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5. She Says That Love Is For Fools That Fall Behind

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in which Molly and Elyse finally bond in a day of shopping. Also in which Molly changes things up a little bit in "celebration" of her move to a new city.

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The rest of the week passed in a blur for Molly, as for the first time in her life she had people she felt she could call real friends. Matt, Patrick and Elyse didn't care if she went off into her own little world every once in a while. They quickly learned that all they needed to do was poke Molly or snap their fingers in front of her and she was back. Matt just decided during those next three days that when she wrote the next great american novel he was going to be her publicist. To which Elyse replied "the only thing you are good at drawing attention to is yourself."
However, during that week Molly also learned that hanging out with her new friends after school was apparently like trying to squeeze water from a rock. Patrick either had to work or go to band practice. Matt worked every day after school and then threw himself into his schoolwork, which went a long way to blowing his stoned hippie image out of the water. 'slacker my ass' Molly found herself thinking about Matt on more the one occassion during that first week. And then there was Elyse. Molly had never met a busier teenager in her life. If she wasn't doing something with the school radio station she was working at the mall's Hot Topic. And then if she wasn't at one of those two places she was doing a couple of hours intern work at a radio station in Chicago.
Finally Molly's second Friday at GBS rolled around and Molly found herself packing up to head home for what she was hoping wasn't another boring weekend by herself. 'maybe finding a job would be a good idea' Molly contemplated while stuffing books into her bag when suddenly her locker door slammed shut. Molly's head snapped up and her grey eyes met Elyse's blue set.
"yes?" Molly asked.
"you. me. shopping. Chicago. tomorrow."
"ok. why. are. we. talking. like. robots.?"
"Don't be cute."
"Can I come?" Matt interjected both verbally and physically as he slipped in behind them, threw his arms around their shoulders and started steering them towards the stairs.
"No," Elyse said shoving him off of her, "it's going to be a girls day. You and Patrick can go scratch and watch football or something."
"Uh...first off when have you ever known Patrick or me to watch football? Secondly I wanna hang out!" Matt finished with a whine. Unfortunatly for him his whine caused Molly to also get disgusted and shove him off of her shoulders, which caused him to stumble into the wall. "ow"
"payback's a bitch." Molly responded with a giggle as her and Elyse glanced at Matt glaring at them from the floor before taking off down the hallway.
"THAT'S RIGHT! YOU BETTER RUN!" he mock screamed at them as Patrick walked up and just stared after the girls before looking down at Matt and asking,
"What did you do now?"
"shut up and help me."
A few hours later Molly and Elyse were sprawled out on the futon in Molly's room eating every piece of junkfood they could get their hand's on from the kitchen.
"I love it when my parents fight." Molly said around a spoon of Ben and Jerry's.
"'re weird." Elyse responded with her own mouth full of oreos.
"what? Its the natural progession of things. They fight. They throw around the word divorce. It freaks out Jamie. They buy junk food."
"I reiterate. You're weird. My parents are divorced and we are all much happier for it. Trust me, if they can't stand each other that much it'd be healthier for all parties involved if they just split up."
"They won't get divorced. They would rather fake being happy and in love at all my Dad's different company gatherings and make my little brother think he has the perfect parents then go through the problems a divorce would cause. Besides, they're not that unhappy. They still talk to each other. On occasion."
"Molly, people don't fake being in love. They either are or they aren't. Your parents just aren't anymore."
"I don't think they really ever were in love, if it even exists. You haven't really met my parents until you've seen them in the same room together. They've barely had a civil conversation since I was fourteen."
"...sure. Ok. Listen I gotta go, my mom expects me to clean the kitchen tonight, but tomorrow morning I will pick you up at ten and we're going to go shop til we drop. You need new clothes. and possibly a haircut."
"uhh...what? No. I'm..." Molly trailed off as Elyse ran down the stairs and out of her room. "great."
The next morning Molly was up and dressed waiting for Elyse to pull up to the house. When she spotted Elyse's purple Jetta pull up she yelled that she was leaving and dashed out of the house. This morning had been particularly disturbing. Her parents were making out in the kitchen.
"Whats up?" Elyse asked as she backed the car out of the driveway and pulled into traffic.
"Oh not much. But my parents were making out this morning in the middle of the kitchen."
"oh ew. That's nasty dude."
"nah. it was nice."
"I thought you liked it when they fought?"
"No. I like the reprecussions from the fights. This is nicer."
"yea and like I said yesterday, you're weird. I still like you though."
The two girls laughed at that as Elyse pulled onto the highway and headed south into Chicago.
The day they had could probably be described in one word: Crazy. It also included conversations that went something like these:
"I'm telling you Mol, shorter is better. You've got great legs."
"Its February!"
"That's what leggings and stockings are for."
"Seriously, trust me on this. It isn't going to hurt, well, it isn't going to hurt much. Your belly button is the best place to start. Wait a second, do you only have two holes in your ears?"
"Would you just trust me for once in your life."
"Hey I just met you two weeks ago and I seriously think you might be out of your mind."
"never the less, I get a discount here. We are buying you shit. You can afford it."
"Ok...I know this is a lot to ask but Molly...your hair is sort of, childish."
By the end of the day Molly O'Conell had been turned into another person. As Cher and Dionne would have said "Project!"
It wasn't until later on when Elyse dropped her off and told Molly she would see her on Monday while reminding her to bring a camera to catch the looks on the boys faces did Molly realize exactly what she had done. 'I really hope Mom doesn't kill me' she thought to herself as she walked into the house lugging bags upon bags from places like Hot Topic, Tower Records, Spencers, Sephora, and Victoria's Secret. Elyse had insisted firmly on that last one after seeing the slightly 'grannyish' bras Molly had been wearing in the dressing rooms.
"Holy Shit! Mom is gonna kill you." was the first thing Molly heard as she stepped into the front hallway. Sean was standing there on the stairs holding a cookie with his mouth hanging open. With good reason too. Molly's once nearly waist length hair had been chopped off to her chin, and styled into a shaggy (very adorable) angled bob. It was also now streaked with a very deep red and a dark brown, "skunking" the chestnut had actually been her own idea. While her face looked like an ad for Urban Decay makup.
"Mom won't care you jerk. Dad's the one I'm worried about." Molly shot back in exasperation.
"uhh...well either way. It was nice knowing you. Hey did you get a piercing?" Sean added staring at her ears which now had four extra holes in them, one on each lobe one upper cartelidge piercing, and one through her tragus.
"uhh...yes." Choosing to ignore the one in her belly button he couldn't see.
"good. forget what I said about the clothes and hair. They are really gonna kill you for that one."
After that final statement the two teens heard smashing glass and screaming start from the kitchen and without another word they both turned and walked upstairs. Suddenly Molly's physical appearance didn't seem to matter as much.
'yup. I doubt they'll even notice for a good week at least at this point. So much for this morning.'
"Hey Mol?" Her brother started before she had a chance to get up the stairs to her attic room.
"Why'd you do it?" He asked, and Molly knew he was referring to her hair more so then anything else.
"'cause I wanted to. I just hadn't met anyone who had the guts to force me to do something I wanted to do and was too scared to do before."
"ok...just as long as you actually wanted to."
"Nah, I really did Sean. and before you get all humanitarian on me, yes I donated my hair. I'm gonna go upstairs and sleep. If Mom or Dad come up for air and remember the rest of us tell them I ate at the mall."
With those final words to her brother Molly headed upstairs, dropped her stuff on the futon and flopped onto her bed to stare at the ceiling until she fell asleep.

A/N: I hope this length makes up for the shortness of the last chapter.
chapter title from: "Shimmer" by Fuel.

Next Chapter tomorrow night (technically tonight): Reactions (and non-reactions) to Molly's new "look". and Patrick and Molly have their day in the "sun". They hang out together outside of school.
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