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2. Home Is Fine I Guess

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in which Molly strolls around her new home and discovers her dream room. And then has to go to highschool. We also gain a little bit of insight into the home life of the O'Conells.

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After entering the house Sean immediately headed upstairs to find the room their parents had put his things in. Since Maureen and Jack O'Conell had used the kid's week off of school as a house setting up break and left them with their grandparents in New York while they went about moving into the new house. Needless to say this meant the three O'Conell kids got the full effect of walking into their new home.
Molly attempted to first help Jamie not resemble Randy from "A Christmas Story" in his snow suit.
"Ok kiddo, your done. Go find some toys." Molly told her brother.
"kay. I'm gonna go play with Sunny." he responded as he ran down the hall towards the kitchen with Molly praying her cat had found a safe place to hide from the curious kindergartener.
"damnnnnnnnn." Molly whispered to herself as she finally took a second to look around her new home. No matter what she thought about the move, the house was stunning.
A few minutes earlier when they had entered the kids had walked into the front hall and directly to their left through a set of french doors was a large living room, to the right was a stairway, and right in front of them was a hallway leading towards the incredibly large kitchen. Stepping into the living room Molly looked around and realized that a connecting set of french doors led into a dining room, which was in turn connected as well to the kitchen, forming a kind of interconnected circular downstairs floorplan. Off the dining room she saw more french doors, two sets this time leading onto a patio and into the side of the yard, and on the other side of the kitchen down a short hallway right past the laundry room was a back door that led to the driveway. Doing a double take Molly also saw a second set of stairs leading upstairs at the back of the kitchen.
"wow," Molly repeated to herself standing in the middle of the kitchen, "maybe this won't be too bad."
Shrugging she grabbed an apple from the bowl on the counter and started to head up the second stairs to see what "surprise" her mother had said she was getting. After reaching the top of the landing Molly was incredibly confused, there had to be at least eleven doors on this hallway. She could hear her younger brother talking to her cat in a room down the hall a bit, and she could see her parents walking around in the master bedroom all the way down the hall, so that left those two rooms out.
"MOM!" She screamed opting for just asking instead of trying to figure this out on her own. Afterall she was still playing the roll of pissed off uprooted teenager.
"yes my dear?" her mother responded in a saccerine sweet tone as she stuck her head out of her own room.
"Where do I sleep?" with a tone that was just begging to get her grounded knowing her parents.
"if you mean 'Mommy, where is my room?' then take three steps forward, turn left and open the door. If you are trying to be a nasty rude little bitch because your still mad at me then I just don't know right now." her mother responded before going back to folding something.
"...okkkkayyyy. sure." Molly said, realizing once again she was talking to herself before doing as her mother had instructed her only without actually opening the door yet "and this is why this sucks. I will be friendless here. At least in New York I had Emily."
"are you seriously having a conversation with a door?" a snide voice mocked from behind her.
"Go away brat." she responded without even glancing behind her.
"awe, and I thought we had bonded so well outside."
"fine. whatever." with those words Molly heard a door slam.
Reaching out to open the door Molly was to put it mildly fairly shocked when she saw stairs. Shrugging and heading up them she gasped in shock when her head got high enough to see the room she now had. It had to be as large as the whole house. Quickly heading up the rest of the stairs she looked around the room and nearly squealed. The ceilings were steepled reaching the walls about 4 feet from the floor, the entire left wall even had book sheleves built into it under the ceiling. Her desk was directly in front of her, put up against a surprisingly large window (which was angled in such a way that it sort of qualified as a sky light), behind her was her deliciously large new queen sized bed, and on the right side of the room was a futon and a entertainment center. Molly quickly turned around and ran down the stairs and shouted,
"Ok. Not mad anymore."
"Your welcome." was yelled in reply before the teen ran back upstairs and started setting up her room.

Molly had three days to completely settle her room and get used to living in what she had taken to referring to as the "Great Frozen North" before she had to face her new highschool. And just like anything a person dreads, that day came a lot faster then she felt it should have.
"MOLLY ANN O'CONNEL! If you are NOT up, dressed, and downstairs in the next fifteen minutes I am going to drag you out of bed myself!" was screamed up the stairs by her mother.
"I'm up!" Molly yelled back down in response hoping her mom didn't come upstairs and see her still sitting in the middle of her bed in her underwear that she had dozed off in 20 minutes prior, "five fucking thirty in the morning. This is disgusting. It's still dark out." Molly mumbled as she stumbled around her room getting dressed in a pair of too long kahkis, a long sleeved green thermal, and a black beatles t-shirt before pulling on her black low top chucks while simultaniously trying to go down the stairs. This needless to say resulted in a large crash and collision with the hallway floor.
Picking herself off the floor and glaring at her cackling brother she headed into the bathroom. Taking off her purple "emo" glasses (as her friends back home had taken to calling them) she went about unbraiding her waist length 'mouse brown' hair, brushing it, and re-braiding it into pigtail braids. Brushing her teeth and throwing on a little foundation, mascara and chapstick and slipping her glasses back on Molly O'Conell was ready to face the world, or at least ready to face the students at Glenbrook South High School.
Walking out of the bathroom and downstairs into the kitchen she was faced with the usual sight of her parents practically ignoring each other while having coffee and reading the paper, Sean slurping cereal and reading a comic, and a glass of tea at her seat. Sitting down she mumbled a good morning, which was consequently ignored by all parties it was directed at, the teen drank her tea and waited for someone to say something. She still hadn't figured out why her parents even pretended anymore.
Ten minutes later and Maureen broke the silence.
"Ok you two, the bus will be here in about 5 minutes. So leave."
"yes mother." Two dejected voices responded as the two teens left the table. Molly followed her younger brother towards the front door of the house and picked up her own black side bag from near the door as they put on their coats, hats, gloves, and scarves (Illinois was a hell of a lot colder then Long Island had been they had quickly discovered) before heading out to the bus.
Standing on the corner near their house they were surprised to see no one else.
"Do you think we missed the bus?" Sean asked her.
"Nope, Mom and Dad said we don't have a lot of neighbors our age directly around here or something."
"Ok brat. Here are the ground rules- they're the same as back at home. I won't pretend your not my brother but if you make my life a living hell by being an annoying brat I will make sure no one wants to date you even after you get to college."
"and I still say there is no way you can do that."
"you really want to take that bet?" with her final statement the large yellow school bus roared up to the corner and opened its doors in front of them. The two teens stepped on and headed for seats as far away from the other as they could possibly manage.

A/N: I know this was long and wordy but the house is going to play a fairly important role so I wanted a good picture in your mind's eye. If you've ever seen 7th Heaven, I stole their house and stuck Molly's room on top of it in the attic. I also tend to like descripitive terminology.
I promise stuff will happen soon. I swear. Esspecially since I got my schedule for next week and I'm only working 2 shifts. I'm gonna try to post another chapter tonight.
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