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The band, meet Cabaret Plague.

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I hope this chapter doesn't annoy anyone, that maybe Pete Wentz is not that gay, or if Ryan isn't so moody.
Sorry i took agesss to add
It's just i was bored today so i thought i could do another chapter
Tell me if i should carry on.


Pete Wentz, the successful and widely known owner of the record label, Decanyance, and bassist of popular power pop band, Fall Out Boy; stuck his head through the door to the mirrored studio containing four young men, much like himself. Looking at the prosperous band, Panic! At The Disco, a legend in music not much older than one and half years, Pete could see that the people sitting at the long table cramped with files, weren't as cheerful as the lights illuminating their reflections. The feisty lead singer, now with his head buried in to the shiny surface of the desk in front of him, flinched when Pete softly shut the door behind him, but Jon Walker, the new bassist to the band, looked up from the file he was reading, and smiled at his best friend and fellow Chicagoan. Jon then next nudged Ryan Ross, the quiet and fragile looking guitarist, who turned around from his conversation with the drummer, and just timidly waved at him.

"Hey, if it isn't my favorite panda," Jon grinned broadly still as Pete leaned on the edge of the desk, near Brendon, who was still asleep on the table. "If I'm right in thinking, Pete, you're here to let us loose from this jail?" The four men actually awake laughed at this question, though after the older boy wiped a tear from his eye, he shook his head. Ryan displayed a disgusted look on his face while Spencer, the blue eyed drummer slammed his fist on the table, just about to complain back until Pete rose a hand up to say his defense first.

"I actually came to tell you that, you have one last band to interview," Pete continued when he saw Jon became restless, "I know I said you would be out by this time, and I know you're not used to office work, as well as you had to stay in this place for hours and hours, but I believe you want to find two support groups for you're upcoming tour?"
Pete raised an eyebrow, but Ryan certain he had found the two bands, he wanted to play in the 'NothingRhymesWithCircus' North American tour for the Panic! At The Disco tour of 2006, answered back.

"Well tell them Pete, it was nice for them to audition, but they're a bit late, so if they could..."

"Ryan, I mean you have five minutes left, at least do the interview, they have a demo disk, so you can listen to it in you're room, enough time to give you're verdict in the morning.

"This band I believe could make it big, and I mean big. They're sound is so fitting for the tour, and sorry for budging in on your own decisions, but I feel you'll love them. Thing is, if you choose them they're get a record deal from me, now where is you're Christmas spirit?"
Pete desperately pleaded to the skinny attractive boy in front of him, who was giving him the look, as if he was plain crazy, but soon gave in with a small nod of the head. Pete clapped his hands, and danced around on the spot like a little girl, earning a small chuckle or two for his strange behavior.

"I'll go get them now," Pete skipped off, to the door, feeling such a charitable man. /No bad karma tonight for you Petey/, he thought to himself., whilst opening the door again, and calling out to the six people waiting in the corridor, scared out of their skin about what will happen to them next.

"You can come in now," Pete ushered the band in, a smirk on his face that he had won the battle.


"Presenting the flamboyant, Cabaret Plague," Pete urged the band of young fresh faces into the studio, and showed them to their chairs, pulling another one up from the side, for a small looking girl in a polo neck jumper, and a long skirt. Ryan looked up, and noticed her first out of all the other people, she was different, more mild, a worried look on her face, which was laced with short mousy brown hair up in a bun. Her grey eyes were covered in thin glasses, and her face once closer to Ryan wasn't what you call outstandingly beautiful, the girl was actually quite disturbing to look at.

Another girl, lean, with prominent long black hair and sparkling mischievous green eyes. Unlike the other girl, who now sat on a hard back chair with a face like she was sucking a lemon, the other female was pretty, and was now shaking hands with each band member, Brendon included as he had woken up by the voices; and was introducing herself. As Ryan was last on the desk row, he was the final boy she approached, her grin wider near him.

"Ryan Ross, I'm such a huge fan of you're lyrics, the words inspired me; I'm Rosalie, but you can call me Rose," The girl beamed at Ryan even more, and extended her hand out to him just to be ignored, as Ryan was still bitter from the fact the band held him up from his sleep. Rose's face appeared surprised, by the rudeness, then turned away when Pete offered her a comfy seat nearer himself.

"Well Rose," Jon began, Ryan noticing she must of said the same lines to each band member like himself, so they all knew what to call her. Jon continued. "Could you introduce each other member of you're group, and tell us what they do?" Jon smiled sweetly at the question he had rehearsed that morning, and had repeated some many times after. The bassist wanted to seem less scary as the band found them, as they were all trembling with fear.

"Well as you know I'm Rose..." The girl began.

"Can we call you Rosie," Brendon asked, the first input he had all day in the question asking. Everyone at the desk knew he was only wondering for his own benefit, another way to flirt uncontrollably.

"No, thank you, only my best friends can," She snapped with a stern face, then paused, refreshed with a smile and carried on. "So I'm keyboard player, lyricist, and I share vocals, also I play guitar, although I can be handy sound Tec if you need me. Max," Rose pointed to a young boy, barely eighteen, who sat next to her, very shy, with dark brown hair that shadowed his pale face.

"He plays lead guitar, also takes over my keyboard at some points. Darren, plays drums and percussion, also he helps with lyrics, makes most decisions too, as he is the sole founder of the band. Um, Tyson plays bass, and is the rest of vocals, also as you may can tell he is the twin to Darren,"
Panic! At The Disco, looked over to the right to see two boys in their early twenties sharing the sofa, with blazing red hair, one his hair reminding Brendon of Ryan, and the other's long swept up in a ponytail.

"And last but not least, Leo, guitar." Rose finished off, by waving her left hand to a man, about nineteen, standing by his own near the window peering out. Leo was tall, and thin, and incredibly handsome, with stunning black hair resting on his shoulders, and melting brown eyes. Then Jon knew why Pete was so dam excited about this band, even he was attracted to the mysterious figure.

Spencer interrupted everyone's thoughts about Leo, mentioning why there was a sixth person not mentioned.

"Err, and you are?" Questioning the girl, sitting rubbing her hands together, to Ryan quite menacingly.

"I'm Sophie, and I'm a nurse," She squeaked back, the appearance of a rat miming her voice.

"Okay, we don't do that kind of things here..." Brendon waved his hands about, the virgin part of his brain kicking in, becoming quite scared about the situation.

"She's not that kind of nurse, stupid," Pete cut in. "Darren, not trying to be rude by saying, has a really bad stutter, so Sophie is on the road with them to help him,"

Darren nodded to this, and didn't say anything, just smiled friendly at Sophie, as if in apology.

"Oh, sorry," Brendon muttered, covering his face with his hands, hoping the world of sleep would cover him over until the next day.

Pete stood up, then did Rose, and he shook hands with her, then she slipped a CD into his free hand, Ryan thinking possibly it was that demo they had to listen to.

"Why, look at the time, thank you for you're time Cabaret Plague, and I do hope the boys over there, choose you, you're music do I put it, hopeful," Pete let go of her hand, and put the CD on the desk. Brendon peered over, to see a shiny black disk, labeled in bold red italics, "Cabaret Plague". /Catchy name/, he thought, then walked over to the band, and shook hands with them all expect Leo who was talking to Pete.

"Thank you, Jon, Spencer, Pete and Brendon." Rose smiled at them all, only Ryan and maybe Brendon noticing, that she hadn't mentioned his name. Then when he was about to complain, all the six young people strolled out the room, thinking about if they would get a phone call tomorrow.

When they had all left, and Jon, Spencer and Pete were discussing pizza, Brendon strolled behind Ryan, and slyly whispered in his ear, making shivers run down Ryan's spine.

"Nice girl isn't she, Ross?"

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