike.

The car came to a halt in front of the school building.

"Have a good day, sweets. I'll see you later!" Mom smiled. The non-threatening, non-sarcastic kind of smile. Wow, haven't seen that one in a long time. Maybe she got some last night. Eewww.

I gave her a quick wave, "Later, Mom."


Hi, I'm Sheena Ogden Stump** and I'm the mother of a teenage daughter.

Sometimes I wish I was still in Andy's garage and practicing with the guys. Mostly when Patrick's horrible snore is keeping me up for the better part of the night. Or when Kyle's teenagerness is keeping me up worrying for the better part of the night.

If I wasn't in charge of this family it would be a mess. This way, the only mess is on my and Kyle's heads. And I'll never hear the end of it.


* If I remember correctly, I owe the titel of this story to Kyle "MMMramen" __________ (last name censored due to the beautiful ring to it). No money, dude, but I named one of my protagonists after you. More or less.

** At this point I wanna thank everyone for taking the Files Quiz. Especially those who scored lower than the author of this crap.
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