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6. I Could Be The One To Be Your Next Best Friend

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In which Patrick wakes Molly up so she can play with him. They get fairly close during this process as well.

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The next morning Molly was awakened by porn music, also known as the Fraggle Rock Theme as her cell phone ring tone. Grabbing the offending object she flipped it open without checking the ID first and mumbled, "If you're not bleeding to death there better be a good reason for calling this early on a Sunday."
"Its one in the afternoon." was the response she recieved, spoken in a voice that was vaugly familiar but to her sleep fogged mind just wasn't registering.
"It's Patrick sleepy head. Now get dressed and come play with me."
"...but I haven't even gotten a dinner out of this yet."
"ha. ha. ha. Seriously though I'm bored and Matt's at work. Come play."
"Play what? Besides don't you have band people to hang out with. I know Matt isn't your only friend."
"They're busy too. And yes Matt isn't my only friend--thus calling you."
"So I'm like the last resort huh?"
"Oh fine. Don't whine. Its so fem. I'll be over in an hour." with that final sentence she hung up on him and rolled out of bed.
Pawing through her closet full of new clothes Molly finally settled on a new pair of black flared cords and a black sweater vest over a black button down shirt with black chucks. After a shower and dressing she blow dryed her hair quickly using the "bed head" gunk Elyse had made her buy to make it look "just sexed." Decided against tackling any crazy makeup Molly settled for just her usual makeup routine. Afterall, it was just Patrick.
It wasn't until she was ready to leave did she realize she had no clue where Patrick actually lived.
"Stupid half asleep self." Molly berated herself in the middle of the front hallway.
"Talking to yourself is a sign of craziness my dear and oh my lord what the fuck did you do to your head?"
"Hi mom. You like?"
"uhh...actually yes. It's fitting. and the color occurs in nature so that's a good thing too. Those new clothes too?"
"How much did you spend?"
"I used the card Dad gave me when he felt guilty for letting Sean go snowboarding with his friends last year."
"....Molly Ann...ya know what, nevermind. Unlike your brother you don't spend money normally. Just don't do it again. However, if you get anymore holes other then those extra ones, yes I saw them, in your ears we will most definitly be having words."
Molly stared at her mother in shock over the total lack of grounding she had just recieved and asked,
"you mean, that's it? No punishment. Nothing?"
"What am I going to do? Punish you for finally taking an interest in your appearance. I think that would be counter productive. You look pretty for once."
"umm..yea. Thanks mom. I'm going out."
"bye." Molly watched her mother continue her way upstairs and seriously wondered not for the first time why her parents even bothered having kids.
/' what to do about this predici..'/Molly's musings were cut off by Fraggle Rock once again starting to ring from her pocket. Glancing down at the ID screen she was a little suprised to see PATRICK STUMPH staring back at her.
"Hey, so are you coming outside anytime soon?" was his response followed by the beep of a horn.
"yea. oh. come on already!" Patrick added before hanging up on his end.
Molly rushed out and almost fell over in shock at the BMW sitting in her driveway.
"You're one of THEM!" Molly said in a mock accusing tone referencing the wealthy families that lived in the area.
"yea and so are you. Have you noticed where we live yet? But I will like to let the record show this is my dad's car. Not mine."
"good point. So what's the plan?" Molly asked as Patrick carefully backed out of the driveway.
"eh, food at some point. video games? fuck around with my guitar?"
"will your guitar at least buy me dinner first?"
"Hey I totally said we're going to be getting food ms. sex on the brain."
"Did I ever once say the word sex? No I did not. Who has sex on the brain Mr. Stumph?"
" conversation topic." Patrick segued about as subtly as a bull in a china shop as he pulled up to a house that was much less obvious when compared to Molly's home.
"I'm bad at that game. Let's get food. You woke me up."
"ok food it is. Inside, my mom made chicken parm and ziti last night." Patrick told Molly as they walked up to the front door and into the house.
"sweet." was the shorter, but not by much, brunette's response.
Molly followed Patrick up a short flight of stairs and to the left into a large kitchen where a woman whose whole appearance just screamed the word "mom" sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee and flipping through the newspaper.
"Patty-cakes," Mrs. Stumph began not noticing how incredibly red her son's face began turning at the use of the dreaded nickname, "can you do me a favor and grab the step ladder out of the oh your're not alone. Hi dear, I'm Patricks mother, Pat."
"Hi Mrs. Stumph it's nice to meet you. I'm Molly."
"Oh, so THIS is Molly." Pat Stumph said with more then a little bit of teasing to her voice.
"Mom..." Patrick's voice took on a warning tone that probably was bordering on pleading.
"Oh alright. I'm just teasing dear. Its very nice to meet you. There is food in the fridge, I was just about to head out grocery shopping. Oh and Patrick please get the step ladder out of the garage for me. Bye kids." The interesting little woman bustled out of the room and down the stairs and Molly turned to Patrick and said,
"She calls you"
"DON'T say it," He warned, again with that half begging tone to his voice causing Molly to fall into a fit of giggles in the middle of his kitchen. "oh fine. Be that way." he grumbled in response to her laughter and began gathering food from the fridge. "The plates are in the cabinet behind you. Grab them?"
"yea sure." Molly agreed pulling herself together and only letting a few more snickers leak out at the thought of the nickname. Finally she gave into her temptation as she turned and handed him the plates, adding "Here are the plates patty-cakes."
""SHUT UP!" he retorted, trying not to show his bright red cheeks under his red... blonde...whatever hair. Piling some of the leftover food onto his plate, he turned to Molly. "You do realize I have complete control of the radio station and could make your life a living hell..."
"You couldn't.... you don't know that much about me."
"Oh, but I could... you spent all day yesterday with Elyse, I'm sure I can get something out of her."
"...well that's just shitty." She responded as Patrick put their plates in the microwave.
"Nope. It's smart." He stood there smirking at her for the whole two minutes that it took until the appliance beeped. "Now, let's eat."
The two teens sat down at the table and practically inhaled the food. About ten minutes later when they were both done Molly turned to Patrick and said,
"seriously, feel free to invite me over anytime. Your mom rocks. My mom can't even heat up soup."
"Really? that's kinda..depressing. How is that even actually possible?"
"well, she's society." Molly stated as though that explained everything.
"Society? Pardon my crudeness but what the fuck?"
"Yea, she's a society mother. Grew up wealthy on the east end of long island, my grandparents own vinyards, met my dad when he was in law school and married him. Then apparently was having a good year and didn't freak out when he decided to work as a procecuter. They moved to the south shore area around Farmingdale, which I'm sure means nothing to you, and my dad made enough money to support three kids and a wife. Then about two years ago my mom started arguing with him and the next thing I know he's working for a corporate law firm and we moved all the way down to the water streets in Massapequa. Then promotion, and here we are."
"A good year?"
"nevermind. let's go do something."
"uhh...sure. Come on all the fun stuff is upstairs in my room."
"...god what is with you and the sex?"
"MOLLY!" Patrick blushed again as he yelled at her which just caused the younger girl to crack up even harder as they walked up the stairs.
Once they entered Patrick's room Molly immediatly started looking around as Patrick flopped down onto a large bean bag in the middle of the room and picked up an acoustic guitar to strum while he observed her basically observing him. She also started taking mental notes on his likes and dislikes based on the room. Elyse had mentioned Patrick's birthday being at the end of April and Molly was a firm believer in it never being too early to start shopping for people. The random posters of punk bands, classic rock bands, and other things were what stuck out in her mind strongest. There was also a keyboard and a few guitars in stands in the corner of the room. Once she reached his cd collection however she was enthralled.
"Damn boy, do you have enough cds?"
"There are more under the bed in boxes." He replied off handedly as he worked on retuning his F string. Molly glanced up in surprise from the shelf she had been looking at to go over to the bed and lift the green dust ruffle only to see four large cases of cd's. Whistling to herself she turned back to the ones that she had easy access to.
"Can I put something on?"
"Yea, sure. Go ahead. I'll be right back." Patrick stood up, placed his guitar on the bed and walked out of the room leaving Molly to peruse his cd's. After completely going through the cd's on the shelf and only finding things like Led Zeppelin, Bowie, Elvis Costello, Operation Ivy, Green Day and other bands that she could and would listen to on a regular basis anyway Molly decided to attack the cd's that he was hiding under his bed. Under there she also only found things by bands she loved or at least tolerated and respected.
"Come on. You have to have something ridiculous in here somewhere." Molly mumbled to herself before opening a smaller fifth box also labeled "cd's" and struck gold. Cracking up to herself Molly quickly grabbed the top cd from the box and put it in Patrick's cd player before switching to track seven and immediately rocking out.
When Patrick walked back into his room a minute or so later he froze in shock at seeing a five foot tall brunette line dancing across his bedroom and belting out at the top of her lungs,
"She think's my tractor's sexy...It really turns her on...She's always staring at me...While I'm chugging along...She likes the way it's pullin' while we're tillin up the land..."
After a few more seconds Patrick decided he couldn't take it any longer and grabbed his cd player remote off his dresser and hit stop.
"...She thinks my tract, HEY!" Molly stopped singing abruptly as she realized there was no longer any music.
"Molly, don't take this the wrong way or anything...but you can make fun of me for having Kenny Chesney cd's all you want. You can even do it in front of other people if you promise me you will never sing ever again."
"That bad?" Molly asked with acceptance.
"And worse." Patrick responded with a solomn nod which caused both of them to start to laugh.
" said something about video games?" Molly asked after a few minutes of giggles from both parties.
"Yup, good shit too. Donkey Kong, I will kick your ass."
"Ha. yea right bitch." With the gauntlet thrown the two teenagers settled in for an afternoon of video games, junk food, music, and bonding. They discovered they both had a passion for ska, Molly was surprised to find out that Patrick actually had a pretty big love for hip-hop, it was decided that he would teach her to play the guitar for shits and giggles, and that they both adored argyle more then was a little bit healthy.
A few hours later Patrick dropped Molly back off at home and once they reached her front door he shocked both of them by reaching over and giving Molly a big hug.
"What was that for?" Molly asked in shock.
"Hanging out with me. Having more in common with me then most of my friends have had growing up. Not mocking my choices in guilty pleasure music."
"Did you miss the fact that I knew all the words?"
"Nope. I figure this way we've both got something to hold over the other's head."
"How do you have everyone fooled that you are the shy quiet helpless little boy?" Molly questioned as she unlocked and opened the front door of her house.
"My angelic good looks and its all about the glasses."
"Ha. Yea angelic my ass. Night Patty-Cakes." She shot back as she quickly jumped inside and shut the door.
"MOLLY!" was the response she heard from Patrick as she pictured him standing on her front porch hands over his face and shaking his head.

A/N: Title is from "Sleepwalker" by The Wallflowers. Its 1:40am can't think of anything else to add in here right now.

Coming up: February has ended and March begins, and with that the announcement of the Spring Fling and Molly meets the rest of FOB.
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