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1. Never Saw It Coming

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in which Molly realizes she royally screwed up the most amazing thing in her life. also in which we begin our journey through the past to discover just what was so amazing in the first place.

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Seven is a very significant number if you think about it. Such a small little word really. Six letters, two of which are even repeated. However; lets look at this objectively, if you break a mirror: seven years bad luck, there are seven deadly sins (and for that matter seven virtues), it is the ammount of visible stellar objects (to the naked eye) in the solar system, in mythology there are the "seven sisters", and possibly most appropriate there are seven notes in the traditional western musical get my point. Seven basically has its little hand in a bit of everything. And in this case, seven years was the length of time it took for neglect (and in a lot of ways jealousy) to chip away at a friendship that was originally forged to be stronger then steel and leave it hanging by a thread.
It's 2am on January 1st 2007 and I'm alone. And it's all my fault. I guess I can admit that now.
I'm sorry. Please call.

::January 2000::
That word could probably have been heard all along the south shore of Long Island if anyone had been listening close enough at that exact moment. The date was January 1st 2001, it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon and sixteen year old Molly O'Conell had just been informed by her parents that during her upcoming February break the whole family: Maureen (Mom), Jack (Dad), Molly, Sean (her incredibly annoying 14 year old brother), James (her incredibly adorable 5 year old brother), and Sunny (her black cat) would be moving to a small suburb of Chicago, Illinois.
"You're kidding right?" Molly asked with an incredibly appalled tone to her voice. "How can you possibly even contemplate moving? It's the middle of the year. The middle of my junior year no less. Which means, hello! Next year I'm a senior."
"Molly Ann O'Conell! First off- stop acting like you are some idiot teenager. Secondly- you hate your school. Thir" Maureen started, gearing up for a typical throw down teenager mother/daughter thrown down.
"...what's your point?" Molly interrupted after glancing at her father and seeing him rolling his eyes at her mother's logic.
"My point, if you would let me actually reach it, is that in Glenview you will be able to start over. You won't be, as you so sullenly put it for the past few years, 'the weird writer chick'."
"They actually have places in the world called Glenview?"
"Molly..." her father interjected with a tone that stated, rather then suggested, she had reached her limit on sarcasem for the day.
"Fine," Molly huffed to her parents as she flopped back down onto the living room couch before asking, "why are we moving anyway? and have you told the boys? speaking of which can we leave Sean here?"
"We're moving because your father has gotten a promotion within the firm and they want him to manage the office there, its a lawyer thing. We're going to tell the boys tomorrow. and NO we can not leave your brother here." Her mother stated with more then a little bit of exasperation in her voice.
"what? It was just a question." Molly smirked as both her parents looked at her with raised eyebrows.

::February 2000::
" this is what Glenview looks like huh?" Sean questioned as he looked around. Snow seemed to cover every inch of, well, everything. There was even a perfectly made snow man on the lawn next door.
"Yup. It's like living on Long Island, only ya know, less surrounded by water." Molly responded as she stood at the end of the driveway with her younger brother. Both teenagers staring up at their cookie cutter, picture perfect (admittedly huge) new house and shuddered mentally at the idea of living in this fairly ritzy, manicured, quite frankly sterile, neighborhood.
"yea, Long Island if we were a buncha yuppies from the north shore. Ok, I'm over this move. Let's go home now." Sean shot back.
"yea, for once I agree with you. This is gonna suck."
Before either teen could move a muscle they both heard a voice squeal "Mollllyyyyyyyyyyy!" and a flying bundle of snow suit and red hair attached itself to the older girls legs.
"Hey Jamie." They both said to their younger brother as he smiled up at both of them and said in a slight lisp "Isn't this the greatest place ever? Look how big the yard is."
"...yea Jamie. It's great." Molly said scooping her baby brother up as all three O'Conell kids headed up the walk and into their new home.

a/n: I know it's short. do I have something worth continuing?
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