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What happened the morning after the nightmare.......

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Chapter 2- The Morning After

Summary: What happened the morning after the nightmare.......

Warnings: Consensual homosexual activity

Disclaimer: The original characters come from the mind of J K Rowling. I don't own them and I'm certainly not making any profit from this.

Notes: My beta reader inspired me to write this ending but rather than add it to the end of the last part, I thought I'd add it as a single chapter.

Beta: (Live Journal and Greatest Journal)

Dedication: Julie, my beta reader wanted this and so this is for her.

Review: Yes please

Remus was having a dream. He was in the library but all the books on the table had no writing on any of the pages. And yet in the dream Remus kept writing and writing. He could see no legible words as he wrote on the parchment and yet he kept writing. There were voices around him talking:

".... flick the wand and......"

".... what makes the Muggles an interesting......."

"..... please remember that when stirring...."

"Look up Remus. Look up."

At the sound of his name, Remus looked up and saw Sirius leaning over the table his figure placing a shadow over his work. Remus could see Sirius' features clearly. His face was full of concern and yet he was smiling with his long hair black hair almost covering his face.

"Wake up, Remus...."

"No.... must study...."

"I need you to wake up, Remus. Please wake up, baby......"

At that moment, his eyes shot open and within a few seconds, he realised three things: first, due to the large amount of light coming in through the drapes, it was morning; second, he saw that he was still in Sirius's bed and third, Sirius was already awake and staring at him.

He moaned and buried into Sirius' pillow feeling embarrassed "Oh no."

Sirius chuckled, "Well that's a fine good morning."

"I'm sorry, Sirius."

"For what?"

"For being here in this situation."

Sirius chuckled, "Well, I must admit I'm curious to know why you are in my bed."

"I heard you whimpering and moving in your sleep. You sounded in distress so I decided to comfort you."

Sirius wrapped his arms around Remus, "I know. I heard you."

Remus asked, "You heard me?"

Sirius stroked a strand of Remus' brown mop of brown hair absentmindedly. "At least I think I did. You entered my dream and you held out your hand and hold me that everything was okay and that..... that...... that..." Sirius knew he was stuttering so he cut off his sentence.

Remus took hold of Sirius' hand that was stroking his hair. "and what?"

Sirius suddenly felt nervous and for a moment, his confidence had gone. He knew Remus would laugh at him if he told the truth. He focused his gaze at Remus' hand covering his own and idly stroked Remus' fingers softly with his thumb. Remus let go of his hold of Sirius; hand and cupped his friend's face in his hands. He stared into Sirius' grey eyes and saw fear, something he had never seen before in his usually confident friend. He leaned forward until their noses were touching and Sirius' eyes became one.

He whispered, "Please tell me, Sirius."

Sirius caressed Remus' face "I heard you say that you loved me." With the truth out, he chuckled, "Mad isn't it?"

Remus smiled back at him "It's not madness because I did say it as you slept. I held you and I said the words."

Sirius was surprised. He truly believed that it had all been unreal. Remus could not possibly love him, could he? He had just been comforting him last night as he slept. It was the only possible solution.

He boldly asked, "And why would you say that, Remus?"

Remus immediately answered, "Because I...... I......" He sighed and controlled his nerves, "Because I DO love you."

He immediately blinked his eyes and realised what he had just done. He knew now that he had just ruined a strong bond. He regretted saying the words, knowing he should have kept his mouth shut. He was about to move away when he felt Sirius grab his face and kiss him on the lips. Remus gave in immediately to Sirius' touch and lips.

Sirius broke the kiss and the two puppies breathed a sigh of relief. Remus knew it was not necessary to ask but he wanted to. He needed to hear Sirius say the words.

"Do you love me, Sirius?"

Sirius breathed a laugh "Yes. Of course I do."

"But what about all those girls you flirted with and kissed?"

Sirius' face and voice turned serious, "I was in denial, babes. I've been in love with you for so long..."

"Why couldn't you just tell me?"

"I just couldn't. I mean I look at you and I see a beautiful, intelligent and kind person. That's why I kissed and flirted with girls. I did not feel worthy of your love. Why would some like you want a loose cannon like me?"

Remus smiled, "Maybe you are a 'loose cannon' but that is what I love about you. You're sexy, funny, charming, cheeky and you got a good heart."

And with that, Remus kissed Sirius who quickly returned the kiss, inserting his tongue gently in Remus' mouth. Within seconds, they were open mouth kissing and exploring each other's bodies with their hands... touching..... feeling with gentle fingertips. Sirius could not believe that he had wasted so much time in kissing girls when he should have been kissing his true love. His mouth and touch were much sweeter than all the girls he had ever kissed.

Remus felt his pyjama bottoms being pulled down along his legs and his erection was touching Sirius' bare skin. Sirius took hold of Remus' hard cock and began to rub it. A feeling of unspeakable pleasure and tension began to build up inside of the lycanthrope. He took hold of Sirius' free hand and placed it onto his backside. Sirius understood and happily and willingly stuck his longest finger inside Remus' virginal opening, which caused Remus to moan with unreleased pleasure. With Sirius rubbing his cock, finger-fucking him and now licking his erect nipples, Remus had never felt so good. He knew he was at Sirius' mercy but he did not care at all.

Remus pleaded, "Take me, Sirius. Please."

Sirius replied with a grin, "With pleasure."

He got up from the bed as Remus turned to lie on his stomach. Sirius pulled off Remus' pyjama bottoms completely so he was as naked as Sirius. He took a pillow and placed it under his lover so he had better access to his erection. Sirius sat on the bed, positioning himself at Remus' backside. He spat on his hand and rubbed it over his hard cock whilst stoking Remus' spine with his other hand. He could see his lover shivering with delight as well as moaning softly.

Sirius placed a hand on Remus' backside and chuckled, "Shhh Remus. Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes...... Please, Sirius, Please."

Sirius smiled and spread Remus' cheeks and gently entered him. He could hear his lover trying not to scream as he clenched Sirius bed sheet. Sirius started thrusting slowly and gently feeling the hot tightness inside Remus until he was accustomed to the invasion inside him.

He began to move faster inside his lover whilst he leaned over and pulled Remus' hair from the back of his neck. He began to lick the sensitive spots on the back of Remus' neck and reached between Remus legs to rub the tip of his erection. As Sirius thrust his lover faster and harder, Remus moaned louder and louder, not caring about whether he awoke anyone else in the dormitory. All they both cared was that they were now making passionate love to each other- something they had wanted for so long.

Eventually, Remus came with an animalistic scream on Sirius' pillow. As his body shuddered and tightened from his orgasm, he felt Sirius' cock become larger and then he felt a hit spurt of come in his backside as Sirius came with a roar before collapsing onto his back. They both lay there together as Sirius stroked and kissed Remus' sweaty back, lapping it up like a dog.

"Beautiful Remus," he whispered, "Beautiful..... sexy....... Remus."

Remus breathed, "That was incredible."

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Remus shook his head. "No. You were brilliant."

Sirius removed the pillow from under Remus and then lay beside him. They held each other and kissed each other one more time before Remus went back to his bed. They stared at each other through the small gap in Sirius' drapes and smiled at each other waiting for the others to wake up. They both felt content and relieved that their feelings were now in the open and Sirius had a feeling that falling asleep was not going to be a bad thing anymore.

The End.
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