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Authors Note

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The Beginning of Part 1 of my novel.

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Dear Reader,

Whenever I start something of significant length I like to write you a little letter ahead of time. It's my one time disclaimer so I hope you read it. Also, sarcasem is my friend. If this is your first time reading something I wrote--I promise I'm not a bitch, I just seem that way on paper. Daria and I are soulmates if that helps at all.

I don't normally beg for reviews, but please do review if you like this story. If you don't like the beginning or it doesn't whet your attention for more then there really isn't a point in me writing anymore now is there?

To be completely honest with you I'm not sure exactly where I am going with this. I have a vauge idea but it may change. And I like that. It will allow me to let the reader's opinions slightly shape the outcome of the story.
I own nothing and no one. Except Molly and the O'Conell family. oh and I totally own Sunny the black cat, although in real life the cat's counterpart's name is Salem and she belongs to my friend.

Notes About The Story:
What will happen in this story that will not change no matter how much you review it to try and change things: there will be a severe emotional breakdown for someone (and no not Peter-but I'm also not going to reveal who yet), Peter will most definitly be an ass for either the whole or majority of the story depending on how charitable I am feeling (I don't like him. deal. move on.), you will either love or hate Molly (I don't think this is a character to be indifferent about), there will be no love triangle (can we say contrived? how about typical?).
What will not happen: Peter/Molly (need I repeat my feelings for him?)...and so far that is the only thing I am completely against.
Also, Molly isn't me. In fact other then the fact that I have her from the south shore of long island and that she likes to write she really isn't going to be anything at all like me. I picked long island 'cause I actually know where crap is there and the writing thing 'cause I felt like it would help with later plot points that have started to form in my brain.

This story started to come to me as a plot bunny tonight when I was reading the response FrostedGlass left to my most recent review of her story. She wanted to know if I was going to be posting something new soon. About an hour later I was listening to The Academy Is... and attempting to make chicken salad for dinner before work when Molly wormed her way into my head. Then after a full shift of slinging dvd's to people at blockbuster she still hadn't left.
Therefore, Alex I'm gonna be a slightly "scary", hardcore super fan of your writing and dedicate this story to you. :) 'cause I only read Fall Out Boy fanfic's because I was bored one day and found "The Bass Files." Also, wether people love or hate this story--it's gonna be your fault I started writing it lol.

So yea, welcome once again to my slightly warped little mind. If you like what you read in the first chapter let me know so I feel the motivation to keep writing this.

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