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3. All In All You're Just Another Brick in the Wall

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in which Molly attempts to navigate her first day at GBS and meets an interesting new friend in an interesting new way.

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The bus made a few more stops before finally heading in the direction of Glenbrook South. Molly had noticed that most of the kids appeared to be just as cookie cutter as her neighborhood. Everyone was wearing Abercrombie or Guess, the girls all carried Louis or Chanel, and the bus even smelled like a bath and body works.
Stepping off the bus Molly glanced around and just saw more of the same types of kids piling into the large brick building in front of her. Self-consciously yanking at the hem of her thrift store pea coat she adjusted her bag and stepped into the throng of students heading off to learn.
The inside of the school wasn't much better, in fact it was worse. Once inside the coats covering up the designer wear came off and hundreds of dollars in jewlery was revealed alongside the clothing.
"This is ridiculous" Molly whispered to herself as she pulled out the schedule she had recieved the night before from her mother. Written on it was also her locker number, luckily she was expected to provide the combination lock so Molly was just planning on using the lock from her first two and a half years of highschool.
"Number 258. 258. damnit." Looking around for someone who didn't look like they belonged on a magazine ad for 'Rich Kids 'R' Us' and trying not to panic when all she saw was big hair and fake nails, Molly finally spotted someone who might be able to help her. A teacher.
"excuse me?"
"...yes?" The teacher was a female, about Molly's parents age, with short blonde hair and thankfully a very bright smile.
"I'm new. I'm Molly. I'm lost. Help?" Molly squeaked out trying not to sound as pathetic as she was starting to feel.
"let me see your schedule." Taking the schedule from Molly the woman smiled and said "well, you have me for first period in this classroom," with those words she pointed to the door she was standing in front of "in about fifteen minutes. And your locker is 258. Go on flight up those stairs down the hall, make a right and it should be just above where we are right now."
"thank you so much. Ms...Ms..." Molly said smiling as she backed away towards the stairwell
"Ms. Daniels." Molly finished the name as she turned and strolled towards the stairs, but turned back when she heard a voice say her name.
"Molly...don't be late." With those final words the teen dashed in the direction of where her locker should be to get settled for the rest of the day.
After navigating a crowded stairwell, finding her locker, stuffing her coat into it, throwing a small mirror onto the door along with a picture of Johnny Depp Molly was ready to head to her first class of the day. Closing the door and locking she turned only to slam right into someone and fall flat on her back in the middle of the hallway.
"are you ok?" said a nervous male voice from above Molly's head. When she looked up she was surprised to find a pair of puppy dog eyes looking worriedly down at her from under a mop of shaggy brown hair.
"I think I may yet live to see another day."
"oh good. I'd hate to think I broke one of the only other normal people here at GBS."
"huh?" Molly articulated efficiantly from her spot on the floor just as the warning bell rang "Shit!"
"Maybe you should get up?" the boy said holding out his hand to help her off the floor while simultaneously closing his own locker door, the one that was next to Molly's she noticed. "Anyway, we should get getting off to classes. I'm Matt. Do you know where you're headed?"
"Molly. It's nice to meet you. Yea, downstairs. Ms. Daniels for English Lit." With that statement the two teens continued their conversation in motion as they headed down the stairs and into the first floor hallway.
"ahhh....Daniels is a slave driver. But she's a great teacher. Just be ready to work your cute little ass off in her class."
"cute little ass?"
"uhh...nicely shaped posterior?"
"ha ha. very funny."
"what I thought so."
"Ok. So I just met you and already I'm not sure if I should be liking you at all. Let's see, so far we have battery, sexual harrassment, and now we should add stalking to your rap sheet. Don't you have a class to get to?" Molly said getting exasperated with her new aquaitence as they stopped in front of room 128, Ms. Daniel's English Lit 11 classroom.
"I do in fact have a class to get to. But you need to step about a foot to the left or right so that I can enter it and go sit down."
"well you see Molly. I'm in your first class. That'd be how I knew how hard Daniels is. I'll see you inside when you stop resembling a fish. I'll save you a seat."
Molly stepped aside slightly as Matt slipped past her and into the classroom. Not even a minute later the final bell rang and Molly jumped before dashing inside and into the back of the class where Matt was pointing at the seat right next to him.
"welcome to GBS Molly. Fasten your seatbelt."
"ugh." Molly groaned as she flopped her head onto her desk at the sound of Matt's laughter.
"Ok class....Today we have a new student. Her name is Molly O'Conell..." Ms. Laura Daniels began Molly's first period at Glenbrook South High School with that statement as she closed the door.
To say the rest of the day went smoothly would be an understatement. Thankfully Matt had decided he'd tortured his new friend enough and had helped Molly figure out where the rest of her classes were. As thanks she decided not to kick his ass and even ate lunch with him.
"Oh I'll be forever grateful. Really I will." was his response to the statement that SHE would eat with HIM. "but just so you know I usually eat in the radio station office with my friends."
"So why don't we eat there then?" Molly asked while glancing around the abercrombieland that was the cafeteria.
"'cause I don't think your quite ready to handle Elyse and Patrick quite yet. They're a bit of a trip to put it mildly."
"Elyse and Patrick? Trips? What?"
"Let me put it this way Molly. You, me, Elyse and Patrick may be the only four people in this school that know what music produced by real instruments sounds like. Does that spell it out plainly enough for you?"
"Ok...I get it. But why can't I meet them yet?"
"Patrick is a bit socially awkard and freaks out sometimes when I spring new people on him without warning. And Elyse has her show right now and doesn't like people she doesn't know in the studio while she's running it."
"right so they're weird."
"yea pretty much."
"see...all you had to do was say 'Molly, my friend's are weird.' I could have accepted that. but no you had to go off on a bit ol thing about how they're 'trips' and stuff."
"shut up and eat your sandwich."
The rest of the day went like that. Molly had 4 periods out of 8 including lunch with Matt so there was plenty of time for them to banter about absolutly nothing in order to pass the rest of the day.
Once the final bell had rung and they were at their lockers gathering their things Molly decided to try one more time.
"Please can I meet your friends? I need more friends. I need friends who know what a guitar is used for."
"...did you seriously think I wasn't going to introduce you? Hell you have chemistry with Patrick and Math with Elyse." Matt asked with a confused tone to his usually light hearted voice.
"I do?"
"yea...she cuts class a lot. and Patrick...well...Patrick blends."
"Oh?....OH!! Is he the kid with the glasses and the funny sweater?"
"yea. That'd be Patrick. I'll introduce you all tomorrow at some point. You have 5th after lunch free right?"
"yea why?"
"we'll hang at the radio station during lunch and 5th. They'll just have to deal with it. Ok well I have to go, I've got work in a half hour. I'll see you tomorrow Molly." With that final sentence Matt headed into the parking lot and towards a clunker of a car that Molly could see the boy from her chemistry class leaning against. Shaking her head at the whirlwhind her first day had been Molly headed towards where her bus was supposed to be and climbed on wondering just exactly what the next day would bring when she would meet these "trips" that Matt had described.

a/n: read. review? I'm a little nervous about this one. Obviously the boys will start to come into play in the next chapter.
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