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What Are the Odds of Me Letting You Down?

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My back was aching from leaning against the wall, opposite of me my parents occupying two waiting chairs. I refused to sit down.

If Evie was in pain, I had to be too.

It was only fair.

I heard footsteps in the very quiet hallway and glanced up to find a young looking doctor walking over.

"Um, are you Pete Wentz?" he asked. My heart raced and I pushed off the wall. He smiled.

"We can't release any information, but you can go visit her if you want," I nodded quickly and glanced at my parents for reassurance.

In minutes my hand was pushed against a solid door, my heart slowing down as the dim room enveloped my body. I could see her glowing eyes from the bed, Evie lying on her side with her knees bent up slightly.

"Hi," her throat was dry but I couldn't help but smile at knowing she was remotely ok.

I stepped over, taking a nervous seat on the chair level to her head. Her arm reacted out and brought my body closer until my arms and head were resting by her.

"You gave me a scare," I whispered, watching as her eyes examined my tear stained cheeks. Her soft fingertips spread across the sides of my face, pushing my bangs away as she wiped at my eyes.

"Stop crying for me Pete," I nervously laughed.

"I have to catch up to you," I whispered.

Evie's expression softened as she turned her face away, her neck elongating as she closed her eyes.

"That was the most exhausting hour of my life," she mumbled, yawning near the end.

I nervously laughed.

"I fear as though I'm getting overly terrified of all this," I mentioned.

Evie didn't move.

"Hospitals? Or worried mothers?" she asked, her voice low with tiredness. Her lips curled up into a smile as I laced our hands again.

"Hospitals and worried future mothers," her head turned towards me again before her eyes fluttered open.

"That scares me too," she whispered before closing her eyes again.

I shuffled closer- close as I could get.

"Ev," I whispered and pressed my lips to her cheek. "Why do you let me back so easily?" I glanced down to find a smile growing wider.

"Because you care," she whispered back, voice even more scratchy with tiredness.

"Ev," I started again. The door opened behind me and I turned to find the doctor coming over.

"If she doesn't mind I'll let you stay here tonight," he mentioned.

Evie smiled with her eyes closed and nodded into the pillow. The doctor moved over and helped her disconnect wires and such, moving anything that wasn't necessary off the hospital bed.

"You feeling alright Mrs. Wentz?" he asked. My face flushed up at this whole deal again. Evie didn't seem fazed.

"I'm fine," she whispered before leaning back and snuggling in.

The doctor nodded and smiled at me before exiting again. I looked back at Evie for answers to find her on her side, her back to me. I slightly frowned before climbing in beside her and sliding an arm around her growing waist.

She let out a tired moan before snuggling back into my form, her hair falling away from her neck. I pushed more away with my other hand and placed a soft kiss there.

"Night Ev," I whispered. With no response I let my hand drift back down to her stomach. ","


Patrick watched Evie as she innocently sipped on her strawberry-banana smoothie as her fingers ran across multiple vinyl records back at where they worked all those years ago. He slightly pushed me away from her and towards where Joe was looking through Morrissey records.

"What's going on?" Patrick whispered as we got out of ear shot of Evie. Joe glanced up at us.

"Huh?" he asked. Patrick tilted his head back at Evie. I bit my lip. I really didn't feel like explaining 'us' right now.

"Oh," Joe mumbled and I observed as Andy came up on the other side of the rack.

"You know," he started. "I'd like to know what you did to even get her back here," I blinked and shifted my feet.

"Uh," I started.

Damn me and my ego.

"I was honest her back,"

Andy didn't seem to buy it at first until Joe looked at me.

"So you got pussy whipped for four days?" I nervously laughed before shaking my head.

"I actually got beat up by her..." Shit.


"Her uh friend,"

Patrick laughed at this and smacked my arm.

"Pe-ter Wentz," he said and shook his head slowly.

Andy rolled his eyes.

"God, you must be made for each other if cupid's giving you guys' another chance," My heart stopped and I forced a smile.

"I guess so," I whispered, my eyes glancing over at Evie as she looked up from where she stood.

Her smile was bashful, slightly embarrassed. She wiggled her fingers before turning away and walking towards the front. I sighed hopelessly and looked back at the guys. Low and behold I had three sets of eyes staring back, all curious.

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again," Patrick muttered. "You are one,"

Joe cut him off.


Andy cut him off.

"Son of a-,"

I didn't realize Evie had cut him off until her hand had curled around my arm.

"Hey!" she greeted herself, right on time, snuggling her cheek into my arm. I wondered if she got the memo or if she had taken too much of those antibiotics the doctors had given her. They all eyed her curiously.

"Hi," Joe voiced back. Evie smiled for the four seconds it took for Andy to open his mouth.

"So are you happy with Pete?" And come on, what kind of question is that? Evie blinked, her smile fading.

"Huh?" she asked, detaching her hand from mine. Her eyes curiously glanced up at mine.

Patrick and Joe seemed embarrassed for both of us. Andy frowned, knitting his eyebrows together before speaking again. My heart began to race.

"Well, aren't you two together?" Evie knitted her own eyebrows together as she shifted next to me, pulling her purse higher on her shoulder.

"Where would you get that idea?" she voiced.

There goes my heart.

Call the paramedics; I'm going into cardiac arrest here.

Andy's eyes curiously trailed over to where I was burning alive inside, my throat tightening at my flaws and big mouth.

"/Awwwwwwkward/!" Joe sang, turning on his heel and towards the exit.

Patrick bit his lip, shifting his hat before following. Heat seemed to radiate off Evie as she got the clue, her head slowly turning to look up at me.

"Pete," she hissed through clenched teeth.

Andy gulped, probably scared as her hand balled up into a fist. He slipped away un noticed and I felt like crumbling as Evie turned towards me.

"Don't do this here," I whispered.

Her eyes narrowed before she poked my chest fiercely, her nail digging in slightly. Boy that brought back memories, but completely irrelevant to the situation.

"Fine," she hissed. "Have it your way," she whispered and turned away, walking quickly towards the front door.

I was going to get it.





"How could you?" she whipped around before opening the door and her black bangs fell in her face, just making her look that much angrier.

"I didn't even say that we were together technically," I defended, but she wasn't going to hear it.

It was times like these where I wish I had a remote to fast forward through all the bad parts.

"Oh save it Pete," I watched her hands clench into fists as she neared towards me. "Is everything that comes out of your mouth complete bullshit?"

I placed my hands on her shoulders but she shrugged them off, taking another step towards me, looking up at me with all the hate mustered in her eyes. I gulped. The huge lump in my throat traveled down to my stomach and hit the acids with a boom.

She was intimidating.

"Ev, you, you should sit," I blabbered, motioning to a seat.

"I think you need to take a needle to your big ego."

Ouch, that one hit hard.

I decided to shut up and just take it.

"Was this your big plan to win me back Pete?" she hissed. "To bring me back here and tell your boys that we were together? Great plan!" She pushed me away and I stumbled backwards into a chair. She shook her head.

"After everything you put me through-"

"Everything I put you through? What about what you did to me?" I injected in her sentence.

"Don't you pin this on me Peter," she pointed a warning finger at me. "Don't you even think about it. Who was the one to walk away when the world was offered to them? You. Who was the one who said 'I love you', then walked away? You Pete. And who was the one that decides to screw everything up when I throw another chance at you every time you come crawling back? You! So don't even think that what I did to you can even put a dent into the shit you put me through."

My jaw opened, wanting to explain, but my thoughts were going at a thousand miles per hour in my head, then hitting a wall, blocking any explanation I could think of. I looked down at the floor at my beat up converse. My eyes started to itch and I blinked, thinking it was from the lack of it, but a tear rolled down my cheek.

I was crying.

I quickly wiped it away.

"I'm sorry Ev," I mumbled.

"Don't say that to me," her voice was cracked and high.

I looked up at her tear streaked face, with her bottom lip trembling. If I had a gun, I swore I could've shot myself right then and there. Or if I had been outside on the street, I could've jumped in front of a bus. Any pain would be so much better than feeling my heart contract, then swell. But I deserved it.

"I," I started, but more tears fell from my face as I watched her cry. I inhaled deeply. "I don't know what else to do Ev, I just want you to stay. But I keep fucking messing up everything. This is all my fault."

Evie shook her head. Her black hair moving with her and falling into her face more. She sniffled and rubbed her nose.

"No," she pushed her hair out of her face, I watched her intently, "this is my fault."

That was a smack to the face.

"It's my fault for even letting you get to my head and expose myself to this again." She turned away and headed towards the door. I stood up and she paused at the door, her back still facing me.

"Don't blame this on yourself Ev," I whispered. "Don't even think that way."

"It takes two to tango Pete."

She wiped at her face and opened the door to leave.

And I stood there.


Tears streaming down my cheeks.

The door clicked.

And I still stood there.

My head still going at a thousand miles per hour. Half yelling at myself and half telling me to follow her and try and make things right.

"SHUT UP," I screamed at myself, and fell back into my chair. I let my head drop into my hands and I pressed my palms into my eyes until I started seeing stars. "Shut up."

The voices ceased, and all that was left was the old pipes in the building rattling and my heavy breathing.

If I could just put up an away message on life, and sleep forever, I would do it in a heartbeat.
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