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4. I Thought You Were Singing Your Heart Out To Me

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2nd day at school. Molly finally meets Patrick and Elyse. "Trippiness" ensues. Matt possibly looses the ability to have children in the future.

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The next day Molly arrived back at GBS and once again headed through the crowd of crazy rich kids. And they were crazy, or at least the girls were.
'Who wears tank tops in February?' She thought to herself while taking off her coat and catching sight of her own reflection in her locker mirror. Staring back was a short, 5 feet 1 and 1/2 inch to be exact, girl with long brown hair currently braided in pig tails as always, glasses and some minimal makeup. Her outfit, once again as per usual, consisted of a band tee (today it was Led Zeppelin) over a white long sleeved button down top and a pair of jeans, with blue Chuck Taylor's. 'yup, who wears tank tops in February?'
Molly slammed her locker door shut once she had all her stuff for the first four periods before lunch and looked up and down the hallway for Matt. Once the warning bell rang she decided heading to class might be her best option since he obviously wasn't at school yet. Once Molly reached Ms. Daniel's class she once sat in the back, slouched down, and started writing. Ignoring this teacher was never a good idea but without Matt there to keep her attention off her own work and on the board Molly soon realized she was lost. Esspecially when the teacher in question decided to stop by her desk.
"Molly..." she heard her name whispered and glanced up to see Ms. Daniels staring back down at her and the rest of the class watching as well.
"yes?" Molly answered deciding that playing it cool might be her best option right now.
"Consider this your one warning. Put it away."
"...sure. whatever. I was done anyway." Although someone should have really explained to Molly what 'playing it cool' meant as Ms. Daniels right eyebrow almost reached her hairline in suprise at the answer she recieved from a student. The bell finally rang and Molly set about the rest of her day. Matt still no where in sight. This Elyse girl was still completely M.I.A. as far as Molly knew because she certainly was not in third period Math class either.
Finally fourth period rolled around and that meant a two period break. Lunch and a free/study hall period. As a junior this meant Molly could do whatever she wanted for almost two hours as long as she stayed on campus . Grabbing her lunch out of her locker, after yesterday's debacle of trying to find edible food Molly decided brown bagging it was the way to go from now on, she considered her options. The first was the cafeteria by herself as she still hadn't spoken to anyone but Matt. In fact, it seemed her lack of designer things had set her apart as a bit of a social pariah. She was possibly just cool looking enough to not get made fun of, but no one really wanted to be friends with her either. Or option B, she could go to the radio station and introduce herself to Elyse and Patrick. Feeling margianlly braver then usual, and assuming Matt had mentioned her at least when he obviously drove Patrick home yesterday Molly went with option B.
Molly walked up the three flights of stairs to the fourth floor of the school where the activities were held, including the two large classrooms that had been transformed into a radio station. Stopping outside the door she observed the outside, a mural of music notes and records and things of that nature covered the wall outside the station, a glass window showed the hallway what was going on inside the actual operations portion of the station, while the hangout/office area was behind the door and wall. She could tell by the blinking lights on the board that someone was in there, but no one was actually sitting behind the mic. Shrugging to herself Molly walked into the room and was greeted by melodic drums and guitars, turned up incredibly loudly. And almost dancing around the office while pulling cd's was the boy from her chemistry class. Floppy hair that didn't seem like it could decide if it was red or blonde, big glasses, tight jeans that Molly observed fit very nicely, and an Operation Ivy t-shirt. All of these things were on the form of the most adorable boy Molly thought she had ever observed. And he was singing. Loudly. along with the Gin Blossoms.
Once the song ended and faded into of all things a David Bowie track Molly started applauding and whistling. This unfortunately also resulted in the boy jumping, turning, dropping the 5 cds he had been holding and looking like he was going to keel over in shock.
"Hi!" Molly said with a big grin, hoping this kid didn't freak out like Matt had implied he might.
"I'm Molly. You're Patrick. I thought we could be friends. And now that I know you like the Gin Blossoms and Bowie I know we're going to be friends." She figured that maybe taking charge of the situation would avoid any potential freak outs.
"quite articulate for someone who was just serenading me."
"uhh....oh! you're that chick." Suddenly Molly wasn't so sure that going with option B had been her best bet.
"chick? yea, you are definitly friends with Matt. Listen, I'm sorry for busting in on you. Really I am but I didn't want to eat by myself and Matt isn't here today. So do you think I could eat here? I know you don't like people that you don't know..."
"Oh...yea it's fine. Why would you think it wouldn't be?"
"Matt said..."
"...that Elyse and I freak out over little shit right? We'll he was fucking with you. I like new people. In fact, if you hadn't run out of class so quick yesterday I would have introduced myself then. Hell Elyse mentioned seeing 'a girl wearing normal clothes' around and she wants to meet you too." Molly immediately started contemplating all the different ways she could assure that Matt Jennings would never reproduce.
"And now I finally get to." A voice suddenly chimed from behind Molly causing her to jump and turn around and basically imitate Patrick from earlier, only she dropped her sandwich and not cds. "sorry bout that." finished a girl with short curly blonde hair that was streaked with pink as she moved past Molly and into the room with the controls. Molly suddenly felt she was looking at an ad for Hot Topic. This model beautiful girl with big blue eyes, a nose ring, wearing a freaking corset in black, black jeans, and a long loose knit black sweater over all of it, a big studded belt hung around her waist, and high buckle boots were over her feet. Heavy, and yet incredibly artfully tasteful, makeup covered her face as well.
As the Bowie song ended the girl pushed a switch and said into the mircophone,
"And that was the illustrious Mr. Ziggy Stardust himself, better known as David Bowie, preceeded by the Gin Blossoms, and I am Ms. Elyse Reilly your lunchtime DJ for the next half hour. Here's a song called 'Tomorrow' by an Australian band Silverchair, if you don't know them I suggest you fix that problem right away." Pushing another switch Daniel John's guitar filled the room and Elyse got up and walked back into the office.
" where were we? You're Molly right? Matt said I would love you. I think I agree."
Molly blinked in surprise as she was led by this practically mothering blonde over to a table and set up to eat her lunch with these two kids.
'well, Matt didn't lie. They are a bit of a trip.' Molly thought to herself as she was dragged into a conversation about music and the subcultures that go along with it. 'I think this place might not be so bad anymore'

A/N: Title is from "A Change Would Do You Good" by Sheryl Crow.
I know this one is shorter then I had originally planned, but after I wrote about a 16 year old Patrick dancing around to 'Follow You Down' my muse went kablewy. I'm gonna write more after work/New Years partying. Hopefully update again really late tonight.
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