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Authors Note Part 2

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just some quick words to the faithful reader.

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The Music of "Would You Believe Me If I Said I Didn't Need You?"

Hey guys,

Just a quick little note 'cause a friend of mine is reading this for me before I post anything and she said that I should call attention to the "soundtrack". All my chapter titles are lyrics from songs and I pick them based upon what I write in that chapter. So they should all tie in nicely.
I'll put each song at the end of the chapters (in little notes) but for the first few chapters it was:

Title: Would You Believe Me... : Skeptics and True Believers by The Academy Is...
Chapter 1: Never Saw It Coming: Anybody by The Pat McGee Band
Chapter 2: Home Is Fine I Guess: Indifference by Jessica Riddle
Chapter 3: All In All Your Just Another Brick in the Wall: Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd

I've briefly outlined up to 20 chapters so far and I haven't even reached "2002" yet. So...this story may get slightly epic. I hope I can hold your attention with it. So far the same 3 people are reviewing and I love you guys for it and even if your the only ones who keep it up I'll still write but maybe...if you really like it recomend it to people? Shamlessly plug. I don't care lol.

Love you guys,
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