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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 9: Faith


"Come on Scott...Breathe!" yelled Jean as she frantically performed CPR on her husband.

He wasn't breathing and he had no pulse...But Jean Grey-Summers refused to give up. She refused to let Apocalypse win. She had lost Scott once...She couldn't bare the thought of losing him again. Over and over, she kept trying to breathe life back in to his motionless body. Tears were streaming down her face as she kept on fighting to get her husband back from the brink of death. She was exhausted, tired, and nearly out of energy...But she kept on trying. He had to live...He just had to. Jean felt the guilt eat at her soul knowing that this happened to him because of her...She let Apocalypse use her and he suffered so much from it. If he did die...She knew she could never live with the guilt. She could never go on knowing that it was because of her that he died. She wanted to be with him...To feel his warmth again and tell him how sorry she was that she let this happen. But the longer she went on, the more hopeless it became. Again, she tried to revive him with all her might...But nothing was happening.

Then, as Jean began to feel the hope slipping away from her mind...She heard a labored cough come from the body of Scott Summers. Her heart froze as time itself seemed to stop around her. Then, she heard another cough...Then another. A wave of relief came over her as he began to cough more as the air returned to his lungs. His breathing was still labored...His pulse was weak...But he was alive.


Then, Jean felt a warm sensation grow in the back of her mind. It was their link...It was returning to the both of them...And it was stronger than ever now. He was still unconscious and horribly weak from a year of forced confinement from Apocalypse...But he was alive and that was all that mattered.

'It's okay Scott...Everything's going to be okay...' said Jean through the link, knowing he would hear her as she gently took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze...Absorbing the feeling of having the man she loved alive and by her side.


Outside the chamber with Scott and Jean, Slayer continued to fight off the guardians as they kept trying to neutralize him. However, he fought back hard. The collective strength of the dark warriors could not beat him. But the more enemies he defeated, the more they kept coming back.

"Damn! You guys...Are getting on my nerves!" said Slayer as he kicked three guardians away that attempted to take him down.

As more came out of the wall, the mutant warrior suddenly had an idea.

"Stop an enemy...Attack the source."

As the glow of the wall unleashed more guardians, Slayer saw what he must do.

"Time to end this..." said the mutant warrior as the symbols on his hands began to glow.

As the warriors of darkness once again prepared to attack the lone warrior, he began to chant a series of mysterious words in an unknown language. The glowing on his hands got brighter the more he continued to speak...But the guardians just kept coming. They were about to make their move...When suddenly, a powerful blast of pure, white energy erupted from the mutant warrior and consumed the walls. The text that had been fueling endless supplies of dark minions then began to flicker erratically as the spell Slayer cast began to take effect. Then, the guardians of the chamber suddenly stopped their advance.

"Sorry boys...Send Apocalypse my regards."

As soon as Slayer said those words...The guardians dissolved in to a strange, mystical dust that scattered throughout the room and faded away. The text had stopped glowing...The magic that lay within the walls was now neutralized...And the chamber was quiet once more.

Slayer put his sword back in his case as he turned back towards the opening where Jean had gone to rescue Scott. Quickly, he made his way over to see if he could lend a hand.

"Jean...Is everything okay?" said Slayer as he entered the room.

He was greeted with the sight of Jean kneeling by Scott's unconscious body. Quickly, he bent down and felt for a pulse. Upon finding a weak heartbeat, he looked back up at Jean.

"I don't believe it..." said mutant warrior with a grin, "He survived."

"Will he be okay?" asked Jean wearily.

"He'll be fine," assured Slayer with a smile, still somewhat amazed that somebody could live through such a terrible thing.

Jean couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as she ran her hand down Scott's face. He was real...He was alive. A tear gently fell from her eye...But this time it was one of joy. As she absorbed the feeling of having her real husband back...She looked back at the mutant warrior with an expression of immense gratitude.

"Thank you Slayer...Thank you for saving my husband," said Jean.

The mutant warrior only shook his head and smiled.

"Thank yourself Jean...You're the one who got him out. I only showed you the path...You are the one who walked it."

Jean smiled back as she continued to take in all that was happening. It was the first good thing to occur this day...But in the end it was all worth it.

Suddenly...The entire room shook violently and the vibrations from the shock could be felt everywhere. The mark on Slayer's eye began to glow and the expression on his face immediately turned to one of great concern. Jean was quick to pick up on this.

"Jack...What is it?" said Jean as she felt another jolt.

"Apocalypse...That son of a bitch has put in one last fail-safe for this heinous place! If he can't stop us...He'll bury us!" yelled Slayer as the vibrations began to get more intense.

"We have to get out of here!" yelled Jean as she struggled to get the unconscious Scott up to his feet.

"No kidding..." said Slayer as his hands began to glow once more, "Hold on Jean...This is going to be a bumpy ride!"

Then, a mysterious glowing light engulfed Jean, Slayer, and the unconscious body of Scott. The mutant warrior seemed to be the source as he used the power emulating from his hands to levitate the three of them off the ground. The roof above then began to collapse and huge chunks of rock fell from the ceiling as the chamber began to fall in on itself. With a massive burst of energy, Slayer began to accelerate them through the crumbling cave, punching through heavy rocks on the process. The noise around them grew as boulders shattered. At times Jean was forced to assist the mutant warrior with her telekinesis to clear the way. As they made their way in to the main stretch of pathways that led to the main room, the rooms behind them completely collapsed and soon an avalanche of rock began to surge towards them from behind.

"Jack..." said Jean as the wall of speeding rock got closer.

"I see it!" yelled the mutant warrior as he tried to go faster.

Boulders were crashing down and walls were crumbling around them. As the small waterway that was the cave entrance came in to view, the massive wave of rock was nearly upon them. It was only momentarily slowed as they entered the water with the protective mystical bubble around them and made their way through the intricate pathways out to the entrance. But when they got close to where they had come from, they were met with a blocked entrance covered by a thick layer of collapsed rock.

"The entrance is blocked!" yelled Jean as the rock flow behind them drew nearer.

"Then we'll just have to make another one! Jean...I'm gonna need you're help with this one!"

"Right!" said Jean as she prepared to use her tired mind once more.

Closing her eyes and focusing her mind, Jean unleashed one last concentrated burst of telekinesis to complement one of Slayer's energy blasts. Through the water...A deafening noise echoed through the water. The rock shattered and the light from the open water outside was in sight. With one last burst of speed, the three mutants rocketed out of the small opening as the rock behind them shot out as well.

From the surface Hank, Ororo, and Logan saw unusual activities in the waters out to the west of the island. As they saw this, the scanners went off and alarms blared throughout the sophisticated plane.

"Whoa...This is definitely a peculiar occurrence," said Hank as he looked at the confusing stream of new data.

"What exactly is it?" asked Ororo as she looked out to sea.

"I don't know...But something tells me that's where Jeannie and Slayer are," responded Logan.

"My sentiments exactly Logan. We'd better get over there and see if they're okay."

And with that, Hank kicked in the afterburner as the jet sped towards the source of the anomaly.


As the rumbling within the water continued, the glowing aura that surrounded Slayer, Jean, and the unconscious Scott sped towards the surface. As they broke the waterline, they took in the shine of the sun and made their way to the sandy shoreline. Not long after they landed Slayer signaled for the X-jet, which he could see in the distance.

Jean's concern immediately shifted back towards Scott as she laid his body out on the soft sands of the beach. Slowly, she ran her hand down the wet, clammy skin of his face. Although his breathing was still highly labored, she soon heard a low-pitched groan as he slowly regained consciousness. Jean felt his warm presence in her mind once again. It was a welcome feeling after so many years of inner darkness and conflict to have something so pure and simple return to her mind. As he opened his eyes and viewed the world around him through his tinted vision, he saw Jean's heavenly face with the shining sun in the background. Then, with a groggy, somewhat slurred voice...The real Scott spoke for the first time in over a year.

"Am I dead?" said Scott softly as he looked in to her deep emerald eyes, "Are you an angel?"

For a moment, Scott Summers believed that he truly had died. He had been living in a state of constant pain and countless nightmares for so long now...That the only way he felt he could see such a beautiful being is if he had died and gone to heaven.

Jean could only smile warmly down at the tired and exhausted man before her. He had suffered for so long...But he had survived it. He was here now...Alive and in the flesh.

"It's nice to see you too Slim," responded Jean with a light laugh, "Don't worry...Everything is going to be okay now...I promise."

It then dawned on Scott that this was not death...This was life. And the living angel before him was none other than the woman that had helped him fight so hard to survive the horrors that he had been through. It was Jean...His friend...His wife...His everything.

"Jean...I can't believe it," said Scott as his vision became clearer and he slowly reached up and caressed her face, "Is this another dream? Is it really you?"

"It's me Scott...I'm here. This is real..." said Jean as gently grasped his hand in hers.

Despite his lack of strength, he managed to gently squeeze her hand in response...Absorbing the feeling that this was reality and not another nightmare. This was no illusion...This was no veil of deception...For the first time in a long while, this was real.

"It's real..." said Scott through his raspy voice, "Then it's over...The nightmare is finally over..."

Through the pain, Scott actually managed to smile ever so briefly as he took in what was happening. Jean felt more tears form in her eyes as she smiled back and held his hand tighter. No words could describe her happiness now...For a great weight had been lifted from her soul upon having the real Scott Summers by her side...Alive and well.

As the X-jet slowly descended on their position, Slayer heard the radio he had received earlier come to life.

"Slayer, Jean...Is everything all right?" asked Hank trying to make his voice heard over the sound of the engine.

"Everything's fine!" shouted the mutant warrior through the noise, "We found the real Scott!"

"You did?!" said Hank, "Is he okay?"

Hank, Logan, and Ororo eagerly waited the response as they tried to contain their excitement over hearing this news.

"He's okay!" replied Slayer as the jet came in to a steady hover above them.

"That's great!" said Hank as the three mutants let out a jubilant cheer, "Bring him in! I'm opening the doors!"

The mutant warrior then turned back towards Jean, who was still huddled by her husband's side. He couldn't help but smile at the radiant look on her face, for she finally had her husband back.

"Come on Jean...Let's get him in the jet," said Slayer as his hands began to glow.

He knew Jean was tired from the physical and emotional exertion she put on herself, so he used his magic to levitate them up to the waiting jet. Upon entering, they rushed him back to the small medical bay and laid his body out on the soft bed. As the jet sped off in to the sky, Scott grew more cognizant, despite the intense physical fatigue.

"How do you feel?" asked Jean as she ran her hand down the side of his face.

"Like I just woke up from a very bad dream," replied Scott as his labored breathing began to gradually grow steadier.

"Well it's over now Scott," assured Slayer as he walked over to the other side of the young man's bed. Then, the mutant warrior proceeded to take out a small flask of gently glowing liquid from his supplies. "Here...Drink this. It's a very rare, but very potent healing elixir...Full of good, pure chi. You'll feel like a million bucks in no time at all."

Scott looked over at Jean, unsure whether or not to trust this man.

"It's okay Scott...He's a friend," assured Jean.

Trusting Jean's words, Scott weakly took the small bottle and proceeded to drink every drop of the slightly bitter liquid. Slayer couldn't help but smile as he heard Jean call him a 'friend.' It had been a long time since someone said that to him...And it was definitely a welcome feeling.

"A friend huh?" said Scott as he rested his head back on the pillow of the medical bed, "Well...I don't believe we've met. I'm Scott Summers..."

The mutant warrior managed a smile as Scott weakly raised his hand to shake his. He willingly accepted his gesture...Knowing that this was technically the first time they met.

"Jack Robinson...Or Slayer if you prefer. It's nice to finally meet you," replied Slayer as he shook Scott's hank.

"Likewise," said Scott as he rested his sore muscles, "So what exactly happened to me? How long have I been gone?"

"You mean you don't remember?" asked Jean.

"No...The last thing I remember was being on Genosha. I was getting ready to go meet Logan and head home...When suddenly this strange 'thing' jumps me. Then I remember feeling this intense pain that I wish I could forget...And the next thing I know, everything goes dark. Then...I remember seeing Apocalypse standing over me...Blasting me with this strange ray. I...Really don't remember a whole lot after that. It's all like one long, painful nightmare."

"It's a long story Scott," said Jean who didn't like having to remember all the terrible things that had transpired the past year, "Apocalypse has been pretty busy in the year that you've were gone."

"A year?! You mean...He IS alive?!" said Scott, hoping that the part of his memory with that monster was just part of the nightmare.

"Yes," answered Slayer, "In fact...He was never even dead to begin with. It's complicated...But we'll fill you in after that monster is finally gone for good..."

"Sound's like a lot's happened since I've been gone," said Scott upon hearing the words of the mysterious mutant warrior.

"You don't know the half of it...But don't worry...Just focus on the present. It'll all be over soon..." said Jean as she placed a single kiss atop his head.

Scott felt the pain and exhaustion start to alleviate upon feeling that kiss. Jean couldn't help but smile as she reflected on some of the awful events of the past year that she knew she would have to fill him in on later. She knew it would be hard to tell him how Apocalypse used them to hurt everybody he cared about, but he deserved to know the truth. For now, the past didn't matter...She just wanted to live here and now...Absorbing the warm feeling that she once felt was lost forever.

Through this, Scott found the strength through all his weakness to give Jean's hand a squeeze...Letting her know that he was there for her and had no intention of changing that now...Or ever.

"Oh, and before I forget...I have something for you Scott," said the mutant warrior as he reached back in to his pocket. "During our last battle...I swiped something from Apocalypse when I grabbed him. He originally took it from you...I thought you might want it back."

Then, Slayer proceeded to pull a small object out of his pocket and Scott's eyes widened behind his glasses as he saw what it was.

"My ring..." said Scott weakly as the mutant warrior put it in his hand.

Scott slowly bought it up to his eyes to see that it was in fact his gold wedding ring. It was the ring he had worn the day he and Jean got married. This small object...Symbolized so many things for both him and Jean. And he had it back again. With what little strength he still had, Scott put the ring back on his finger where it belonged and looked up at the one who had given it back to him.

"Thank you...I don't know what to say," said Scott who didn't know how to express his gratitude, for it was as if someone just gave him his heart back.

"You don't have to thank me. Besides, you're wife is the one who got you out," replied Slayer, "You're a very lucky guy to have someone like her."

"I know..." said Scott with a smile as he held on to Jean's hand.

Jean smiled back as she felt her mind at peace for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. Apocalypse seemed to melt away in the moment as Scott lay back to rest his tired body from over a year of inner torture. They had won this battle...And there were still more to be fought. However, the two reunited lovers set that aside for now...Just enjoying this single moment of peace together.

As the jet reached cruising speed, two more joined the group in the back.

"Scott! Is it really you?!" said Ororo as she rushed over to him in excitement, happy to see her friend alive once again.

"Don't worry Ororo...It's really me this time."

Even though there were still so many questions to ask...Scott just let it go, for the nightmare was over. And he just wanted to live for the moment now...Feeling grateful that he was still alive. While Ororo made her way over to Scott's side to welcome him back to the world of the living, Logan just stood there in the doorway with a wolfish grin on his face. He was never one to show excessive amounts of emotion in any situation, but it was clear that he was still happy to see Scott alive and well. While there were still some things he needed to know, Logan knew that they could wait for now...And they could just enjoy this moment.

"My god...You look like shit Cyke."

Scott couldn't help but laugh in response.

"It's nice to see you too Logan."


As the X-jet returned to the mansion, the rest of the team eagerly crowded around to greet the return of their missing leader. While the medicine Slayer had given him had began to kick in on the ride home, he was still too weak to walk. With Jean and Slayer as his guides, he was taken to the medical quarters of the institute where he could rest and regain his lost strength.

"It's good to have you back with us Scott," said Professor Xavier as he greeted his eldest student in the medical quarters with Jean, Slayer, and Hank still there making sure he would be okay.

"It's good to be back Professor," replied Scott.

"A lot's happened since you've been gone."

"I know...Jean and Slayer filled me in for the most part."

"Then you probably know some of the acts that Apocalypse has commited in the past year."

"Yeah..." said Scott who didn't like remembering some of the horrible things Apocalypse did while he was in his form. "He did some pretty cruel things while he was parading around as me."

"Well don't worry about that now Scott...He can't trick us anymore now that his secret is out," assured Jean, sensing his anxiety over what Apocalypse did to his friends and family.

"But he's still out there..." said Scott, knowing that their encounters with him weren't over by a long shot.

"Yes...But not for long," said Slayer in determination, "His days are numbered. That monster has bought enough suffering to this world...And even with his enormous power; he will fall. It's only a matter of time before he reveals himself. And when that time comes...We will fight...And his tyranny shall darken the future no more..."


AN: He's alive! Yes my friends, Cyclops is alive! I know some of you will probably hate me and send me angry letters for making parts of this chapter sappy, but that's just the way it turned out. Sorry! Stay tuned...For the final battle between the X-men and Apocalypse awaits! Be prepared...I have a rather big surprise planned! But I don't want to give it away...Yet. If you want to find out, keep reading and I hope I don't disappoint you! By the way, what do you think of my character Slayer? I know some people will probably think he's a tad "Mary Sueish," but I'm trying not to make him that way! Thanks to everybody who reviewed thus far and I hope you all continue to send me your thoughts. Send feedback to me at my email address or post it on the fanfiction website. Thanks again and best wishes to you all!

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