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Just a start.

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Panic! At The Disco are casting for a new support group for their NothingRhymesWithCircus Tour, until they meet some different people that change their life around.

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Authour's Note: New Story, and i will try and aim with this one, not to be one of those stories where a cute guy from band slept with fan and they all lived happily ever after. I want some drama, real life drama. So there will be some romance, but not teenie-fied junk (Sorry if i offend some people's fine work). I love reviewers and please tell me if i'm doing okay or if it's bad, or if you just want me to shut up on the authour's notes. Well i am now, so you can read my story, and thank you if you do. Regards Kissingeyes__xx.

You saved my grace
I saved you're smile
Kept it in my eyes
Just a little while.

Late night suicide
The rope broke
I cry
When it's really you who's dying inside.

Walk up the road
I wish I could call home
Knock at you're door
Knowing that you're inside
With those big melting eyes.

We exchange smells
Once or twice
Till I dive
Into the night
Leaving you alone
To be burned
On the heart.

This life is a book
Open the pages
Full of fantasy
And testosterone
You are my sleeping beauty
The boy who was my own writer
Made everything better
So let me kiss your eyelids
Once last time
Until I run off
And starve
Of you're lips.

I knew you, once and maybe again
But you won't notice me
As I'm different
Not the girl I used to be
I'm happier
Never going to run away
Like I did so many times
Until I left you hurt for good
For big New York
But what I did was wrong I know
And I know you were all alone and I heard about how you tried so hard to get hold of me
Until you made new friends
Who actually cared
And wanted to be part of you
Not asking for more
A shoulder to cry on
A last minute date
And I know I used you so many times
That's why I'm so sorry
And maybe I can make it up to you
And start this story again.
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