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The Calm Before The Storm

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A mysterious intruder enters the institute in the dead of night and seems hell bent on killing Scott Summers. But there is more to this man than it seems and what he know will both shock and change...

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Darkness and Light
Chapter 10: The Calm Before the Storm


Scott was now resting comfortably in the medical quarters, and Hank and the Professor gave him a quick examination to be sure that he was okay. Despite lingering fatigue and the mental scar of a year-long nightmare, he was okay for the most part. With the real Scott Summers alive and well, that left only Apocalypse and his army of minions left to deal with. However, the demon mutant remained as elusive as ever, as the X-men tried to find him in hopes of stopping the horrible future that he was working so hard to bring.

In the chamber containing Cerebra, Professor Charles Xavier was busy attempting yet another psychic search. However, there had yet to be any real breaks.

"Find anything Chuck?" asked Logan as the Professor took off the helmet once more.

"Still nothing I'm afraid," replied Xavier, who was starting to show the signs of mental fatigue, "Apocalypse unfortunately remains several steps ahead of us."

"Well we best catch up soon if we're to have any hope against him," commented Storm as she, Logan, Jean, and Slayer stood back near the large metal doors.

"Knowing where he is doesn't exactly give us hope Ororo. Remember, Apocalypse still has the upper hand because he knows you all so well," reminded the mutant warrior known as Slayer.

"But we know ourselves now," said Jean, trying to be a little more optimistic.

"Yes...But you still don't know you're enemy. Therefore, even if we find and defeat Apocalypse...It will still come at a price. And we can't have that...He has to be destroyed completely."

"So how do we get to know him in the same way he knows us?" asked Storm.

"Well...We can start by locating him for one thing. But he had an advantage in getting to know you. He had time...A whole years worth of it. We have only hours...Maybe less. But either way, we have to fight. Apocalypse has tormented this world long enough...It's time for his reign to end."

"Then we best keep trying," said the Professor as he prepared Cerebra for another search.

"Wait Professor...Why don't you let me try?" said Jean, knowing that Xavier was only straining himself further the more he used that machine.

However, Slayer stepped in upon hearing this.

"That would be extraordinarily dangerous Jean...Keep in mind you still have the Phoenix inside of you to deal with."

"But how else are we supposed to find this guy?!" replied Jean who was starting to get frustrated with Apocalypse's continued hold over the team.

"We search...That's all we can do. But for now, just keep your mind stable. Remember, that containment spell I cast upon you is only temporary. The Phoenix will wake up eventually."

"How long?" asked Logan, knowing full well the kind of power the Phoenix could unleash if it was angered.

"I don't know...Weeks, days, hours even..."

"Well how are we supposed to stop this thing AND Apocalypse if something goes wrong?!" bellowed Logan as his tone grew more firm towards Slayer.

"I'll think of something..." replied Slayer sternly, as if to make a point that he won't back down, "I will...But not just now. We'll deal with the Phoenix AFTER Apocalypse is dead. But for the time being...Let's just focus on the task at hand."

Logan didn't say anything after that, but it was easy to see that he was not satisfied with Slayer's answer.

"But...What if time runs out and you haven't thought of anything?" asked Jean wearily.

Jean felt her insides churn, knowing the Phoenix force sill lurked within her. That malevolent force had been causing undue problems with her life for years and she didn't know how much more of it she could take. With a deep sigh, Jean forced herself to calm down. But she still couldn't stop her mind from going a mile a minute. She had just gotten her husband back...And she didn't want anything to take it all away from her again. Slayer seemed to pick up on this and was quick to reassure her.

"It will be okay Jean...I promise that I'll find a way. You have my word, I just need you and the rest of your friends to trust me," said Slayer hoping to set everyone's fear to rest for the time being.

The room was silent for a brief moment. As complicated as things had become, Jack "Slayer" Robinson was still undaunted by the threat of both Apocalypse and the Phoenix. Since he hadn't known the X-men until today, it was still hard for him to convince everyone of his sincerity. He had already done a lot to gain their trust by finding the real Scott Summers, but the lingering presence of the Phoenix and Apocalypse were still impeding his progress towards convincing his new friends. Finally, Jean broke the silence.

"Okay...I trust you Jack. After all, you were true to your word in finding Scott. It's just...A lot to take in you know?"

"I understand..." nodded Slayer. "Now...Let's keep searching. Apocalypse is still out there."

"Right...I'll try again," said the Professor.

Then suddenly, just as Xavier was about to fire up the machine...A loud alarm blared throughout the room and lights all over the lower levels of the mansion began to flash. The rest of the team soon gathered around Cerebra as the noise around them filled the air with urgency.

"Chuck, what the hell is goin' on!?" yelled Logan over the alarm.

Professor Xavier frantically typed on the controls of the large computer array as an ominous picture appeared on the screen.

"Oh no..." said the Professor as he looked at the data.

"That doesn't sound to promising," commented Bobby as he and the others looked at the image displayed before them.

"It's him...Apocalypse is making his move," said Slayer as the tattoo over his eye began to glow once more.

Slayer's ominous words only served to heighten the state of alarm that had fallen over the team. They knew that they would have to face Apocalypse again...But in the shadow of these mysterious images they couldn't help but feel weary.

"These readings are unreal..." said Beast as he looked at the monitor alongside the Professor.

"Where are they coming from?" said Jean as the alarm noise started to die down.

"China...Tibet to be exact," said the Professor as he pulled up a satellite image overlooking the southwestern part of China.

On the screen, a large ominous cloud was growing rapidly over the land. It spread unlike anything that they had ever seen before. The sinister qualities given off by such a cloud were too dark to ignore...And everybody present knew that this had to be Apocalypse's handiwork.

"But...Why is he showing us this?" asked Kitty as she and the others continued to watch the cloud grow over the screen, "I thought he would want to make his final move without us knowing about it."

Slayer stepped in to answer this as the mark on his eye continued to glow and the expression on his remained stoic in the face of whatever he was seeing.

"What he is trying to do...Is far too big to hide. That...And I believe he wants us to see this. He wants us to witness the destruction of the world by his hands."

"But he knows we'll try and stop him," said Rogue.

"I don't think he feels threatened by that," replied Slayer. "If he has made himself known now...And if I know Apocalypse like I know I do...Then he believes that he is now at a point where NOTHING can stop him."

"Well let's prove that son of a bitch wrong..." said Logan, who had seen enough. "Preparation time is up!"

"But how are we supposed to stop Apocalypse if we still don't know any more about him than we do now?" said Jean, remembering what Slayer said about knowing the enemy and one's self.

"I'm afraid that our time is too short to change that," said the mutant warrior as the all-seeing eye mark on his face stopped glowing and he turned back to face the weary group of mutants that had faced so much turmoil since he first made himself known. "We can't learn anything else about our enemy...And Apocalypse knows this. Now...We must fight him if we are to have any hope of stopping the future he is working so hard to bring. I can still see it...And time is running out!"

"Then we better get movin' before it's too late!" said Gambit.

"Right...Hank, prep the X-jet. Everybody else...Suit up! We have a madman to stop!" said the Professor.

Nobody disputed the commands of Professor Xavier, for they knew fully well the urgency of this situation. As they all rushed off to prepare for what promised to be the mother of all battles...Slayer simply stood back and sighed in a state of uncertainty, for there was no more time left for them to know Apocalypse any better in hopes of improving their odds for victory. The demon mutant had almost every conceivable advantage. He knew everything about the X-men, he was already many steps ahead of them, and he had the power to destroy them all. However, as strong as he was...The young team of mutants knew that this madman couldn't be allowed to simply destroy everything they held dear. Even though the odds were greatly stacked against them...They knew that they had no choice but to fight this battle...In hopes of stopping the future Slayer had so vividly warned them about.


The final preparations were being made as the X-men were now suited up and ready to head out towards the battle with Apocalypse. The halls of the lower levels of the institute was a slew of activity as the team headed towards the hanger to board the waiting X-jet. As Jean Grey-Summers rushed through the hall she passed the medical quarters. There, she unexpectedly found Scott standing outside the doorway, leaning on the wall for support. He was still intensely fatigued from his year-long coma, but the potion Slayer had given him earlier was starting to work and he had the strength to stand...But was still too weak to walk on his own without straining himself.

Scott limped his way towards her, and he soon stood before her despite his weakened condition with a worried look on his face.

"Jean...You're going out there to fight him aren't you?" said Scott as he looked in to the eyes of the wife he had just gotten back.

Jean looked away ever so briefly, trying to hide her feelings of anxiety...But Scott could easily see through it. Jean had so much riding on her weary shoulders now. She had Apocalypse threatening to destroy the world, she had the menacing Phoenix that lurked within her, and she had the weight of the future baring down on her.

"Yes..." she finally responded as her gaze soon found its way back towards Scott's eyes. "I have to fight this madman, Scott...I saw what Apocalypse is planning to do. I saw all the pain in suffering he is going to inflict on everybody. I...I have to do this."

Scott deeply wanted her to stay here and sit this fight out...But he knew that there was nothing he could say to make Jean do that. Even after all the terrible things Apocalypse did to the both of them...He knew Jean well enough to know that she would not back down from this.

"I know...I'm not going to stop you," he said feeling very short of breath, "I just...I had to see you again before you left. Jean...I..."

Scott tried to say more...But he soon found himself at a total loss for words. Even though he was always one to hide his emotions...He couldn't hide them now. He couldn't set them aside after everything he had been through since Apocalypse captured and tortured his mind with a year-long nightmare while he was in a coma. There were so many things he wanted to say to her...To put all the fears and insecurities he had to rest. But he just didn't know how...And he was still so weak from his confinement.

Jean couldn't hide her emotions either as she soon found herself embrace the man she had fought so hard to save earlier. She tried not to cry, knowing she had to stay strong for the battle to come...But she couldn't fight her tears. She absorbed the warm, loving feeling through their mind-link as Scott embraced her back. He never wanted to let go...But he knew he had to for the fight that was coming.

"You have to come back..." said Scott weakly as he choked out what words he could. "You can't leave me again...I can't lose you again..."

Jean buried her face in Scott's shoulder as he went on...Telling her how much he needed to her. Part of her didn't want to go in to this fight...Part of her just wanted to stay here like this...But she knew that she couldn't. No matter how much she wanted to...She knew she couldn't stand by and let Apocalypse do this to the world.

"You won't lose me...I promise. We're going to succeed...I'm going to come home...We're going to be together...And nothing will tear us apart again."

"Is that a promise?" asked Scott as he held her tight.

"It's a promise..."

Jean's words were filled with worry about the oncoming battle with Apocalypse...But she was determined to make it happen. For too long now, Apocalypse had bought undue hardships to their relationship. It had to end...It had to stop. She wanted to destroy this monster so he could never taint her heart or that of her lover either. She wanted to come back to him and make things right once more. Whatever power it took...Jean Grey-Summers was determined to make it happen.

Just then, Jack "Slayer" Robinson appeared at the end of the hallway where Scott and Jean continued to savor their embrace. He hesitated at first to draw them apart...But he knew he had to. Time was running out...

"Jean...It's time," said the mutant warrior.

Reluctantly, the couple parted...But not before Scott placed a single kiss upon her forehead, hoping this wouldn't be the last time. Jean let one last tear fall, for it had been too long since she felt the warmth of such a feeling as simple as his love. It only made her more determined to come home after this was over...And build a new future with him.

"Be careful out there Jean," said Scott as they finally parted.

"I will...Now you go ahead and rest Slim. You've been through enough..."

There were many things they both wanted to say to each other before they parted once more, but Apocalypse's shadow still hung over them. Scott wanted to go with them...He wanted to fight with his friends against the beast that tried to destroy everything he held dear. Even if it meant facing death...He still wanted to go because it still meant being by his friends...And his wife. He wanted to fight...But he was still too weak from being in a coma. As he watched Jean head down the hall towards the hanger, Scott could only lean on the wall for support as he struggled to keep his strength up. But before they were out of sight, he had to ask one last thing of the mutant warrior that had helped save him and his friends.


The mutant warrior then turned around to face the man who had survived Apocalypse despite overwhelming odds.

"Look after the others for me. And please...Look after my wife...Don't let anything happen to her."

Scott's words were in somewhat of a desperate tone as he stood before the powerful warrior. Slayer could see his fear and anxiety about the upcoming battle...And he could see the deep concern he had for Jean's well being in face of Apocalypse and the Phoenix. Everyone on this team had suffered because of Apocalypse...But nobody else suffered more than Scott and Jean. Slayer had been the one to expose the truth...And now, he had to fix the lies that had so deeply scarred them all. It was a daunting task...But he was determined to make it happen...He was determined to undo the evil of Apocalypse's lies.

"She'll be safe...And so will your friends. You have my word as a warrior..." said Slayer as he turned once again to leave.

"Jack..." said Scott once more as the mutant warrior stopped to hear what he had to say.


"Thank you..."

The young warrior could only smile back as he saw the gratitude in Scott's eyes.

"Don't thank me yet...The battle has yet to begin. But rest assured my friend...Apocalypse's days are numbered. And he will soon face the blunt end of the power of light. Now you must rest Scott. Give that potion time to work and you'll be right as rain by the time we all return..."

And with that, Slayer left towards the hanger as the rest of the team gathered at the entrance to the plane. As everyone boarded and the engines fired up, Scott slowly limped to the doorway so he could watch the plane leave. Despite his condition, he was able to stand upright so he could see his friends depart for the final showdown between them and Apocalypse. With one last goodbye to Jean through their link, they took off in to the air.

But as he watched this, Scott Summers couldn't help but feel lost in sense that he wouldn't be able to fight with the rest of the team against the demon mutant. He had faced the worst of Apocalypse's wrath and couldn't help but feel angry at that monster for hurting everyone he held dear. Scott had been hunted, attacked, and forced in to a year-long coma where he suffered a terrible nightmare for the whole time he was trapped. That nightmare was torture on his mind...And it was Apocalypse that did that to him. Suddenly, a new sense of determination came over the weakened Scott Summers...And he knew what he had to do. He only hoped that he would make the right choice in the end for his friends...For himself...And for Jean.


In the cold, isolated mountains of the Himalayas, a single large pyramid stood upon a vast plateau. Around the structure, a mysterious glowing shell encased it in a protective covering as the menacing activities from within remained cloaked to the outside world. Above it...Dark clouds were spreading across the great distances around them by means of a power that vested within the large pyramid. These clouds cast a shadow of intense darkness over the land it covered...Hinting at the evil behind such a power. The energy within the pyramid was growing ever stronger as the demon mutant known as Apocalypse continued to go forward with his plan.

Inside, the machines and mystical forces of the long dormant structure came to life with an ominous hum...Thickening the air with intense energy. Apocalypse himself was now bigger and stronger looking than ever. He had merged with a series of powerful, deadly machines and through the use of dark magic...He became even stronger than before. The power of such strength coursed through the evil that flowed through his body as he now felt invincible from all other outside forces.

"At last...The day has finally come. The day of destiny for all mankind is here...And it is I who shall bring it."

Then, a large, ominous machine came to life before him. Slowly, a glowing blue light began to grow from the core of the large structure that housed the machine. The insidious look on Apocalypse's face grew all the more sinister as he watched the vast array of metal components come to life.

Behind him Emma Frost and Magneto, the two horsemen that had helped make this happen by weakening his enemies and increasing his strength, stood behind them with stoic expressions on their faces. As the machine continued to power up, the demon mutant turned towards his two mindless henchmen.

"The time has come my horsemen...The day of Apocalypse is upon us! Thanks to you, all has gone well...Despite some unforeseen complications. But fear not...I know the X-men and that sword wielding menace will come and try to stop me. But no matter...For when they do arrive...I have a little surprise for them!"

Upon saying those words, two small metallic doorways opened in to the room...And two more ominous figures entered the chamber. They both had the same markings of Emma and Magneto. And like mechanical robots, they both stood beside the other two horsemen and awaited the orders of their master.

"Yes...Now my four horsemen are complete! When the X-men arrive...They are in for a rude awakening!"


AN: Mysterious no? So who do you think the other two horsemen are? And what is this 'surprise' Apocalypse has in store for the team? Well, you'll have to stay tuned to find out! The next chapter is a big one! Be there for the ultimate battle between Apocalypse and the X-men! Be prepared for action, suspense, and more romance! So what do you think thus far? What do you think of my character, Slayer? Tell me please! Send your reviews to me at my email address or post them on the fanfiction website. Thanks for reading and best wishes to you all!

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