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Finally back in Tartarus

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Jay and Archie beat Cronus and the dragon....but Theresa and Atlanta are still dead. Mr. Suez has an idea that may save them....will it work though?

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umm heyy guys!! does any here remember me?? I am very sorry that i havent written in a very long time! i have been going from doctor to doctor....well here is the next chapter, hope you guys read and review it!

Cronus looked at all the ash that was falling from the sky and looked like he was going to cry but then he looked at the two boys with tears of anger falling from his eyes.
"How can this be?! The prophency (sp?) said that only seven of you would beat me....not just you two!! How can this be?! How dare you two mock a god!" Archie grabbed his chain whip and taunted him by acting like he was going to whip him.
"Cronus SHUT UP! We beat you and that is final! There is no way out now!" Cronus looked at him with a very dirty look in his red eyes.
"That's what you would like to think....well....I think different!" He began to run off when Jay picked up his xiphos and threw it at him and it sliced open his tendons! Cronus screamed in pain as he fell to the groud, blood ozzing out of his tendon.
"AHHHH! HOLY SHIT!! GOD DAMMIT I CAN'T WALK!" Jay walked by him and kicked him in the face. Then he spat at him.
"You're not going anywhere you little son of a bitch! You took away two people we really loved and now we are going to show you how it feels." Cronus looked at him confused.
"What are you..." Before he could finish, Archie and Jay began to beat him up and whipping him and stabbing him to death. After half an hour of beating him up, Campe and Mr.Suez finally arrived. Campe grinned when she saw Cronus all bloody and beaten.
"Ha-ha nice to see you again CRonus." Cronus was going to swear at her, but he had no more energy to. Campe picked him up and left to lock him up in Tartarus prison. Mr.Suez looked at the two boys and smiled.
"You boys have done what I asked you to do....I'm very proud of you boys." Jay looked down at his feet sadly.
"You shouldn't be proud of me....because of us, we killed Theresa and Atlanta." Mr.Suez looked over their shoulders and saw the two girls laying dead on the ground. He looked at them with a straight face.
"Go get them....We're going to take them back to Chiron's study." Archie looked at him confused.
"What?! There is no point....they're both dead, there is no point in trying to save them." Mr.Suez smiled a half hearted smile.
"You don't know that for sure....just go get them....the others are already back." The two boys nodded and the picked up the girls and before they knew it, Mr.Suez transported them back to Chiron's study.

really sorry if it was short and that i didn't update for a while....bye guys please read and review!!
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